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Texans Q&A: Kevin Walter


Wide receiver Kevin Walter answered fan questions about earning starting duties in the Texans' offense.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): So far, what is your greatest NFL moment? (Jose Moreno)

Kevin Walter: In Cincinnati in '05 when we went to the playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers the year they went to the Super Bowl, I had a pretty good game in that playoff game. Personally, I think I had five or six catches for almost 100 yards. That was a lot of fun. But this year, going out there and scoring two touchdowns last week against Jacksonville was definitely up on my list. It's just going out there and making plays week in and week out.

{QUOTE}Brooke Bentley: Do you feel like you earned your way onto the field by playing special teams? (Anonymous fan)

Kevin Walter: Yeah, no doubt about it. Coming in as a seventh-round pick, obviously I wasn't in the starting rotation right away. I had to earn my way to get up there, and obviously to get on the field you need to play special teams. You can't just be on the sidelines dressed not doing anything. I love playing special teams. Back in Cincinnati, I took pride in doing that and I still take pride in doing that. You definitely have to go out there and produce on special teams and mold your way into being a receiver.

Brooke Bentley: Have you been surprised by the emergence of rookie Steve Slaton? (Anonymous fan)

Kevin Walter: I'm not surprised because when he came in here we knew he was quick and we knew what he was all about. It's kind of surprising as a rookie he comes in here and he's not acting like a rookie. He comes around and flies. He knows what he's doing. He flies around and makes plays. He's got good feet like LaDainian Tomlinson. I'm not saying he is LT, but he's got feet like him. He's a special player.

Brooke Bentley: After high school, it seems like there is a lot of emphasis placed on 40-yard dash times. What was your time and how important is that in college? (Justin; Silsbee, TX)

Kevin Walter: I ran a pretty good 40 coming out of college. I ran a 4.4. I'm not a 4.3- or 4.2-guy, like some guys are, but I think it's important. You've go to run fast. But as a receiver, it's not all about vertical speed. There are some guys that can run a 4.1 or 4.2 that can't catch the ball and can't run routes. It's all about creating separation from the defender. I think the 40 is important, but there is a lot more to it than a 40-yard dash.

Brooke Bentley: What do you think about the improved Miami defense?

Kevin Walter: I think they are good. They rally around 55, Joey Porter. That guy is going to be out there from the start of the game talking, yelling, talking stuff to us, but we've got to get our hands on him. We've got to play physical with him. I think if he doesn't make plays, I think that defense is going to struggle. We've got a great game plan for these guys. If we go out there like we did last week or the week before and we're going to continue to run the ball and make plays, I don't think it should be a close game.

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