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Texans Monday Quotes: November 11


Interim Head Coach Wade Phillips**

(on FS Ed Reed's comments that the Texans were outcoached and outplayed) "Everybody has their own feelings about what's happening. They have their own ideas about what's happening or didn't happen. We try to keep everything in house. That's our policy here and that's what we try to do and that's what I'm going to do."

(on if he is surprised that FS Ed Reed did not keep his opinions in house) "I really don't have an answer for that question. Like I said, a lot of people have opinions about what should or shouldn't be done and those kinds of things."

(on CB Kareem Jackson and if he will be out awhile) "Kareem Jackson has what they call a chest contusion. I don't know about awhile. There is an outside possibility, from what I've heard so far, that he could play this week. I'm assuming that he would play in two weeks, but again, we'll see where he is as the week goes along."

(on the status of Gary Kubiak, his message to the team today and how they will proceed forward from a coaching standpoint) "He did come in today and talked to the team. His comments were really overall looking at the ballgame from afar and how much he missed it. How much he missed being with the players and how much he missed being around the team. He was telling them that you guys don't realize how much you miss it until you're out of it, even one week. He's going to be in a limited amount of time this week—all that is up to the doctors as far as that is concerned. We really don't know until they tell us actually what he's going to do, as far as the week is concerned, but he looked good. He looked fine. Again, he talked to the team about those things with conviction."

(on if he expects to be the interim head coach on Sunday against Oakland) "I really don't know. Again, it's up to what the doctors say about Gary (Kubiak). Obviously, if he can come back, then I won't be (interim head coach). If he can't, for whatever reason or if they don't think he's quite ready yet, then I'll be ready to go."

(on RB Arian Foster's agent saying that he will be having surgery) "I didn't know that, but I know he has a disc problem and that's what they've been researching. That's what he's gone for all the different opinions on. That's where I am on it. I don't know for sure what they've decided to do."

(on if he is saying that he cannot confirm that RB Arian Foster is out for the season) "No, I cannot. He is not out of the season right now. He's still on the roster. Now what happens with it, I can't say."

(on QB Case Keenum's game against Arizona and what he liked) "He's done some really good things. The first half, after the first play of the game, the guy fought back and took us for a long drive for a touchdown and made some plays to Andre (Johnson) throughout the game. I think his fundamentals overall, his three-step, five-step drop, those kinds of things, he still needs to work on. He's still a young quarterback as far as some of those things. Obviously some blitz things, he needs to react quicker, but that's part of playing. This is from talking to Rick (Dennison) and the offensive people. What I'm trying to relay to you is that he makes plays off-schedule that really nobody makes and we haven't seen. He does make plays there. Sometimes I think he probably is a little—and he'll probably tell you—he's a little early to get off-schedule. He maybe needs to hang in there a little bit more or his timing on this three-step or his five-step, whether he should be in one or another, those kinds of things. They're working with that. I think he's eight completions without an interception away from tying the record for the team. Now he's had some close ones obviously, every quarterback does, but he hasn't thrown any interceptions. He's actually 60 from the National Football League record. His quarterback rating for his first three games is only under Tony Romo, so he's had some positives obviously. We've played three really close games, so he was part of helping us get that close."

(on the offense scoring two touchdowns in the second half of the last seven games) "I really would be coaching out of turn there to say anything about that. We've got to do well on defense and keep playing. I really don't want to go there."

(on if he noticed if the defense was getting fatigued because the offense was struggling in the second half) "I think it was more of our guys getting banged up. We lost both corners at one time. (Kareem) Jackson only played 13 plays. Joe Mays was out of the game. We had some injuries that were a factor. (Jeff) Tarpinian came in and played. He hadn't even been with the team very long. He did a decent job. I thought we did a pretty good job of getting those guys ready. (Brice) McCain, (Brandon) Harris played corner; they hadn't been playing the outside corner very much because the other guys have played. And we just didn't make the plays when we needed to, certainly. J.J. (Watt) obviously made a big play at the end of the game that certainly gave us an opportunity to tie or win the game."

(on if there are any other injury updates) "Elbert Mack's got a hamstring (injury). He also went out. He's a backup player, but that caused some of our starting players like (Shiloh) Keo had to play special teams, Joe Mays had to play special teams, (Darryl) Sharpton had to play special teams during the game, which they don't normally play. I don't know if it was fatigue, but they did have to play a lot of plays."

(on ILB Joe Mays' being out during some of the game) "Joe Mays had an oblique injury, which I thought was obtuse (joking). I found out it's abs. I thought it was something to do with an obtuse triangle, but it wasn't. It was something like that anyway (joking)."

(on ILB Joe May's status going forward) "He didn't practice today. We're still evaluating that, but he went back and played in the game, like a lot of our guys do."

(on the progression of SS D.J. Swearinger) "Yeah, he's a really good young player. He still made some rookie errors with his eyes and that kind of thing every once in a while. He made a great interception. He almost had another one for a touchdown. He made a lot of tackles. He's gotten better and better every game he's played. I think he's a really good young player. I'm excited about him. I think he's got a real bright future. He plays the game the way you like to see it played, like a lot of our guys play. He plays it the right way. He plays with great enthusiasm. It's important to him."

(on FS Ed Reed's role on this team) "Yeah, we've been utilizing him the way we feel like is best for us. He's been playing on a certain package and they were in for 12 plays. That's where we utilized him."

(on the biggest thing the team needs to do to get back in the win column this week) "One thing is certainly is persevere what's going on with us previously. You get in these situations, you have to have a very tough mindset to keep going, keep trying, keep doing the right things. I believe this team will. I think Gary (Kubiak) will lead them in that direction certainly. The only way you change it is just keep going, not what you're doing, but how you're doing it. It's about attitude. If you keep a positive, great attitude, you've got a better chance and that's what we're going to try and do."

(on how important it is that the team stays together and if he's confident this team has the players in the locker room to be able to do that) "We've got a very strong locker. I think we have very good leadership in that direction. I don't have any doubt that we will. I really don't. From last week, how they responded as far as preparation for the game, the will to prepare is just as important as the will to win. And I think they're going to keep that will to prepare. That's what's going to be important."

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