Texans-Jaguars quotes

Following are quotes from the Texans after the team's 27-7 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars at Reliant Stadium.

**Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on the impact of this win for the team)** "We have a lot of challenges as a football team and one of our challenges is the third quarter and the second half. There's more challenges to come, but as long as we understand what they are and have players step up and face those things, then we're going to work our way through this and become a good football team. Leadership does that for you. I think we did that on defense and (QB) David (Carr) was that leader on the offensive side. It's a good step."

(on the success of the run game in the second half) "It wasn't easy. We just tried to stay persistent and not give up on it. Because we ran our tight football game there's no reason to abandon it and in the long haul it helped us. It was a big difference. With everything that went on the thing I was most excited about was seeing it end on the field. Lining up and getting a first down with the whole world knowing we're going to run the ball and end the game on the field. You've got to be able to do that in this league to be successful."

(on confidence of the kickoff in the third quarter) "There was a period in that third quarter where there was a lot of doubt. But that is the NFL. The Jaguars are very good. Everybody you play in this league is good. If you're not ready to go and on top of your game it's tough and we've got to be willing to fight through those situations."

(on the dimensions of QB David Carr) "David's such a factor out there. He can take off and run for ten or twelve yards. He made a great play on the touchdown to (TE) Owen (Daniels). David got his poise and found Owen. His presence, his play it will always be key to this team and he played well today."

(on the likes and dislikes of RB Wali Lundy) "He's a pro and beyond his years. The pro game is very complicated and especially when the regular season starts. Nickel package, blitz package, protection, it gets very complicated. I was worried about him after the couple of weeks that the overload had slowed him down and that he wasn't reacting. Sometimes you have to let players sit back and watch a week or two so that they calm down. He played with a great presence today. I think you'll see him get better."

(on the performance of the defensive ends) "Those kids have to play well for us to play well. We played the game today with seven defensive lineman and seven defensive backs. That's very risky as a coach, but we felt like we needed eight offensive linemen and we suited seven linebackers. We took some risks from a numbers standpoint. I like the way our guys battled."

(on rookie DE Mario Williams) "We've been playing him on the open side the majority of the time and it looks like that's where he's most comfortable. He's only getting better. I think it's just going to continue to get better along with his confidence."

(on emotions during the third quarter) "I got real emotional with the players and told them it was about the fight. It's about the fight in our football team and fighting for four quarters. I told them the only one who was going to save them was themselves. I told them to get out there and fight through this and we were going to make it work."

(on talking to the offense) "I talked to the leaders. We gave up a big third down in the third quarter and had a big penalty. Other than that we played extremely well all day long. There's no reason for those guys to get down in those situations."

(on the fans at Reliant Stadium) "Our fans are awesome. I've never been a part of a Battle Red Day, but our fans were excellent. They were big time out there and very loud during key situations. We've got great fans and we're going to keep fighting to bring great football to them. We know our fans are second to none."

** Defensive Coordinator Richard Smith

(on holding Jacksonville to seven points) **"Well I'm happy that we did. In the third quarter we didn't play well enough. We allowed the drive to come back there, but really I'm happy for the players; I'm happy for this organization, and hopefully we can continue to grow in this experience."

(on allowing one dive in the third and then coming back to stop them)"If you look at what's happened so far this year, we're starting to repeat what we have done before. I had the coached grab everybody on the sideline and get them up there and talk to them about it. I think it shows the character of this football team. We stepped up and preformed well. and I know (CB) Petey (Demarcus Faggins) had a good turnover there and I'm pleased with the performance."

(on finally getting turnovers)"Yeah, we got some turnovers and that was nice to see. Hopefully we can continue to grow on that and continue to get better. Like I said, we had some substitution problems. That you're not happy about as a coach. We had to waste a timeout there, and those are things we need to continue to fix."

(on the defense coming together)"Well I think all along, when we started training camp we started to get better.  We came out and had a couple rough games and they stayed together, believed in the system, believed in each other and I think that shows you the character of those guys. Like I said, hopefully we can continue to grow on this experience."

** QB David Carr

**(on playing Jacksonville) "When we play Jacksonville, we always play with a lot of confidence. In the past couple of years, we've matched up against them very well. If we can find a way to run the ball a little bit like we did today and get some yards on the ground, we can do what we want to do, and get to the perimeter and make some plays outside."

(on not letting the Jaguars come back in the third quarter) "A couple of guys just stepped up and didn't allow it to happen. There were a couple of series in the third quarter when it looked like it was going to happen. We were battling all afternoon, and then we give up that touchdown on the opening drive (of the third quarter) and kind of go into the tank and go three and out, and it was like here we go again. But, a handful of guys refused to let that happen. We started to run the ball a little bit and made some plays outside."

(on the team's play this year) "We've been saying all along it's a different team, but no one really believed us because we were still 1 and 4. We're still 2 and 4, but it feels a whole lot better than it did last week. I know that we're going in the right direction. The offensive scheme is something I don't have to force. In the last couple of years, we would get into that third quarter and I would try to make something happen that probably isn't there. And, I would turn the ball over or do something stupid with it. Now, I have faith and belief in the system that if its not there in the first couple of plays, we'll come back out the next series and find something schematically. It's a much better feeling."

(on the offense's performance) "We're going to make our share of plays in drop back passing game, but we can't just hang our hat on that. You can't just go out and win games like that. We did it in the first half and ended up getting ten points, but we really saw it come together in the second half when we did that, and we ran the ball, and I was able to get outside of the pocket. When our offense is going, that is what it looks like."

(on Coach Kubiak getting angry on the side line) "That's what Kub (Coach Kubiak) is all about, and you respect that. He's seen good football played, and he wants it played here. The guys rose to the challenge."

(on the defense's play) "The defense was giving it up for each other and for their teammates and making play after play. Our defense went out there today and they gave it up for us. So, we had to go out there and return the favor and put some points on the board."

(on the win) "Football is a tough game when you're losing games, but it's the best game in the world when you're winning."

(on RB Wali Lundy's performance)"When he went in there he didn't disappoint. He did what he had to do. You don't have to go out there and be earth shattering with your running game for this offense to work. You just have to get three or four yards and it sets up some things. He did a good job."

(on the play of the offensive line) "This game isn't played on paper. That's why we get paid and these guys are professional athletes. We went out there and played a team that is pretty good at getting after the quarterback and playing good defense, and they didn't use that as an excuse. That's what I'm most proud of from those guys upfront. This is the second week in a row they've done an excellent job of protecting me."

**(on his 4th quarter touchdown) "Coming over, everyone was going the opposite way that I was going. I thought, 'Alright, I might have a chance here.' But I didn't know where the safety was, if he was behind me. So I just focused on catching the ball and no one was there. It was a little easy walk into the endzone."

(on whether he prefers blocking or going out for passes) "I like doing both. I love laying a good hit on somebody and springing our back for a big run. I like contributing to the passing game as well. It's just good to be out there playing."

(on the Texans' defensive line) "Our defensive line did an amazing job today. They were getting to the quarterback and they were fighting. It was a team effort, and we looked good. The tape speaks for itself."

(on getting back on the field) "The feeling was crazy. Looking back at training camp, when I was gone, I felt sick. I felt sick every single day: practice, games, at home just thinking about it and seeing other games on television. I'm so happy to be back."

(on the shutting down the Jaguars' offense) "All the games they've played, they've been good. Going out there and winning against a rival on Battle Red Day, you can't beat that."

**(on the Texan's quality of play) "It was a collective team effort. We've had games where one side of the ball is played better than the other, but this is our first game we had where our whole team came together and played well on both sides of the ball. If we can do that week in, week out, we're going to have a chance to be really good in this league."

(on the Texans' ability to run the ball) "We made some switches in the backfield. I think, probably most important, we were executing up front. We were finally doing what we're supposed to do. We had guys on the same page and we kept making sure we were getting to the right guys."

(on running the ball in the 4th quarter) "We gave Kubiak enough confidence that late in the game he would stick with the run. When you're up, you've got to be able to run the ball in the 4th quarter to be good in this league, and that's what we were able to do."

**(on the feeling of playing well as a defense) "We have a great defense and we have a great coaching staff. We have guys here who play hard week and week out. Every week, we've been sharp, but we've been unlucky. So to come out and play like that today was very satisfying and very gratifying."

(on the defensive improvement) "In the preseason, we played well. We came out in the regular season and didn't play so well against some good offenses. Now the defense is starting to gel as a unit and starting to show what we are capable of doing. We are looking forward to having a good year."

(on his fumble recovery) "I was excited to get the ball and give our offense the opportunity to score. I'm so happy that we won this home game. I'm happy for the fans, I'm happy for [Texans owner Bob McNair] and I'm happy for the coaches. We've been working hard. We have a very good team, and we need to continue to work hard and build on this."

(on the return of LB Kailee Wong) "Kailee is one of the leaders of this team. To have him back is tremendous, and it really helps our team."

(on winning the turnover battle) "In this league, the team that wins the turnover battle normally wins the game. Turnovers are very big. They're momentum stoppers and they give our offense the chance to score."

(on the performance of Jaguars QB Byron Leftwich) "I don't know what the deal is with Leftwich, but I know we were playing well on defense, and that's what really matters. We were playing together on defense, we were playing hard, and that's what counts."

**(on QB David Carr) "We wanted the ball in his hands and he gave us some chances and we made the plays.

(on the touchdown catch) "We have had that happen a couple of times and I was able to go up and make a play. It's just about (QB) Dave (Carr) having the confidence in me. When the ball is up like that it is anyone's ball and I was just able to make a play."

(on the win being gratifying) "It was great. They are a good football team and you know we have to play them again. They are going to remember this. To get the win today is great. It is great for the team and the organization. Guys were excited to go out and play and get what happened last week off our minds. The biggest thing for us is being consistent right now. This was the first time that we have played a complete game as a team. We were able to put up 17 points in the second half and we haven't done that all season. If we play both halves we can win more games."

**DE N.D. Kalu

**(on the difference in the game) "We finally played four quarters. Against all the other teams, except for Miami, we had only played a good half or a good quarter, but we finally put together a whole game. We didn't panic when things went bad."

(on Jacksonville's attitude before the game) "They didn't have respect for us. I heard they were dancing on our 50 yard line…That's one thing you just don't do. That's like going over to somebody's house and walking around on the carpet with your shoes on. We took that personally."

**RB Wali Lundy

(on whether he ever thought he could have this kind of game) **"I knew I could, from the preseason I has and from being successful in the past on a collegiate level I knew I could come out here and help the team. The line did an awesome job; it's not all on me. My hat's off to them."

(on what made the difference today)"The running game; I think the mentality was a little different in the second half. We came out and knew that it was going to take the offense to win this game. We were relying on our defense a little bit and we needed to put some points up to beat this team, and we did that."

(on the run blocking)"Our offensive line just stepped up. I saw the holes and hit them, and the outcome was good."

(on the offense opening up with the running game working)"Everything opens up when you have to defend everything. I think that was some trouble for Jacksonville because I don't think they expected us to run the ball that well. We came out and ran the ball well, and it opened up a lot of things for us."

**(on what Coach Kubiak said when awarding him the game ball) "He just wanted to give me the game ball for reaching 700 receptions. I think only 23 guys ever did it in the league, so it's a big accomplishment. But the biggest thing is getting a win. I'm hoping this win will jumpstart us to bigger and better things."

(on Coach Kubiak congratulating him after RB Wali Lundy's first long run)"Actually I blocked three guys on the play. I pushed the blitzing corner into the defensive end and the linebacker, and it sprung (RB) Wali (Lundy) for a long run. We've been working on that play for a long time, and they finally put me in that position to block those guys. We had a lot of success with it today. Hopefully, in the future, they will continue to do that because I can read those blocks and read when they're blitzing. I think that's why they put that's why they put me in that position."

(on having 700 catches, but still making block downfield)"That's just part of the job. When you sign up for receiver a lot of people think you just go out and catch, but the guys that get it done for a long period of time are the guys that block and make plays, and coaches really appreciate it."

(on getting his 700th reception) "It's a big accomplishment. There are only 23 other guys that have done it. It's a big plus for me. It's getting the opportunity to play and stay healthy over our career. I'm just excited about it."

(on the Jaguars' performance)** "They played hard. They had a few injuries, but we came out there and focused on attacking and being physical. We knew that if we weren't as physical as they were, then they would have an advantage."

(on the win) "It was a complete team effort, and we were hitting on all cylinders. This was a complete game for us, and when we go in and watch the film, we have to see what we did this game and go into the next game with that same focus."

(on if the defense can sustain this level of performance) "After playing like this, there's no excuse for us to play any other way. We were playing like this throughout the preseason, we just had some unfortunate times in the regular season. We have some great guys on our defense and we have guys with the ability to take over the game. I think that as the season progresses, you'll see the defense get better and better."

(on turnovers) "When it was 10-7 and they were close to getting in scoring position, we focused on getting turnovers like we'd been practicing. Coach has been stressing turnovers because we hadn't been getting them in our previous games. Just like with sacks, when you get one, they just start coming."

(on the Texans' offensive performance) "The first possession of every game, our offense has been great. Today, they played like it was the first possession for the whole game. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can do going into next week."

(on the defensive line's play)** "I love it when those guys up front have their confidence up and are playing their best. It makes it easy for us back-end guys to play well."

(on the turnovers) "We were last in the NFL in turnovers, so our focus has been turnovers. We've been working on it in practice for the past couple of weeks."

(on he and DE Mario Williams being the future of the Texans' defense) "That's why they brought us in and that's why they invested in both of us; to come in and make plays and turn this defense around. They're looking for us to make plays, that's why they drafted us."

(on the Texans' defensive performance)** "We've played good quarters, we've played good halves, but before today we'd never put it together for 60 minutes. That's how you win in this league."

(on the defense's potential) "Potential is one of the worst words in sports. Production is what wins games, and today we produced for four quarters."

(on the pass rush) "The thing about this game that I was most proud of is that they respected our pass rush. They kept two backs in at times and only ran three man routes, and I think that's a tribute to our pass rush. It's a lot easier to cover when you only have three guys going out on routes, so I think our rush really helped us."

**DE Mario Williams

(on the fumble and recovery to stop Jacksonville's drive) **"That's was a very big play for…It was (DE) Antwan Peek. My hat's off to him for giving me the opportunity for me to be able to recover it. It was just a great play."

(on the defensive line's play helping the rest of the defense) "We're just trying to get out there and trying to create havoc, emotions and trying to confuse the offensive line and move and just keep moving, (to) get the quarterback to feel the presence of us coming."

(on whether limiting a team to seven points give the defense something to build off)"Yeah, it really does, if you look at the seven points, we could have prevented that, but it's a big (weight) lifted off our shoulders as far as knowing what we're capable of doing."

(on the defense turning around their play) "As a unit, for one thing, turnovers. Last week we didn't get them; they got them. His week we go them; they didn't get them. So that was the number on thing. Another thing was breaking up the balls. Our DBs played a heck of a game. They were just phenomenal. Even if we didn't get pressure on the quarterback, they were on their P's and Q's. They were knocking balls out, causing fumbles. Hat's off to them."

(on how he seemed less hesitant)"Once we did that and once he knew it wasn't close, they had to pass the ball. Especially with out offense scoring, they had to pass the ball. It took away a lot of the guessing and a lot of saying they might do this or they might do that."

(on the difference in the offensive line)** "I think the biggest thing is that we were focused. We knew it was going to be a physical game up front. They've got probably one of the best defenses in this league, and they've got two inside guys they really can depend on. We knew that we had to go out there and set the tone as the offensive line."

**LB Kailee Wong

(on being back to help the defense have its best game of the season) **"The defense played really well, there's no doubt about it. There was a swagger and an attitude that we were going to play well out there. I really didn't play that many plays; I was just trying to encourage the guys most of the time. I'll tell you what; it was nice to be in uniform and nice to be out there on that field."

(on how exited he looked on the field) "That's the truth. That is how I felt the whole day. Like I always say, it's so rare to have this experience, and for a while I thought it would be gone and I would never have it again. So I really savor today because I know I put a lot of work into it."

(on coming back from an uncertain future) "No, (I) wasn't sure. A lot of people said a lot of different things for quite a while. I just put in everyday; just came to work and tried to get better. Obviously, it all culminated to this."

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