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Houston Texans

Texans post-game quotes

Head coach Dom Capers
(opening…)  "You know I'm very disappointed in the way we played tonight.  We knew coming in that we were playing a very good Seattle team, based on what we had seen on the tape.  Our guys came in with the right intentions, but certainly our execution out there didn't match up with our intentions, and that's what this game is all about.  You have to go out and play for 60 minutes, and the thing I was the most disappointed in tonight was the basically the fundamentals of our team.  Our tackling, our blocking, there were far too many penalties, to give yourself a chance against any team, let alone a good team like the Seattle Seahawks.  Right now it's a gut check, and a character check for our team.

"We've played five games, we are disappointed in where we are right now after five games.  We have better than two-thirds of the season to go.  We accept the full responsibility for where we are right now, and I am extremely disappointed with where we are right now.  Nobody is going to feel sorry for us, and there is nobody in that locker room feeling sorry for themselves.  Our job is to go back and take a good look at things, and keep searching to find a way to get on the right side of things."

(On the Seahawks ability to run the ball…) "They've done a good job of running the football, and we didn't do a very good job of defending the run. We missed far too many tackles, we voided some gap responsibilities, and when you do that against a good football team, they make you pay for it."

(On the injuries..)  "We lost Kailee Wong for the season.  We believe he tore his patella tendon, and will be out for the year.  Zack Wiegert had a high ankle sprain, so we lost him very early in the game.  And Jason Simmons sprained his knee, so we lost all three of those players during the course of the game.  Those are the three major injuries."

T/G Chester Pitts

(On the tone of the game . . . ) "We didn't play aswell as we needed to play. We needed to score more points than the other team and we didn't get that done. As a consolation prize, we're able to say that we blocked a little bit better? Big whoop. That's our job, that's what we're supposed to do. At this point, we have to keep on working, keep sawing wood. We have a phrase: You just don't let go of the rope. We're going to keep fighting."

(On the impact of injuries on the offensive line . . . ) "We had to do some swapping around. Zach (Wiegert) went down. He hurt his ankle pretty good. We had to switch some things around. Drew (Hodgdon) came in. That's what you have to do in a game. You've got to keep playing. What are they going to do? Cancel the game because the guy goes down? We lost a very good player. Zach is one of the best offensive linemen we have, one of the best in the league. Losing him didn't help anything.

(On the team's frustration level . . . )"It is what it is. We've dug the hole. No one else dug the hole for us. We didn't just start the season 0-5. We lost five games. We just have to keep fighting. Two-thirds of the season is still left."

C/G Steve McKinney

(On how injuries to the line impacted the amount of penalties . . . ) "It's hard to say. It was kind of musical chairs today. We had the line pretty much set as early as Thursday last week, and then when Zach got hurt that first series, that kind of put us in shuffle mode. So what are you going to do."

(On the frustration of being 0-5 . . . ) "It's not fun to be in this situation. We're all frustrated. Disgusted. Sick of it. But we put oursevles in this situation. It's up to us to figure a way out of it. We're the only ones who can do it."

*(On what it will take to turn the season around . . . ) *"It's just going to take a lot of great individual effort for us to improve as a team.  We're all going to have to try and get better.  That's the only way we can do it.  Guys need to do their jobs better, make plays.  We don't make enough plays on either side of the ball or on special teams.  Nothing big ever happens for us, and that's usually the thing that hurts you in games like these: Other teams make big plays and score touchdowns, convert on third-and –15. They're picking it up and we're not."

LB Antwan Peek

(On the pass rush . . . )"Coach made some great calls. You have to give most of the credit to him. There were situations where we were able to make plays and get to the quarterback, and that's what we did.

(On the lack of pass rush early in the season . . . ) "Things work hand-in-hand: pass rush, coverage. It's a team effort, not just the pass rushers, not just the cover guys. It's a team effort, and we have to get to the quarterback in order to cause interceptions like it happened today. If we get tight coverage on the corners, you know some more sacks will come."

CB Dunta Robinson

(On his appraisal of the game . . . ) "Well, the score says it all, 42-10. It's embarassing. You prepare all week and then you came and get beat like this – anybody who's happy right now, they don't need to be playing football on this team. National television game, we've got a chance to make a statement. Instead, we wound up getting blown out the way we did. That's embarassing."

(On defensive breakdowns vs. an effective offense . . . )"It was a little bit of both. They hit some big plays. We missed tackles. All the things you've got to do, we didn't do. When you're playing against a good team like this you can't make so many mistakes. They're a very good football team. You've got to make tackles and make plays. You've got to get off the field on third down. It didn't happen with us, and when you're playing a team like this, the score is going to wind up like this."

(On whether Seattle was one of the better offenses Houston has faced this year . . . )"Oh, I think so. They really don't care what [defense] you're in. They get down, they hike the ball. They're not trying to see what the defense is playing. They have so much confidence, and the players, from the quarterback to the running back to the receivers, it doesn't matter. They dictate the game. They make you have to stop them. Teams like that, they're going to end up going a long way." *(On if he can identify a way to turn the season around . . . ) *"I wish I could, man.  Right now, I can't say what's going to turn this thing around.  We still have got to go out and play next week.  We've got to go out and play hard.  We've got to be the ones to turn it around.  How we're going to do that, I really don't know."

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