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Texans-Dolphins quotes

Texans Head Coach Dom Capers(on any players that stick out) "First of all this was our 13th practice without a break. So I feel good about our first week of work. We've had an excellent week of work. We've asked a lot of players and they responded. This work against the dolphins has been really valuable to us. All you have to do is watch one practice and you can tell they are totally different then us, X and Y's. It takes time to respond to the difference. It gave us a chance to take a look at a lot of the young players and we have a much better feel now then what we did starting with.

"Our two number one picks played quite a bit in the scrimmage. Just watching them from the sideline I think they did a good job. I think it's a good start. We plan on having them participate a lot in the pre-season games so this was the first step. We have a number of other guys that I think showed up. It was a nice interception that Marcus made and that's what you look for. This is a production business and you look for guys who go out there and produce. You could see the strength of our front people and I think we'll be stronger against the run.

"So this was the next step in the evaluation process. It was good work. And the most encouraging thing to me was that I think we came out of it without any major injuries. One of your goals especially when you have a full week like this is to try to get your team into the second week as healthy as possible. We should be getting a lot of our players back on Monday and hopefully we can go into the Dallas pre-season game fairly healthy."

QB David Carr
(on the practices) "The practices we had were good. Anytime you can practice against another team it helps, especially when you can come out here and play in front of your own fans. This stadium is fun to play in. When you can scrimmage against another team it really gets you ready for the season."

TE Mark Bruener
(on the stadium) "What an amazing stadium we play in. I had no idea this would be so impressive. I am more impressed with this stadium then I ever thought I would be. I was fortunate enough to have a new stadium in Pittsburgh a few years ago, but this is deffinetly a top-notch stadium. I'm very excited we get to play here."

(on practicing with the Dolphins) "I'm very impressed with Miami. They were never a team I played frequently, but their defense was very quick and very explosive. I'm very impressed with what they brought to the table. I'm very impressed with our offensive coaches,the plays and the schemes that they have drawn up for us. No matter what defense we face we can't be affective if we don't do our jobs."

T Seth Wand
(on the scrimmage) "This is really exciting right now. It's kind of a pre-start for me. It's fun to be out here in front of all these fans and have them cheer us on.
We want to see how this new O line works out. Its pretty goof for them (Dolphins) and pretty good for us. Anytime you can get a chance to work against another team I think its' great. It's good to hit somebody else. Its good for us to see another defensive front. Its good to see other guys because it gets kind of old because you get into a comfort zone when you face your own guys."

Dolphins Head Coach Dave Wannstedt

(on how the injuries have affected the team) "I believe the people we have in that locker room will come through. What's the difference? We know Ricky's not here. But the overall team, we've been a 10-win team four of the last six years. We've been in the top echelon of the NFL. A lot of that is character, and this team still has a lot of character.''

(on Akins injury) "That's really disappointing. I don't think anyone has been hurt in all the years we've done (joint practices) before, and to have two guys go down in two days, it's a shame.''

CB Patrick Surtain(on how the Dolphins fared without Ricky Williams and David Boston) "Those things are part of football. We have capable players who are willing to step up, that's got to be our outlook-things happen for a reason. The season is fast approaching. We have to get ready."

(on your personal expectations for the season) " I'm looking to go out there and have my best year as a pro ever, I don't think there's any other way to look at it. I'm going to do my thing regardless."

DE Jason Taylor
(on the upcoming season) " Obviously ever body in the league right now is optimistic and we're no different. We got dealt a couple blows but we're still working. We'll be ready to go. It's great to get back in camp and get away from all the bull surrounding the team."

(on personal goals for himself) " If you go out there and do your job, all the personal things will fall in place. The most important thing is getting us back in the playoffs and have a chance to compete for the big prize. Any personal things that you achieve is a direct reflection of your team."

WR Chris Chambers
(on how confident he feels in his abilities coming into the season) "I feel very confident. I have a little experience on my side. This is my fourth year, I feel a lot more mature, I feel tough. I feel like if I can get eight, nine balls a game I should be at the store)

(on how confident he feels in the QB to get him that ball) I don't put it on the QB, it's on me."

LB Zach Thomas
(on the defense carrying the team to the playoffs) " We have to step up. We have a lot of talent in Reggie Howard, Will Poole, we just got to take it to another level. We haven't been to the playoffs in the past two years. We've played solid but we haven't played great."

(on his health) I'm starting out Monday, I just had knee surgery four weeks ago, so I have fresh legs and ready to get the rust off."

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