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Texans-Cowboys quotes

Texans head coach Dom Capers

(opening summary) "Let me begin by saying that I liked the way our football team went out and competed tonight. This group worked extremely hard in the off-season and from training camp up to this point. So it's always nice to go out and get a win. We got an awful lot of work to do. Tonight was the first step in the evaluation process. It's the first time we've had a chance to see a lot of these young players in game conditions. It's always interesting to come back in and look at the tape, and it's nice to be able to do that and still win the football game. I thought that we rose to the occasion and made some key plays tonight…a couple interceptions where they were down in our red zone and moving in for the score, so the takeaway-giveaway was heavily in our favor. We had the one fumble down there late in the game where they put three points on the board, but that's the style we would like to play: aggressive tackling on defense. Our young defensive players got a lot of work tonight – and we were able to run the ball and convert third downs on offense. I was pleased with our first unit. I thought our defense did a good job of rising to the occasion all evening, no matter which group was in there."

(on Tony Hollings) "He got an awful lot of work. We didn't want to put him back in. I think the only other injury we had was Jason Anderson. I think we responded well other than hanging onto the football. That's just something we have to continue to work on. You never want to give up the ball when you're inside the 10-yard line."

(on first preseason win) "It's always nice to win at home. Our fans are great – they really get into the game, and our players respond to that. Our hopes are that we can go out and give them something to get excited about. This [Reliant Stadium] is going to be one of the toughest places you can play in."

(on first impressions of Dunta Robinson and Jason Babin) "Watching from the sidelines, I liked what I saw from both of them. We played Robinson at lot. He had a nice breakup on a post route."

(on Carr's sharpness) "I like what Dave has done in the off-season. He's coming into his third year and he worked extremely hard studying tape. Through our spring workout I thought he was sharp, and he's been sharp. You can tell that he's more confident now. One of the things David can do is he can throw the football on the move very well."

Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells

(opening statement) "Let me just say this, the whole team, we did not do a good job tonight. I give the Texans credit, they looked like a lot better team then they looked last year when we played them at the same time. We looked like we were practicing instead of playing. We got a lot to do. I was really disappointed with what happened. I thought we would be a little bit better than that. We were careless with the ball in the red zone. Tony's got to quit just swinging the ball, which is what he did. Drew, you can't give the ball away in the red zone no matter what. He had a bad play and we had two or three turnovers in the red zone. We didn't block them very good. We did play everybody pretty much except one or two guys. So I'm going to give a pretty good evaluation of some of them, unfortunately. At least I had a look at them and some of the guys got their chances. Now I've got, a little bit, a sense of a long hall for me, and I think I've got to spend more time on the guys who are going to play, or who I think are going to play. I'll still try to keep evaluating. That was kind of disappointing for me tonight. We had penalties and I know they are pretty prevalent in the pre-season so far. We were just not very good."

(on the focus of this next week) "I have to look at it. Our plan is to have a couple two-a-days this week. We just have to see where we are. I don't think we had anybody hurt too bad. I think Daleroy Stewart sprained his ankle. He needs the work bad. Our defensive line was disappointing tonight."

CB Dunta Robinson

(on how he felt he played) "At the beginning I felt a little rushed but as the game goes on I kind of calm down, slow down and get out there and start making plays."

(on his plays) "I just try to go out there and play ball, just try to let everyone know that I can play; that's the main focus."

(on big differences that he sees) "I still think we have the best receivers. Who ever we are up against I still think we have the best."

LB Jason Babin

(on impressions on the field) "It was a good feeling to get out there and actually be in a real game where everybody was live and I could hit the quarterback."

(on impression of his sack) "Same thing we practice every day. If the first move doesn't work, work on your second move. Fortunately enough it worked for me."

(on feeling comfortable on the field) "I'm getting there."

RB Tony Hollings

(on playing with the first unit) "I feel good running around against a different team. The offensive line is doing a good job, the receivers are doing a good job, and blocking. We're able to make big yardage."

(on being on the field for as long as he was) "It feels real good getting back into the swing of things. Pre-season gives guys a chance who didn't play much in the regular season to get out and show what they can do this pre-season. It feels good running around."

(on whether the Cowboys showed them anything they didn't expect) "No, the coaches have covered everything on what Dallas was going to do. I think they did a good job and we're just out there executing our plays." (on offensive line) "The offensive line is doing a great job on their blocking and finishing and we're able to get down field and get three to four yards a carry."

FS Marcus Coleman

(On playing in the game) "I finally got a chance to run up and hit somebody. It was fun. The game is always much faster than practice. It was good to get out there and run around a little bit. Overall I think we did pretty well."

LB Kailee Wong

(On playing today) "I forgot how much fun it is. There is no doubt about it. It's a great feeling to be out there playing with the guys in the clean, crisp uniforms."

(On first-string defense) "I thought we did pretty well. Everybody's doing well because the other team has zero points right now; that's important. We just need to keep it up and keep hitting people."

(On Babin's sack) "It was great. I didn't get to actually see it because I was watching the right side. I didn't see the move but that's the kind of thing he can do and that's what he was brought here for. He's going to be a great player for us."

QB David Carr

(On expectations today) "We just wanted to come out, like I said in training camp, and be consistent. Me and some other guys have been here for three years now. Same offense, same coaches and it's just a blessing. We just go out there and try to use it and do what we did today."

(On first preseason game until now) "It's so much different. I mean, just as far as the confidence level and as far as knowing what to do on the field in certain situations. We faced a blitz today. Maybe our first year we would have tried to block it, we wouldn't have got the screen off. We ended up running right into the screen for the big play Tony Hollings had. Our team is just taking extra steps now and it's kind of exciting. Hopefully we can keep it up."

TE Mark Bruener

(On impression of the offense) "I'm very excited about the offense we have. We have an enormous amount of talent on the offensive side of the ball and I really think we have some great strategies here as long as we continue to work hard and build on what we've been working on so far in training camp."

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