Texans post-game quotes

Head coach Dom Capers

(Opening Statement) "For each week we find out a little more about our team, that's why we play these preseason games. I liked the way out team competed tonight. We went in the locker room down at halftime. They hit a couple big plays on us so the challenge was to come out and keep fighting and hopefully turn things around. I thought our guys did that and competed right until the end and found a way to win the game. There are a lot of things that we have to work on from tonight. There are a lot of corrections to be made, we were sloppy at times. I like the way our first offense came out, started the game, and went right down the field and scored a touchdown. Our defense had a tough start we had an interception down in the end zone and they took it from us. That's just a matter of when you are in those positions, you have to make those plays. They hit us with a big play where Kerry Collins was able to step up and throw a deep ball, so we were down early. I like the way our guys fought. You always look for improvement individually and collectively. I thought individually, there were some guys who stepped up and you saw a big improvement. In the second half, Vernand Morency did a nice job. I thought he ran tough, he had a couple of nice runs. I thought it was nice for Jerome Mathis to get back on the field and see his speed. No question in my mind he has the power to run by people. There were a lot of good things that we have to go to work on and get squared away. We will break camp on Monday and get into a more of a game week preparation for when we go to Dallas next week and play our third preseason game."

(On Dave Ragone's experience in world league series) "I think anytime you go and have success at any level, I think it helps your confidence. To go over and become the MVP of the league. I think it's helped Dave's confidence and I think you saw him make some nice plays. His practice this week is sporadic because he had a knee issue. I thought he stepped up and took us down the field there a couple of drives. Made the run pass and made a key third down throw."

(On pressuring QB) "I don't think we got good pressure out the four-man run screen. I think when we brought people we added some pressure. I have to take a look at the long touchdown pass, I think we got a little imbalanced in our rush."

QB David Carr

(On scoring on the first series) "I wish we could have done it sooner because it took us 14 plays. It was good to do something we did last week but finishing it off this time. We got knocked back to the three, and that was a bit scary, but we got it in."

(On Reggie Swinton) "He did a good job, he's consistent. Obviously, you guys saw what he did on special teams. He's a valuable asset there for us. Anytime you can contribute there and at wide receiver, you're only helping the team."

WR Jerome Mathis

(On carrying the ball on a reverse) "I could see the pressure of pursuit and no one really wants Warren Sapp over them, especially when you're 180 pounds."

(On his performance) "I had some good plays and I had some bad plays, but we won and overall that's most important."

RB Vernand Morency

(On his team goals) "My goal is to help the team out anyway I can, a few yards here, a few yards there."

(On his running game) "The line told me where to go and I found the hole. I take my hat off to the line. They made some pretty good holes for me."

CB Phillip Buchanon

(On the job of the secondary) "We had our ups and downs, but it is part of the game. It is the second preseason game, so we are just going in there and tuning up."

(On Collins' completion percentage) "It's a preseason game, and this is how you learn. You learn from a preseason game. We did have some bad plays as a unit, but we are going to be fine."

(On playing against his former team) "It just felt like a regular game. It wasn't anything special, it is part of the business."

(On going against Randy Moss) "Randy Moss is one of the best receivers, but I didn't get a lot of work against him. He only caught two or three balls in the game."

(On playing against his former team) "Same old preseason game. It wasn't anything serious. We won the game so I feel good about that."

(On guarding Randy Moss) "It's a privilege going up against one of the best receivers in the league."

(On any hard feelings toward his former team) "No hard feelings, it's the game of football."

WR Reggie Swinton

(On his touchdown catch) "It was a fade route and he tried to push me out. I turned back in when I saw Dave scramble and I made the play."

(On being a return specialist) "That's what I do. I mean it's nothing different for me. You give me a chance to make a play and if I get good blocking, I'll make something happen."

(On signing with Houston this past offseason) "I'm just grateful for the opportunity to come in and be the return guy. I have some hurdles to go, but I didn't want to back anybody up. I wanted to go somewhere where I could be the guy, and I am fighting hard to be the guy."

CB Demarcus Faggins

(On the first Oakland touchdown) "I was thinking about intercepting it and going the other way. Unfortunately, he grabbed the ball when I grabbed it and when I was coming down, I didn't have enough leverage to bring it down."

(On the second Oakland touchdown) "The coverage we were in was bump and trail, safety up. It was just a mistake on all our parts."

(On the overall defense) "As everyone can see, defensively we are going to continue to make plays, work hard and compete everyday."

(On the preseason) "In the preseason, you get all the kinks out before the season starts. That is why you go to practice everyday and compete."

PK Kris Brown

(On his conditioning) "You get your work in and try to taker care of you leg. Joe (Marciano) has done a great job this year, he is making sure we get our work in, but also not over working us. My leg feels really good right now."

(On the game winning field goal) "Any time you can get a game winning field goal opportunity, particularly in the preseason, you have to savor it because it is hard to simulate that situation in practice. I just went out there and went through my routine and fortunately the ball went through."

(On his leg strength) "I really feel like my leg is strong enough to hit 53, 54 yard field goals without having to swing ultra hard. I feel like I can go out there and swing about 80% and still make those kicks distance-wise. It is just about me going out there and getting the ball started on line and staying on line."

FS Marcus Coleman

(On his interception) "I was just trying to play the coverage to be honest. I just focused in on the quarterback, and I just read him all the way. He threw it over there and I made the catch."

(On overall team defense) "We have got to keep making big plays and stop giving up so many big plays. We just have to keep working hard on that end, and other than that I think everybody played pretty solid tonight."

(On what grade he would give the secondary) "I would say a C or a C+. Even though we came up with two interceptions, we gave up two touchdowns on some deep passes. We just can't have that."

(On changing the defense after first couple of drives) "We just tightened up our coverages a little bit. The front tightened up a little bit and we just tried to focus a little bit harder on doing the fundamental things."

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