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Texans post-game quotes

** Texans Head Coach Dom Capers

**(Opening Statement) "Well I was disappointed in the way we played today.  We came out and had a nice drive and moved the ball down the field. We went into halftime down 10-6. We adjusted and played better at the end of the third quarter.  They made a couple of pitch plays on us to get field position in the third quarter.  Then the game kind of got out of hand.  Offensively our first two drives were good drives but we didn't finish them off, we had to kick field goals and weren't able to get in the end zone.  Our biggest problem in the third quarter was our pass protection, it must improve.  David didn't have much of a chance today.  We've got to take a good look at that and it's something we've got to work on and get better when we get in those third and long situations.  As long as we keep things in controllable down situations in the first and second downs, we have a pretty good rhythm.  Once we got behind it just wasn't good.  The only way you get yourself out of the situation we're in right now is you've got be a fighter and you've got to be determined.  You go back to work and we're determined to improve.  That's exactly what we plan on doing."

(On making major changes) "I'm not going to say here right now after the game.  We're going to take a good hard look tomorrow and see if we do need to make some adjustments because we obviously are not happy with the way we performed."

(On offensive performance) "I looked at our offense the first two series and I liked what I saw.  We took the ball right down the field.  We put ourselves in a position where we got field goals, but we didn't finish it off and get the touchdowns.  I thought we had pretty good rhythm.  Once we get in those longer yardage situations, they came and rushed the passer well and gave us problems."

(On Andre Johnson's injury) "Andre pulled his calf muscle on the very first play.  It's something that has been bothering Andre for the past two weeks.  We held him out and tried to limit his reps in practice this week.  He went out on the very first play.  Right now he's out, I don't know how long he'll be out, but it's unfortunate we've lost him."

(On frustration of losses)  "I'm frustrated because it was 10-6 at halftime.  We came out and go down the field and get a field goal to start the second half 10-9. We play a lot of these games, but I give them credit.  They made a couple of big plays on offense against us and we weren't able to do that.  Then once we got into those long situations, we had a hard time today.  We're going to take a long look at it and we've got to get it fixed."

(On ability to create turnovers)  "I think we're okay, we'll look at our problem areas.  We know McNair is a hard guy to get on the ground.  We did have a couple of opportunities today.  We know he's a good athlete and can move around, but it still comes down to you've got to be able to finish those things off."

**Texans CB Dunta Robinson

**(On having not one a game this season) "As players we have to take a look in the mirror.  I don't know what we need to do, but talking doesn't win football games.  We have to go out and play and win football games.  We still have a long season ahead of us.  We can turn this thing around.  I know that nobody believes we can, but we can." 

(On changes that need to be made at this point in the season) "I don't see anything wrong with anybody on offense and defense, but we have to score on offense and get turnovers on defense.  We have to play hard on both sides of the ball and win football games.  We can't blame each other.  It's not the offense.  It's not the defense.  It's a team effort.  We win as a team and we lose as a team."

(On whether this is the lowest he has felt since becoming a Texan) "Yes.  You look at the talent that we have, and it's not supposed to be like this.  We are supposed to be playing a lot better than we are.  We can't give up.  This is a game of spurts."

**Texans WR Andre Johnson

**(On his injured calf)-"It has been something that has been nagging the past few weeks.  I tried to rest it and see if I could come out and do something today.  On the first play of the game, I ran that route and it just went out on me.  I hope on can be back on Sunday."

**Texans DE Robaire Smith

**(On playing against former team) "Playing against my former team is fine, but at the same time you still have to consider the fact that this is a game.  You have to be prepared to play against whoever comes out on the field.  It really doesn't matter if it's your old team, the bottom line is, we lost."

(on his elbow injury) "It hurt, but I was able to practice the entire week, and I came out ready to play today.  I felt like I needed to do whatever I had to do in order to get out on the field and help the team."

(on his missed interception) "When you're playing a guy like Steve McNair, you have to be conscious of rushing lanes.  I felt myself getting out of my lane, so I had to get back in it.  I have to come up with plays like that have the potential to be game changing plays."

**Texans WR Jabar Gaffney

**(On the second half performance) "Everything seemed to be going well.  We were still kicking field goals, we just had a hard time getting into the end zone."

(on his concern about the Texans record) "It's pretty hard right now.  We have the ability to come back; we just have to believe that we can. It's still a long season."

**Texans DE Travis Johnson

**(On some of the changes that need to be made)  "We have to continue to go with what we have, and believe that we can get better."

(on what may be the problem for the teams struggle) "You can't point any fingers.  We win as a team, we lose as a team.  The bottom line is that we have to come together and get better."

**Texans DT Seth Payne

**(on Astros Game)  "If we can learn a lesson from anyone, it's the Astros. They were down and then they came back."

(on team's performance) "At this point I don't know what to say. We're not playing like a good football team. We have to find a solution and take care of the problem. I know I need to play better myself. I need to play a more competitive game of football."

**Texans C Steve McKinney

**(on fans cheering for the Astros)  "I'm an Astros fan. I'm glad they are doing well. I don't take that as an insult."

(on the team's performance) "I don't think we took a step back. We definitely stopped ourselves. I don't feel like it was them stopping us. We had a couple of touchdowns we should have made; one was called back because of a penalty. We should have got the touchdowns in the red zone. I think that was our biggest problem today because the touchdowns build a lot of momentum."

**Texans RB Domanick Davis

**(on game play)  "The first half we came out to play, in the second half we didn't but they did."

(on going 0-4) "Its really frustrating, I'm not going to lie. We keep practicing so hard and then keep losing. We just have to find a way, can't start pointing fingers. We just have to stay into it and keep getting better."

(on the team overall) "We can't say anything about anything because everyone has been practicing hard. I mean its not like we want to lose, that's just the breaks, and we just got to stay focused and try to make plays."

**Texans QB David Carr

**(on the team's performance)  "I wish I knew what to fix before the game. First and second down at the beginning of the game, we were moving the ball a little bit. We have to find a way to get into the end zone when we get down there but at the same time, when we get in obvious passing situations, it's going to be tough. And that's the frustrating part. We can do well on first and second down but third down is always tough."

(on keeping a positive attitude) "When you're going on your fourth year it gets a little frustrating, of course you're never going to quit. It's a game I've been playing since I was little, so I enjoying competing. Even if we are down, there is always something out there to attain. That being said, it gets tough and it gets old. You want more than anything else to win a football game, just one. I know we got the guys and their effort. We just haven't done it yet."

(on pass protection not working)  "It was a surprise. It was a surprise last week when we had a setup. We had a good plan as far as getting the ball out of my hands but there were times today when I couldn't get off my first three before they were getting after us. Their defensive scheme in the second half was that they were rushing three or four guys. And if you can get pressure on the quarterback with three or four guys and not have to blitz then that's a good combination for the defense, so it's going to be tough to get something done."

(on the team's 0-4 start) "We can't get much lower than that. What's the difference between 0-4 and 0-6? Let's just go win a game, that's all I'm really worried about. As far as the records go, that has to be thrown out the window for right now when I go talk to the guys when I'm trying to get them encouraged and get them pumped up and ready to play. We have to lock it up, run the right route, I'll hit you and then we'll worry about the record later."

(on the game play) "Well, the first quarter, we were able to do what we wanted to do but then it just snowballed. We had a touchdown that got called back and then we didn't get it in. I think we got three field goals. We just have to find a way to turn those into touchdowns."

(on his confidence) "My confidence is not going to change. I'm going to go out and be the same player. As far as getting things done, that's tough because in football you can have 10 guys doing it right and one guy break down, then you look terrible."

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