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Texans Q&A: Amobi Okoye


Defensive tackle Amobi Okoye answered fan questions about how he feels he has progressed in his second season.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): What has been the greatest moment of your NFL career so far? (Kelly Moran; Houston, TX)

Amobi Okoye: Probably last week going to Green Bay and then winning in Lambeau Field and coming away with a victory in such a cold temperature. Me and the cold, we don't get along. So, just going there and actually getting the victory was great, it was a good feeling.

Brooke Bentley: Coach said he's never seen a locker room so excited as the Texans after that game. It was pretty neat.

Amobi Okoye: Oh yeah, you know when you get a win like that you have to get excited and just go nuts.

Brooke Bentley: What is the toughest offensive line that you have faced in your career? (Kelly Moran; Houston, TX)

Amobi Okoye: The toughest offensive line? I probably have to go back to my rookie year. I don't know if it was just because I was a rookie, but the Cowboys. Man, those boys are just big. Big and a little bit more athletic than most would think, so I have to give it to Dallas.

Brooke Bentley: You grew up in Nigeria. Did you play football there or did you get your start here in the USA? (Kelly Moran; Houston, TX)

Amobi Okoye: I knew nothing about football in Nigeria. I just saw it on film and thought people were crazy and trying to kill each other. So, I learned everything from here when I was in Alabama.

Brooke Bentley: How do you feel like you've played in your second year and did you meet your expectations? (Rob; Minneapolis, MN)

Amobi Okoye: Statistically, we all know I had a bad year statistically. Play-wise, I've been happy with my play. Not the first three games of the year, or actually the first two games of the year, but after that I felt like things started picking up the I wanted it to. Then, unfortunately, I had the injury and I'm still battling with that. But I'm just looking forward to finishing these three games, and hopefully I can help my play statistically-wise as far as that goes.

Brooke Bentley: People don't realize how hard it is to overcome a high ankle sprain. Those things really last and nag you through the season.

{QUOTE}Amobi Okoye: Oh yeah. It's not going to get healthy until you're done playing. So, I'm not looking forward to being 100 percent until way, way, way in the offseason.

Brooke Bentley: He wants to know what do you think has been different with the defense and why have they been more aggressive recently? (Brett Sunshine; Lubbock, TX).

Amobi Okoye: Just wanting it more - wanting it more, the playing calling, just guys playing their butts off. I think that's what it's been the last couple of games.

Brooke Bentley: The Texans defense has done a lot better against the run recently. What have you guys been doing upfront? (Ted; New York, NY)

Amobi Okoye: Upfront, we just took it upon ourselves amongst each other that we've got to get it done. We've just got to get it done. So, it's doing more and doing your job and more. Sometimes you've just have to do your job and then sometimes you have to do your job and more. So, we're at the stage where we've got to do our job and more.

Brooke Bentley: You're going to have to do it more and more against the Tennessee Titans because they have a great two-headed monster in Chris Johnson and LenDale White.

Amobi Okoye: Oh yeah. Their running game might as well be arguably the best running game in football right now. We've just got to do a good job. Hands down. We've just got to do a good job at stopping the run and having Kerry Collins throw the ball.

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