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Texans Q&A: Kris Brown


Kicker Kris Brown has led the Texans in scoring in every year of the franchise's existence. He answered fan questions about the secrets to his success.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): What has been the biggest moment in your career with the Texans? (Gretchen Prieto)

Kris Brown: Well, Gretchen, my biggest moment as a Texan, career moment probably would have been the Miami game last year having a chance to kick five field goals and obviously the big one at the end of the game. It was pretty exciting.

Brooke Bentley: A 57-yarder and you set an NFL record. That's not too bad.

Kris Brown: Right, that's definitely got to be my career highlight so far as a Texan.

{QUOTE}Brooke Bentley: How do you mentally prepare for each game? And do you ever get nervous before a big kick? (Missy from Houston)

Kris Brown: Well Missy, I think that really, for me, the way I prepare mentally for a game is I listen to some music and once the game starts, I really just try to enjoy the game, enjoy playing on the field. I really don't get too nervous during the game or before a big kick. I just try to go through my routine and that usually takes care of the nerves."

Brooke Bentley: Do you pick a spot, because I've heard kicker's say they pick a spot and that's what they aim at?

Kris Brown: Yeah, I pick a target that's through the uprights, generally something that's pretty big and visual for me to remember and that's what I'm actually kicking the ball to.

Brooke Bentley: What is the most hostile stadium to kick a field goal in? (Anonymous fan)

Kris Brown: Definitely Oakland. They are just different group of fans there but definitely Oakland.

Brooke Bentley: It is a different breed in Oakland. I didn't realize that until we traveled there last season.

Kris Brown: Definitely. They're passionate about the Raiders. It's unlike any other scene driving into that stadium other than anywhere else in the league.

Brooke Bentley: Well, this fan also writes in: It looked like there were some snapping issues at the beginning of the season. How do you work through that? (Anonymous fan)

Kris Brown: Well, I think that for me as a kicker, generally I don't really pay attention to the snap per say. So, I don't really ever notice the snap. I have to actually see it on film after the film or we'll go over to the sideline and somebody might say something to me. So, I usually don't know about until after the fact. I usually focus on my spot and go through my routine. Bryan (Pittman) has been really good since we've been here. He did go through a couple of games where he had a couple snaps that were not his normal self. But he's worked through it and again; that's part of being an athlete. Sometimes you go through some down time a little, but you just have to keep at it and keep going."

Brooke Bentley: And Matt Turk. A great holder, that helps too.

Kris Brown: Absolutely. It really helps when you have a holder like Matt too.

Brooke Bentley: What team did you cheer for when you were growing up? (Juan Moreno)

Kris Brown: Well, I hate to admit it and it's probably going to catch me a lot of criticism but I grew up in Dallas. So I was a Dallas Cowboy fan.

Brooke Bentley: As a die hard Texans fan from day one, how does a fan stay sane in the Dallas Cowboys infested area in which I now live? Do you have any tips? (Lonnie)

Kris Brown: What we have done with my family and my kids and my wife, is anytime we see the Cowboys or we drive past Texas Stadium, we just boo. That's just how we do it. We just boo and you just get accustomed to doing that. That helps you, especially if you are living in Dallas. Anytime you see the logo, hear the name, see Texas stadium, just boo and you'll be fine.

Brooke Bentley: You maybe can do that at Sportscenter since that seems to be all that they run is Dallas.

Kris Brown: If they're on Sportscenter, just change the channel for five minutes and then turn back and you'll be fine.

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