Texans halftime quotes

Head coach Dom Capers

(on team's play) "We were just too sloppy in the first half. We really did ourselves in. We had the ball down at the 20 yard line and we threw the interception. We were moving the ball well in the two minute drill and had the interception there. Our guys fought hard and our defense did a good job other than one series. You can't make mistakes and expect to win. We've got to come back out this second half and find a way to win. We were down last week 17-7 and found a way to come back and win and we have to do the same thing this week."

DE Gary Walker

(on defensive line play in the first half) "We feel like we played pretty solid up front. They had a couple of plays, but it is hard to shut down a good team like that for the whole half. Except for that one drive near the end, we feel pretty good about what we did."

C Steve McKinney

(on play of offensive line) "The play overall was pretty solid. It was a physical first half. We basically just lined up and played smash mouth football. We just ran the ball right at them. That was kind of our game plan. Unfortunately, the penalties and the dropped balls were our biggest downfall of the first half."

(on protecting the quarterback) "I thought overall the protection was pretty good. We had good play selection. David was doing a nice job getting rid of the ball and the receivers were getting open. I thought our pass protection was pretty good."

QB David Carr

(on how the offense played in the first half) "Today was one of those games where you just scratch your head. Both teams just took turns making negative plays. We have to go back and look at the film and see what went wrong."

(on bright spots) "We ran the ball well at times. We had some good plays, but we also had plays where one missed assignment or one mistake turned a possible productive play into a bad play. You can't have that if you are going to be a consistent football team. We were not consistent today. We'll fix this before the regular season."

WR Andre Johnson

(on offensive production) "The offensive line played well today. We had some opportunities to make plays and we just didn't make them. I had about four plays that I wish I could have taken back. We got it together for a few drives and then we just didn't finish the way we needed to."

LB Antwan Peek

(on putting pressure on the quarterback) "It was real important to start off with some pressure on him (Bledsoe). We had to get a few hits on him early in the game. We knew if we put pressure on him, he would be less accurate in the pocket. We know that he is not a guy that likes to move, so we wanted to keep him on his heels."

(on how the defense played in the first half) "The coaches made some great calls in the first half that put us in position to make plays. We feel like our defense made some strides today. We still have to make some improvements before we face Buffalo in our season opener."

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