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Texans Q&A: Dunta Robinson


Cornerback Dunta Robinson answered fan questions about returning from his injury and his hairstyle of choice.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): Question number one is more of a statement: Many players who endure an injury like you had last season will never be able to return to professional sports. I'm amazed by all that you've gone through and how you've come back so quickly. Who do you go to for inspiration? (Jeff Dent)

Dunta Robinson: I just mainly pull from my dad who grew up without a mother and a father and he still made it. So, he's my inspiration. It let's me know that anything is possible if you just put in the right amount of work, and that's what I did. I just went out there and worked as hard as I possibly could, didn't have any doubts when it was all over. I just didn't want it to be a situation where I said, 'OK, well maybe if I had done this more, I would probably be a little better.' I went out and gave it everything I had and in the end, you have no doubts and you feel good about what you've done and you get back to doing what you love. And that's what I'm doing now.

{QUOTE}Brooke Bentley: How did it feel to come back and hear the stadium so loud when you returned this season? (Clara; Richmond, TX)

Dunta Robinson: I'd say besides probably my kids being born and being drafted, that was probably number three on my all time list so far. It was wonderful feeling because you never know how much people appreciate you until you're gone. And once I came out of the tunnel and I heard the roar from the crowd, it just sent chills through my body and it just gave me an unbelievable feeling. It was a great day and I had a lot of fun on that day, definitely.

Brooke Bentley: Just watching you come out of the tunnel, just jumping around like crazy, it was a defining moment for this team this season.

Dunta Robinson: It was a lot of fun. I wasn't trying to make a statement. I was just happy to be back out on the football field. I know a lot of guys asked what I was going to do when I came out the tunnel. I was like, 'I don't know.' That was the first thing that came to my mind. Really, I didn't think. I just reacted. Just jumping, I was so happy to be coming out of the tunnel again in uniform that my emotions just took over.

Brooke Bentley: You're my favorite corner in the NFL. I play corner in high school. What does it take to play at the next level? (Reggie Johnson; Navasota, TX)

Dunta Robinson: At the next level, you just have to continue to take coaching and never be satisfied with what you do out on the field. Always know and always think that you can get better, just go out and compete as hard as you can everyday. When you're in practice, go with the best receiver on your team and always try to make plays. The main thing you have to have is confidence to be a good player. If you have that confidence, you'll be fine. Things won't always go your way, but it's how you overcome it that defines you as a player."

Brooke Bentley: It seems like it's really hard as a corner to know when to turn and know whether to watch the receiver or watch the ball. Can you go through that? (Larry Ortega)

Dunta Robinson: Yeah, it's complicated because quarterbacks are so good. A lot of the time they try to throw the ball to the sideline where receivers will set you up and they'll kind of fade in the last moment because the quarterback is going to put the ball right on the sideline where only the receiver can get the ball. So, things I try to look out for is I try to read the receiver's eyes. When you're running with them sometimes, they're eyes will get real big when the ball is coming. That can be your cue to turn around. Also, the crowd will let you know. The crowd, they'll either gasp when the ball is coming when you're at home or they'll cheer if you're away. So, you have to listen for those things. There's some real particular things you have to listen for and that will let you know when you need to turn around."

Brooke Bentley: Why don't you go by your name Willie (Lily and Kelly; Houston, TX)

Dunta Robinson: Well, actually the story, my father's name is Willie. My mom didn't want to name me Willie. Dunta was her name for me, and Willie was my father's name for me. But my mom said, 'OK, we'll name him Willy, but we're not going to call him Willie. We're going to call him Dunta.' So, ever since I can remember, people have always called me Dunta. So, its kind of something I grew up with and just kind of something I go off.

Brooke Bentley: Well, their last question, which I really want to know too, the burning question: Have you ever played without dreads? (Lily and Kelly; Houston, TX)

Dunta Robinson: Oh yeah. I've only had dreads since, what, 2005. I played with an afro for a lot of years. When I played little league football, back then the high top fade was in so I had the real hot box. Then once I got to high school, it was the afro. And I played with the afro all the way up until 2005. That's when I locked my hair out, and now I'm playing with the dreads."

Brooke Bentley: Are the dreads here to stay?

Dunta Robinson: Yeah, the dreads are here to stay, until they fall out. Hopefully, I'll be old and gray by that time.

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