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Texans-Dolphins quotes

Following are quotes from the Texans following the teams' 17-15 win over the Miami Dolphins.

*Texans owner Bob McNair *

(on the meaning of the win) "You need a little success to reinforce the feeling that you are on the right track."

(on if he thought today was the day for a win)  "We practiced well this week, but we practice well every other week. It was just a matter of providing some consistency and not making the mistakes that we have made in the other games. This is the way we are capable of playing, and I've known that. It was just a matter of when was it going to happen."

(on if he felt the need to give support to the coaching staff) "I think that it is sort of my role – to be a supporter and help all of these guys as we go through the difficult times and that is what I do. I told him (Head coach Gary Kubiak) after the game, and gave him a game ball, (that) it was his leadership that is carrying this team. Steady leadership and everybody has kept their head up and worked together. And that is what it takes to work through tough times. To win in the NFL, any game is tough so you really have to go out there and do your job and we did a little better job than the Dolphins did today. I was proud of the way we played."

**Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on walking away from the two-point conversion)**  "That was pretty cowardly. I've been that way in football through a lot of things. I'll make a call and just walk away that's just the way I am in certain situations. I knew it would come down to that, I kept telling (defensive coordinator) Richard (Smith) to prepare for that situation cause it could very well come down to that."

(on the game)  "The place got exciting in the second half and I thought our football team played with tremendous heart. We had some problems in the game.  We lost a left tackle (Ephraim Salaam) and moved down Brad Bedell (T) who had never played left tackle for us. We had defensive backs go down. Our football team found something out about themselves today through playing a very good football team. They reached way down deep and I'm truly proud of them."

(on QB David Carr) "First off, I'll say this about David, when you get a ball knocked out, it's not much for you to do. I have to stay on him and try not to have things like that happen, but he really is becoming a fighter. It hasn't been pretty and it's not going to always be pretty, but David is learning how to battle for a whole afternoon. That's what I like about what I see from him, he made some great plays at the end of the game. I told him, when we made that call on the third down and short on the goal, 'I'm going to put this ball in your hands and you have to make a great fake. And if we don't fool them just make sure we don't make a mistake.' But I wanted him to know I have confidence in him in those situations."

(on WR Andre Johnson) "Andre is a superb football player. We can't get him the ball enough, but the problem is everybody knows that we are playing him. The Dolphins did a really good job and they did one or two things; they either came after us or they rolled over the top and doubled Andre and (WR) Eric (Moulds). So it was a guessing game the whole way and fortunately we guessed it right a couple of the times."

(on DE Mario Williams) "He's a rookie and we are asking him to do a lot. The quicker we get any consistency out of a rookie then they are no longer rookies, and that's what we are after right now. You look at (LB) DeMeco (Ryans), (TE) Owen (Daniels), and Mario, players that we are asking to grow up like three and four year players real fast for us to turn this program around. They understand that and they are doing everything that they can."

(on defensive coordinator Richard Smith) "I'm so proud of him. Richard is a tough guy. He knew when he came here what he was taking on. But he loves his work, and I like the group we have around him. It has been hard on everybody, but this business is about guys that can continue to battle. And that group will do that and you guys know Richard will continue to do that. I'm happy for him."

**Defensive coordinator Richard Smith

(on the game)**  "We're really pleased. I'm really glad. Our backs were up against the wall. We hadn't played well the first three weeks, and that's kind of the style that we'd like to play. The guys preformed and executed the game plan the way it was designed, and we're proud of them."

(on what made the difference for the defensive line) "Well, we'll wait and see. This week in practice guys were really focused in to execute the plan. Like I said, sometimes watching the game from up in the (coaches) box, and calling the game, it looked like the guys played hard. And that's all you can ask. We made some mistakes that we'll go back tomorrow and correct, and try to get better. We were better on the mistakes that we did have."

(on the sack to open the game) "Well, we had to play it aggressively. The Dolphins are a good football team. I was there a year. They are extremely well coached by Nick Saban and his staff. They hang in there, we had to get after them, and that's what the plan was. We're proud of the players; they executed pretty good."

(on whether seeing DE Mario Williams get his first sack was a relief)"Well, really, to be honest with you (LB) DeMeco Ryans missed (QB) Daunte (Culpepper) and (DE) Mario (Williams) got him. From watching the game, like I said, once you watch film you obviously see a lot more. I thought he played aggressively and much better than last week. This isn't just a Mario Williams story here, it a whole defense.  With winning comes confidence, and hopefully there's more." 

**QB David Carr

(on the game)**  "It's big. It's something we've been working towards for a long time. It heals a lot of the wounds that I'll be feeling tomorrow. It will be fine, I'll enjoy the full day."

(on Coach Kubiak trusting him more)  "I can definitely tell he's trusting me a little bit more. That is going to come with just being around each other and me proving to him that I can do it in certain situations. Letting us throw the ball in the fourth quarter when we need to get a first done. Just little things like that, but its big for me just because he has faith enough in me and those guys outside that we can get it done. It means a lot and it kind of elevates your game a little bit."

(on the third and long during the first touchdown drive)  "I think that was the play of the game by (WR) Eric (Moulds) and those guys. just with the call and to have faith enough in me. That blitz wasn't even blocked. They brought an extra guy that we couldn't defend and we knew that was going to be a situation, but Eric did a good job. He kind of sensed that and didn't take his route as deep and he was just ready for the ball right when he came out of the break. It was big by a lot of guys, not just myself."

(on DE Jason Taylor)  "Jason Taylor is a bear to play against. We talked trash and what not on the field, but to get one on him like that, I mean I enjoyed immensely."

(on throwing the ball into the stands after the touchdown)  "It was terrible. It came off the side of my hand and I didn't realize it until I got to the sideline that I had hit my hand two plays earlier. I felt it and I was like 'Oh no, let me get that back'."

(on the touchdown play to WR Andre Johnson)  "On that play down the sideline that he made, I took a quick knee in the huddle and said 'We have to throw this up to him and let him make the play'. At that point when we needed to make something happen, kind of give our defense a little help and we did. There were two guys that he jumped up over and that wasn't the first time he's done that for me here. I knew he had that in him. It was nice."

(on Dallas after the bye week and the first time they played them in 2002) "It was 19-10, I remember that. They talk about that so much. It's going to be a good battle. The Cowboys, especially up there, they are a salty bunch and a good defense much like we faced today. We are going to have to be on top of it. Roy Williams and those guys will be ready. It will be fun."

(on the difference in today's game)  "It was one of those things where we played for four quarters. There were some off and on plays, we had some good and bad, but at the same time it wasn't like we had any, I mean, we had some peaks, but we didn't go real low. We just kind of stayed steady and knew the way our defense was playing. We knew it was going to be tight, a get close at the end and then try and score some points in the fourth quarter and that's what we were able to do."

(on being better on both sides of the ball)  "This game is a team game, when you see the defense going out there and they are getting after the quarterback in the beginning that sparks the offense standing on the sidelines. That is something that can get guys going. They see us go out there and move the ball against a really good defense that is not used to playing more than three plays.You watch them on film and they go three and out, three and out. They see that, they feed off that, it sets the tone and I'm happy."

**WR Andre Johnson

(on the game)**  "I feel great. We were able to get a win today. You know we have been hearing a lot of criticism and things like that. Everybody went out and did everything they can to go out and get this victory."

(on what happened when the offense got going in the second half)  "One thing about this game is you just can't be one dimensional. The coaches stress running the ball, and when you're a receiver you always want the ball. You get a little controversy, but nothing with coach or anything like that. We were able to make some plays downfield and the runners were able to make some good runs today, and I think it kind of kept them off balance today."

(on whether he would like more passing)  "I think they compliment each other.  Some people say you need to run the ball to open up the pass, but I think it works both ways.  I think you just have to start off with whatever works."

(on Coach Kubiak saying that he could not get Johnson the ball enough)  "Anybody likes when the ball comes to them, especially when you're a wide receiver. I'm just thankful for every opportunity that I get. You know in the first three games (this season), I have never had this many opportunities to make plays. When Coach Kubiak first got here and I met with him, he told me that he was going to give me opportunities to make plays. So what he said, he's doing. He's giving me the opportunity, so I'm just going out and trying to do the best I can with it."

(on whether he was making catches when the Dolphins were blitzing or while he was double teamed)  "It was both. It really didn't matter. I think Coach Kubiak does a good job of mixing things around, and not just being in the same spot all the time. I'm in the slot one play, outside the next play, or in the slot two plays, then outside. He just mixes everything around."

(on whether his alignments are helping him excel) "In order to give a receiver opportunities, you can't just keep him in one spot during the game. You can only run so many routes from one spot. I think by him moving me around, (and) he doesn't just do it to me, he does it to (WR) Eric (Moulds) too, I think that by moving us around it helps both of us out."

(on what went well for Houston in the game)** "We didn't hurt ourselves as much. We had the one fumble, but we overcame adversity well today. Even on the fumble we had, the defense did a great job, went in there and held them to a field goal. That was the difference in the game."

(on protecting QB David Carr) "A couple of the sacks were on miscues, and on a couple nobody was open and he was trying to make a play running the ball to get some yards. I'm not worried about that. Overall, I think the protection was good."

(on stopping the Dolphins' two-point conversion attempt) "That was the game-winning play. That was the difference between us going back out on the field and trying to go down and get a field goal or having to go into overtime, as opposed to winning it right there. That was a huge play, and our defense stepped up and made it for us."

(on offensive performance) "Today we just went out and executed, and guys stepped up and made plays. (WR) Andre (Johnson) had a couple of big catches for us and David (Carr) was just money all day, so I thought we stepped up to the challenge. Miami has a good defense, and we made the plays when we needed to make them."

(on Andre Johnson's performance) "There's no better feeling than when somebody like that steps up, jumps up and catches the ball 35 yards down the field with two defenders around him. We went from being in a third-and-long situation to having first-and-goal. It was huge."

(on the win) "It gives us a taste of victory. There are a lot of guys in this locker room, young guys especially, who hadn't won a game in the NFL yet, so they don't know how good it feels. It's hard to win in this league, so when you do win, you've got to enjoy it."

(on the win)** "It feels real good to come in and get a win. By no means did we play flawlessly, but when you get a win in this league you will take it how it comes, even if it's 50 points or two points, you have to take a win. It definitely gives the guys more confidence."

(on the defense)  "They did a good job. They wanted to come after (QB) Daunte (Culpepper) and come after the Dolphins and make plays. They did a great job in coverage, (CBs) Dunta Robinson and (Lewis) Sanders did a good job of holding up when we blitzed, and they kept those guys from making big plays. So my hat goes off to the defense; they did a good job."

(on the offense) "As an offense we are just trying to get better each week. We are making mistakes and not playing perfect football right now, but at the same time we are still making plays. We haven't been as consistent at staying on the field as we would like, but we are going to try and continue to get better; convert 3 rd downs and stay on the field to get more opportunities to make plays."

(on the game plan) "I knew that if they gave (WR) Andre (Johnson) a lot of opportunities in one-on-one defenses he was going to kill them. I just came in with Coach Kubiak and told him what I thought, and I told David (Carr) what I thought when they played certain coverage. Usually when you put me and Andre (Johnson) on the same side it causes defenses a lot of problems. They didn't know who to double cover."

(on WR Andre Johnson) "(WR) Andre (Johnson) did a great job of getting open and catching the football and making plays. I think he is excited about football again, and I think once you get a guy excited about football he is going to make a lot of plays."

(on the game)** "We came away with the win, and we're going to sleep well tonight. That's all that matters."

(on winning a close game) "We lost so many games like this last season. It was tough, but everybody played hard. The offense played well, the defense played well, and we got some sacks today. (DE) Mario (Williams) played well and (LB) DeMeco (Ryans) played well. Everybody played well. It was a collective effort."

(on a win going into the bye week)"This probably would have been the worst week ever if we had lost this game the way we could have lost it. This is going to give us a little bit of momentum. We feel good about this win. We've got to go to Dallas in two weeks and play a very tough Dallas team, so it feels good to get this win and hopefully we can continue this."

(on the Texans defensive line) "They know what kind of players they are. The past three weeks, it hasn't been this defensive line. Today you saw what Mario (Williams) and what all those guys on the defensive line can do. When they're getting pressure and doing the things they did today disrupting the pass, it takes a lot of pressure off of us in the secondary. It was a good effort by everybody."

(on how much he blitzed)**  "It was pretty much our game plan, and it worked out well for us."

(on the game plan)  "That's what we had to do. We've been sitting back too much, playing kind of cautious a little bit. Now we're going to start getting after people a lot more. It changed a lot for us."

(on getting his first NFL win)  "Oh, yeah, it's great.  A lot more to come. This is the best feeling in the locker room after a win. This is how it is supposed to feel. It make everything a lot more fun when you win."

(on DE Mario Williams' sack)  "I was more happy that (DE) Mario (Williams) got the sack when I missed him. We're trying to let loose a lot more. He's kind of feeling a lot of pressure about not getting to the quarterback. I was happy for him to get back there."

(on the win)** "It feels great. The weight on our shoulders was tremendous. To get that off feels so good I can't even explain it."

(on Houston's defensive performance)"We attacked a lot and guys really stepped up. You saw the young guys like (DE) Mario (Williams) step up. (LB) DeMeco (Ryans) came out and had a good game. Offensively, they made plays when the opportunity presented itself, and that's what you've got to do in this league."

(on the defensive line's attitude) "The biggest thing about this game is that we were out there having fun. We were out there thinking that we've got to get after this quarterback. Miami has given up the most sacks in the NFL, and we knew it was our time to go out there and show what we can do. Now it's just a matter of taking this momentum and carrying it through the bye week to the next game against Dallas."

(on the state of the defensive line)"We're going through a maturation right now, and this is a process of us learning together and growing together. We've just got to continue to get better, because we've got a lot of athletes on this defense."

(on the effect of the win on team morale) "We need to feel this. We need to know what it's like to win. There was a long carryover from those first three losses, but we weren't just hanging over from that. We were hanging over from last season, too. I wasn't even here and I was feeling it, too. It's great to get this win, and now we know how to do it."

(on Mario Williams' first NFL sack) "I cannot imagine the pressure that Mario was under. For him to get that sack, I just know that it was a huge relief to him and a huge burden off of his shoulders. Now he can just go out there and play."

(on the defense's performance) "We played well in the preseason and thought we were going to carry that into the regular season, but that didn't happen. We new that wasn't us. Today we played the type of defense we expect to play. We're an attacking style of defense that shuts people down."

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