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Texans Q&A: Steve Slaton


Running back Steve Slaton has rushed for 645 yards since Nov. 16, which ranks second in the NFL over that time span.

Running back Steve Slaton ranks seventh in the league in rushing with 1,190 yards per game. He answers questions about facing the another hot rookie running back, Matt Forte, who ranks eighth with 1,188 ypg.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): Thanks for your incredible performances on the field this year. I drafted you in the first round of two fantasy leagues and you came through big time. How did you handle the transition from college to the NFL so well? (Keith Anding)

Steve Slaton: Just hard work. I think coaches are definitely a big part and the players, too. They've all been rookies at one time. So they knew what I was going through and helped me out with the things that I needed.

Brooke Bentley: Keith read an article that Eric Winston had contributed to and it said that Dan Riley really has such a great strength and conditioning program and it has really helped him. How much has the strength and conditioning program helped you hold up so well during the season?

Steve Slaton: It helped out a lot. I think one of the biggest points besides the coaches. It's a long season and the season takes a toll on your body, hitting week in and week out and just coming in the day after games and lifting and just knocking out the soreness is definitely a plus. (Keith Anding)

Brooke Bentley: A lot of fans don't realize that not only do you run the ball, but you contribute in pass protection.

Steve Slaton: Yeah, it definitely is. There are a lot of big guys out there that want to take a shot at you.

Brooke Bentley: You were drafted in the third round, which was a total steal for the Texans. Are you proud of the fact that you were perhaps one of the biggest steals of the draft or do you wish you were drafted in the first round?

Steve Slaton: Everybody wishes they were drafted in the first round, but to come in and make an impact like I have is just a blessing. To be (drafted) in the third round, that really doesn't matter. As long as I'm here, I'm happy.

Brooke Bentley: When you're ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in rushing, that pretty much makes a statement for itself.

Steve Slaton: Yeah, a lot of hard work and a lot of love goes to my teammates.

Brooke Bentley: So many people thought you deserved to go to the Pro Bowl. Do you feel like you were snubbed this year? (Clara Davis)

Steve Slaton: I think it's an honor just to be mentioned. I really didn't have the hopes of going this year and just to be mentioned is definitely a positive. So, hopefully, next year I can do it again and be able to go next year.

Brooke Bentley: How does it feel to be the only running back in the league to rush for over 100 yards against the Titans? (Kelly and Lily; Houston, TX)

Steve Slaton: It feels good. I think our team has done the best. Hopefully, we can be the only team that has a good game against them all year.

Brooke Bentley: You have another big rookie running back coming to town, that's Matt Forte. Do you feel any extra pressure facing off against another great rookie. You showed up Chris Johnson. Now, how do you feel about showing up Matt Forte?

Steve Slaton: I don't feel any pressure. I mean, this is a team sport and I know that if I do well and my numbers are better than his, then the likelihood I would win it is pretty good.

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