Texans post-game quotes

Head coach Dom Capers

(General statement)

"It was a close, hard fought game, like we anticipated, when you play against a top defensive team like the Ravens. It came down to a 2-minute situation and they made the plays in the end to put themselves in field goal range. We covered early and came after them but they max blitzed. And give them credit, (Kyle) Boller got the ball off and complete the ball to make the big play and get in field goal range. Every game is a little different situation, but in the end, you have to make enough plays to win. We felt that kicking the field goal with three minutes to go would put us up and after having a good defensive stand, I give them credit for taking the ball down and kicking the field goal. I feel bad for our team because we've had two heart wrenching losses in the last two weeks where we've been in position to win and just haven't gotten it done."

(On the third down pass for an interception)

"The route was an end route that the receiver was running and the ball got tipped in the air and they made the play and got the interception for the touchdown. We did battle back after that and did what it took to take the lead and they came out and made the plays it took to win the football game."

(On the Ravens final possession)

"We talk about all the time, in a two minute situation, do you get conservative or sit back? We called the timeout and decided to come after them. He hit (Todd) Heap up the middle of the field through the open space of the defense. We didn't want to give him another ball up the middle against the zone, so we decided to go ahead and max blitz them. When you blitz in that situation, you live by the sword and die by the sword."

(On the dropped touchdown pass by Andre Johnson)

"He doesn't drop many and it was one where David (Carr) made a nice play and scrambled out to his left and Andre Johnson was open. He got the ball to him and he dropped it. That's one of those things where that happens and you have to be able to overcome it."

(On if there was one play that could have won the game)

"You can go back and look at any six or eight plays from last week where if we make one of them, the game is over. Today we were in a similar situation where we had an opportunity. And again, we made a decision to go after them and we weren't going to sit back and be passive and they make the play. It's just frustrating when you have the opportunity and we just haven't been able to put the game away."

(On losing 2 weeks in a row in similar situations)

"I've been in a lot of games like today, where you're always concerned about whether you leave a team enough time on the clock for a two minute drive. We played very good defense all day and I've been in a number of games like today where you go down and score, yet in the NFL that ball can go up and down the field in a hurry in the two minute situation."

(On David Carr's performance)

"I thought he responded well. This was a top ten run defense and we felt we were going to have to mix the run with the pass against them, because you can't just throw on them, because they come with good pressure and they can make plays that way. After Jerome (Mathis) fumbled the punt, we put in Dominick Davis to field punts for us and he did a good job there."

LB Morlon Greenwood

(On playing another team with a poor record)

"Last week against St. Louis, we played an overall good team game, but we just came up short. We had a little bit of momentum even though everyone was really hurt about the loss. We were starting to play as a team and we brought that into this game. Obviously, the same thing happened again today, we came up short. We're going to keep on fighting until the end, no matter what happens."

(On continuing to go out and compete)

"This is the NFL. No matter what the situation is, you have to go out and you have to compete and you have to play at a high level every single Sunday. I know the guys on this football team are good competitors and they're going to do it week in and week out regardless of the situation."

LB Shantee Orr

(On whether memories of St. Louis creeped in during last Ravens drive)

"We got to be able to make the plays at the end of the game and bring it home and that's what we haven't been able to do the last two weeks when we had the games won."

(On the all-out blitz calls)

"We just have to play the plays that are called and have enough confidence in our coaches. We trust in them and whatever they call, we try to make the best of it."

(On tough loss for second straight week)

"It hurts. It hurts to be this close two weeks in a row. We pretty much had the games won. To have it wrapped up and to have it taken away from you..."

WR Jabar Gaffney

(On Houston's ability to find holes in Ravens' secondary)

"We were able to execute a little bit today against the style they played. We put together a couple of things and it was working for the most part out there."

(On whether they felt they could steal a win from another team with poor record)

"They have a very talented group. Looking at their tapes, a couple of series here and there, they could very easily be 8-3 before this game instead of 3-8. They've been on the unfortunate side of things, but they have a lot of talent over there and it's surprising their record is what it is."

(On feeling the need to compete even in tough times)

"That's the name of the game. We get paid to go out there and perform. That's what we have to do each and every week, no matter what our record is, so we'll come back next week, go after Tennessee and try to get a win."

WR Andre Johnson

(On the incompletion in the end zone)

"I saw the ball coming low and I kind of went down for it. But at the same time I kind of misjudged it because it was a little higher than I thought it was. And as I was going down for it, it hit me right on my shoulder pad. Sometimes things like that happen, but you can't let it get you down. I was able to come back and make another play to put us in scoring position. Once it happened I was pretty hurt about it, but I came back and made another play. Those are things that you can't let get you down when you're playing the game." (On his mental reaction to the drop)

"It was something I knew I couldn't let get me down. I feel real bad about that happening. You know, sometimes things happen, but I was determined to come back and make a play, so I made the play on the sidelines to put us in scoring position. But I do wish I could have made that play."

(On whether they still should have won the game)

"Yeah, I mean, everybody here feels that way. But who knows what could have happened if some plays were made. But we can't really point those fingers. We didn't come out on top again."

(On the game)

"They are a physical defense. We knew what we were coming up against. I think we went out and played well, but we just didn't score enough points."

QB David Carr

(On the Ravens' pressure)

"Early on, they did some stuff. These guys give you so many different looks. Then we settled down a little bit, we changed the protection to try and block their stuff up. It limited us in what we can do as far as routes. They did a good job in the beginning. We just didn't have too much success early as far as getting some things developed down the field. We didn't have the time or the ability to get it going. So we went to some quicker stuff, some roll outs trying to take the pressure off of the offensive line. We still have to find a way to hit some big plays. We hit a couple, but not enough. They're on of the best pass defenses as far as bringing certain pressures against your protections, and then just matching up in the secondary with your guys. They have the guys to match up like that. It was rough going there for a little while."

(On the close losses the last two weeks)

"It's hard because I'm on the sidelines too watching it happen. You feel for our defense because they played well the entire game. It's a tough way to lose a game two weeks in a row. You could write a book about it. Two weeks in a row in seven days to have things like that happen, it's tough. Especially in the situation we're already in, it makes it even harder."

(On the drive after the Adalius Thomas interception)

"We were down on offense. They just had the interception and ran it back. The guys never stopped fighting, they never quit. We had a good return. We made a couple plays. Guys stepped up in that situation. We got the field goal from Kris (Brown), a great kick. A lot of these guys refuse to lose the game. We were out there battling with these guys. There's really not much you can say. All the stuff's going to have to be done tomorrow."

(On the Adalius Thomas interception)

"I was looking down the field getting ready to dump it to Domanick (Davis). We were just trying to get a safe pass. That's what the wild thing is about that whole situation. We were just trying to dump one off and keep the clock running and see if we could get close to a first down. They got a hand on it and tipped it up, and that's it.

(On the game)

"That was a tough game. You're going to be in a couple of those every year. One or two where you're just scratching to get five or ten yards and maybe pop a big one in there, because their defense is so solid. And our defense played solid too. There were some ugly plays out there. We had some opportunities where we could have made some plays and didn't, and I'm sure they'd like to have some back. But in the end they were one play better than us. That was tough. I didn't lose any faith after they scored on the interception. We still felt like we had a chance to move the ball and make some plays. We thought it was a game winning field goal, and to lose it in the last 50 seconds, that's tough."

RB Domanick Davis

(On the loss)

"It's real frustrating. But you just have to keep your head up and keep working hard."

(On his rushing)

"The line did a great job blocking all day. Everybody played hard, and we did a great job running the ball. It's just tough when you don't win. Coming off a big game like that, that's the way it is. I think I touched the ball 29 times. I felt good. There was no reason for me not to play well. They (the offensive line) did their part, so it made it much easier for me to do my part."

(On the passing game)

"That was the plan. Come out passing the ball and try to open things up, and then get to the running game. That was the plan and that's what we went with."

(On returning punts)

"If that's what the team needs me to do, if they need me to go in there and catch some punts, I'm kind of used to it, and I just went in there to do it. I dropped one, but we got it back. The wind was kind of crazy, blowing to the left, and blowing down. That's the hardest time to catch punts. I knew how Jerome (Mathis) felt."

(On his game)

"Usually when you get over 100 yards you usually win. We just have to keep working hard, keep our heads up, and just try to finish teams off. We had it that close. We work hard, we practice hard all week, we were ready. The offensive line had many holes for me to choose from, and they got it done. It made my job much easier."

CB Dunta Robinson

(On the close loss)

"Once it happens one time you're like, 'OK, it won't happen again.' To come out here and let it happen again, it's the sickest feeling you can possibly have. It's bad, it's just real bad. Last week at least St. Louis could move the ball a little bit. This team (Ravens), they couldn't even move the ball on us. So for this to happen, it hurts a lot worse than it did last week."

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