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Houston Texans

Texans' post-practice comments

Head coach Gary Kubiak and other players spoke to the media Saturday following the team's morning workout.

**Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on today's transactions) **"We let Seth Wand go. He'll be on the waiver wire this afternoon. We will place Domanick Davis on IR (injury reserve) this afternoon. That's how we'll get to 53 this afternoon."

(on the deadline to make waiver claims) "Eleven tomorrow morning is our deadline to make claims."

(on whether he has seen anything he likes on the waiver wire yet) "There are a couple names that have come up, but nothing for us to go make some drastic moves right now."

(on if T Ephraim Salaam will rotate between tackle spots) "Ephraim Salaam will be our swing (tackle). But Eric (Winston) has the ability to do that. He has some time to grow up as far as the mental aspect of the game and knowing both sides of the ball. Ephraim earned that job, and through his years of experience he's the best guy for that job right now."

(on the decision to release T Seth Wand) "First off, we started over with Seth this year. You know that. And I think that (assistant head coach) Mike Sherman and (offensive line coach) John Benton did a heck of a job with him. He made a lot of progress, but he's still got another step he's got to take as a player. And I'm telling you the same thing I told the kid this morning. He knows what he's doing. He's very athletic. The key to him becoming a day-in, day-out player in this league is being more physical. He knows that. Like I told him, if something doesn't work out for him, he's a guy you welcome back in a heartbeat and love to go back to work with and take another off-season to teach him what you do and get stronger. Because he's a great kid. We just felt like the best thing to do for our team right now is use Ephraim as our swing guy."

(on whether he is happy about the decision made on RB Domanick Davis) "I'm not glad about the way it panned out. He's done everything he can do. It's been disappointing for him and disappointing for everybody. There was no doubt in my mind mentally and physically that he was ready to go on the opening day of camp. And then, to have that type of setback has been frustrating for everybody involved. But I think the process has been right by him, it's been right by the club, it's a mutual feeling that this is the best thing for him. It gives him a chance to relax and get him on a rehab program for a good nine months, seven-right months, and look toward his future and try to get back to be where he was physically so that he can come back and play this game, because he loves to play. It's killing him. But he knew that this is the best thing for him."

(on if he thinks Davis is relieved)"It probably is a relief a little bit, I'm sure. But it's disappointing because I know he was really looking forward to playing."

(on why the team practiced today) "I wanted to work them today. Our team is not totally set. There will still be some activity on our team here in the next two days. We have a practice squad to set. We're going to use Tuesday as an extra, Wednesday, an extra day of practice in preparation for the game. I want them to get a break, get away from here. We talked a little Philly this morning, not much. I just wanted to get them out here and get them sweating today."

(on if the Texans will use all eight practice squad spots)"Oh yeah, no doubt."

**Running back Domanick Davis

(on being place on the Reserve/Injured List for the season)**  "It's sad (that) I won't be here in light of what is going on, because I feel that the team is going to be very good this season.  I'd love to be part of it, but right now I have to get myself together.  I'm glad they supported me.  They felt good about what I have done in the past and what I can do.  Being put on IR, now I just have to take the time and let mother nature do what she needs to do, and just come back right and get it ready."

(on how the meeting with head coach Gary Kubiak and general manager Rick Smith went) "Well, we just sat down, myself, the coaches, the GM, the doctors, and (Head Athletic Trainer) Kevin Bastin, and they just wanted to see how I was feeling, to get it from me with the doctor a little bit.  We just came to this decision that this was best for me to do."

(on whether it is a bit of a relief to have something decided) "Yeah, that is what it is.  It is more that than anything.  It was hard just standing there watching practice and games.  I'm seeing that the outlook (for the team) is looking real, real good, and I couldn't contribute.  Now a decision has been made, and now I can set my mind on getting myself back as soon as possible to be ready for next year."

(on whether he will say anything to the new running backs)  "Yeah, we spoke, and those guys are ready.  They are falling into a great situation.  The next guy just has to step up.  I hope they make the most of it.  When I come back I don't expect anybody to give me anything; I expect to work my way up from the bottom."

*(on what his rehabilitation will be like) *"Well, I'm not sure.  Right now, just get away, clear my mind, and just put my leg up.   I'm not going to do anything.  I'm going to just let it heal, and that's it before I start to do anything or get with someone to help me get it right." 

**Quarterback David Carr

(on RB Domanick Davis being placed on IR) ** "You guys don't understand how much work he has put in to try and get back.  He and I have had five or six one-on-one conversations where he has been so frustrated he didn't know how to express it in words.  I feel bad for him.  He's been a friend since he got here.  Everyone on this team realizes how bad he wanted to get back.  It's just unfortunate he won't have a chance, but he'll be here next year."

(on T Seth Wand being released today) "Yeah, the linemen and I were sitting there this morning before our meetings and he just walked in and said, 'I'm done.'  It was shocking because that guy has been around here.  It's that time of year." 

**Running back Wali Lundy

(on how he felt once he officially knew he was on the roster) ** "It's a wonderful feeling.  You feel like you accomplished something.  But then you think and you know you have to go back to work.  We have our opening game coming up that we have to get ready for."

(on RB Domanick Davis being placed on IR) "It's hard for the team.  He's such a leader, and he's inspirational.  I'm praying for him and hoping that he recovers quickly.  We'll try to hold it down for him this year."

(on how Domanick Davis has helped him progress as a running back) "He has helped me a lot, just being out there and knowing my assignments and knowing how to pick up blitzes.  He knows the game.  He's done it before, so when he says something I listen."

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