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Texans post-game quotes

Head coach Dom Capers

(Opening statement) "I'm proud of the way our team played today. We are coming off of three heartbreaking last second losses in a row. We've gotten better and have become stronger because we've handled the disappointment of those losses in the right way. I think the true mark of a real man is how he picks himself up and battles back from adversity and I think that is what you saw out of our team today. Our team has improved and there is no question in my mind that we played our best football over the last two weeks. Our goal is to finish with our best two football games these next two football games. Today is certainly a positive step in the right direction and now we have to take it and build on it. We have a short week with Jacksonville coming in and playing them on Saturday, a division game against a very good Jacksonville team. I am proud of the way our team has hung together, pulled together, and continued to battle. I thought what you saw today was a result of them handling the last three close losses the right way."

(On defense setting the tone) "Well, the thing I liked about our defense today is that we were able to get pressure on the quarterback and we came up with some take-a-ways. Our defense has improved. In the last two games we've played our best defensive games. We knew this offense today was a different style of offense because they can throw the football. They were number one in the National Football League throwing the football coming in."

(On defense taking so long to get to this point) "Well number one, we have an awful lot of young players playing. These guys have gained experience and I think the experience is helping. When you look at our outside linebackers, they have been playing the best they've played in terms of getting pressure. Our defensive front is the veteran part of our team and they played extremely well over the last few weeks. I think our two young safeties have made a difference. To me, that is encouraging and makes you look forward to next year. The last three weeks our defense has played more like we can."

(On RB situation) "We hoped that Domanick would be able to go today. He obviously didn't practice all week; we took him out from practicing. He wanted to play but he just was not able to go. Jonathan, just like every time we call on him, stepped in and did a fine job today. We mixed Vernand (Morency) in there a little bit. I think Jonathan Wells deserves a lot of credit."

(On Vernand Morency) "You saw the one touchdown run he had. I think that's just an example of what he can give you."

QB David Carr

(On the feeling of winning) "It's about time we get our second win. It definitely feels better than if felt these last few weeks."

(On accused of losing on purpose) "All the work that we've been putting in the time and effort, I can't see any of the guys doing that on purpose. But at the same time losing isn't fun and makes football not fun. When you are not winning football games in the NFL, it's the worst job you can have. But when you are winning it's a lot of fun."

(On being concerned of Domanick Davis not playing) "Anytime Domanick goes down, Jonathan and those guys always step up and they play for us. Anytime you lose Domanick for an entire game you are going to be a little concerned about what might happen. But those guys stepped in and did a good job. The offensive line stepped up. They really were rolling in the first half. It was a good day to get that feeling in."

(On Jonathan Wells performance) "Jonathan is the 'big angry' that will deliver the blows as much as he can."

(On second half being nerve racking) "That was an ugly second half. As far as offense we couldn't get into a rhythm. We couldn't get anything going on the sidelines."

(On clock not working) "Well since we were hanging onto a lead, we weren't trying to think about it too much. But you kind of want to keep up on the time."

(On referees communication about the clock)  "They did a good job.  The head referee let me know how much time we had on the clock.  The play clock was working as a quarterback, that's really all you are worried about."

C Steve McKinney

(On today's offensive plan) "Our plan was to go out there and let David take charge of the offense. Coach Pendry would give him the formation, and then give him a play. David would then have the option to check out of it, and he could change the plays. Today, with the no huddle offense, David called a lot of plays at the line of scrimmage, and would check depending on what looks t he defense was giving us."

(On Carr calling plays at the line of scrimmage) "I think it helped us. When you're playing a defense like Arizona's, you never know what kind of look they're going to show up in. They are going to give you some weird looks, and they brought the safeties in. There were also a lot of times when they had nine guys in the box on us."

(On Arizona's defensive effort) "I thought they did a good job. They had a good scheme, and their scheme fits their talent level, and it makes it harder for us to block them because they are always moving."

(On winning second game of the season) "It's always great to win in this league, and you've got to savor each victory and enjoy it. Unfortunately, we have to go back to work on Tuesday. We only get one day to enjoy it, but we'll take it."

(On the success of the running game) "They really stepped up and ran well, making big plays. We were running the ball efficiently, and I believe we can run the ball o any defense. I thought they did a nice job today."

(On finishing the season strong) "We felt these last four weeks were games that we should have won. We always play well against Jacksonville, and I feel good about beating them this coming week here at home. Then we are going to head up to San Francisco, and we are going to try to finish out the season strong. Our goal is to finish the season on a three game winning streak."

(On Texans opportunity of drafting Reggie Bush) "If I was a fan, I'd be wanting the same thing. He's a heck of a player. I hope we keep on winning, and still have a shot at him."

CB Dunta Robinson

(On defensive effort) "You have to give a lot of credit to our defensive front because they were putting pressure on all three of their quarterbacks."

(On winning atmosphere today) "It feels so much better to come out with a win than losing a battle late in the fourth quarter. For people to come out today and support us like they did was a great feeling. It's so much better coming into the locker room with a win. It was like night and day coming in here. Everybody was smiling and it felt good. We just need to take this momentum into the next few weeks, and carry the momentum into next season."

Owner Bob McNair

(On getting the win) "I'm really happy for our team and our coaches. They've worked so hard and it's great to have a win."

(On what was different today) "In the first half we made very few mental errors. We managed the game well and we didn't defeat ourselves. That got us the big lead and gave us a cushion so we were able to finish the game off."

(On the win's impact on personnel decisions for next year) "We're going to look at the whole year, and these last games are part of it. That's why we're waiting."

(On quieting the talk of Reggie Bush) "I would expect that this will be the end of that conversation. At least I would hope so."

WR Jabar Gaffney

(On the Texans' no-huddle offense) "It worked pretty well. We were able to get up to the line of scrimmage more quickly, and David (Carr) made a lot of great checks. He got us into the right plays, and in the second quarter we really took advantage."

(On Carr having more play-calling latitude at the line of scrimmage) "We would love to see him do that more often. We get to line up, force the defense to show their hand, and we go from there. He can get us in the right play and put us in a situation where we can win."

(On getting the Texans' second win of the season) "It's a great feeling. After everything that's been going on, especially in these past three weeks, to come back and get a win feels very good."

(On the difference in play calling) "David seemed to have a good feel for the defense today. He was getting up to the line quickly and seeing what they were doing. After a couple of seconds, he would know their defense and call the right play. Nothing was different in the plays, just when we were calling them."

(On the recent innuendos that the Texans were trying to lose) "We're not trying to lose. We're going out there and fighting, we just weren't able to come up with the victories before. We showed today that we are trying to win. Our job is to go out there and win, and we want to win."

(On Dan Reeves) "We came to work all week just like he wasn't there. We went out there and played, and he wasn't even on anybody's mind."

TE Mark Bruener

(On Arizona's defense) "They were predictable with some of their blitzes and alignments, and I think David did an outstanding job of executing what we were asking him to do."

(On Carr's performance) "To put the onus on the quarterback like that and have him execute the way he did was very impressive. I knew that David had the talent to execute because I've seen him throughout the two years I've been here."

RB Jonathan Wells

(On his performance) "I wanted to come out today and get the run game going. I found out before the game that Domanick (Davis) wasn't able to play, and I wanted to be able to go out and run the ball like we had been. I went out there confident. I made some good plays and had some that I could have done better on. I'll be able to look at the tape tomorrow and make some corrections for next week."

(On the importance of the win) "We needed it. We've been working hard, regardless of what people might say. We never changed our work ethic. Things just haven't been working out for us this season as far as wins, but I can say every time I walk out of the locker room on Sunday that the guys played a hard and physical game. Today was no different, we just happened to get the win."

(On playing Jacksonville next week) "Jacksonville is always one of our more physical games. We love playing them and they love playing us. We'll take a day off and enjoy this win, then come Tuesday it's all about Jacksonville."

(On the team's improvement over the past few games) "We've continued to play hard, we've gotten better, and we've gotten more competitive. We definitely think that things are going up around here, and we're happy to be a part of it."

(On his mindset about starting) "I prepare for every game like I'm a starter. As the backup running back, I've got to be prepared."

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