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Texans Q&A: DeMeco Ryans


Linebacker DeMeco Ryans answered fan questions about the Texans' defensive schemes as the team gets ready to play the Colts.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): It seems like the defense has not been blitzing that often, either on run blitzes or in passing situations. Is this something that you would like to do more of? (Steve Dent; Media, Pennsylvania)

DeMeco Ryans: Of course as a linebacker, we love blitzing. So anytime our number is called, we love it. It gives you no responsibilities – you're just going as fast as you can through a gap and just blitzing, just trying to tear something up. So, we love blitzing as a defense, but those calls are on Richard (Smith), our defensive coordinator.

{QUOTE}Brooke Bentley: It seems like during part of the season you weren't 100 percent physically, but against Baltimore you looked great. How are you feeling? (Steve Dent; Media, Pennsylvania)

DeMeco Ryans: I'm a little banged up this season, banged up with the ankle and shoulder injuries. But I just keep pushing through. You're never 100 percent playing in this game; you'll never be 100 percent. But it's football, you have to be tough to play it. so I just continue to push through all the injuries.

Brooke Bentley: You look like the inspirational leader of the defense. How are you trying to lead the team and how are you feeling out there health-wise? (Dennis Maroney; Debrecen, Hungary)

DeMeco Ryans: Me leading the defense, I'm just always out there trying to keep the guys pumped up, keep them in tune with what's going on, alert them of certain situations out there on the field – what kind of plays we should be expecting to get, just keeping the guys upbeat, keeping the high energy going. Because when we have high energy, on defense we can go out there and we can do anything if our energy is right. So, my job is to keep the guys pumped up and keep all the checks in the right place."

Brooke Bentley: This will be out first visit to the Colts' new stadium, Lucas Oil. Of all the stadiums you have played in as a pro, which one has been your favorite to play in? (Brian LaMarque)

DeMeco Ryans: I like playing in Oakland because the fans are so crazy and into it. So, I like playing in Oakland.

Brooke Bentley: Finally, Peyton Manning makes all those gestures and hand motions at the line of scrimmage. What do pro defenders around the league think of all that? (anonymous fan)

DeMeco Ryans: He's a coach out there on the field, so he's lining his guys up. They run a no-huddle offense, so he gets them up to the line of scrimmage real fast. And he's telling them which routes to run or what run play to run. He's putting his guys in the right position. Pretty much whatever defense you're in, he's going to put them in the right place to try to beat your defense. It's good to have a guy like Peyton on your team because he's such a smart guy.

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