Texans quotes (10/13)

Head coach Dom Capers

(on David missing practice) "I think David does a good job mentally of staying involved and everything. He does a good job studying the tape."

(on bigger receivers going against smaller cornerbacks) "I think it is timing. A lot of these 5'-10" corners have tremendous jumping ability. You'd have to hope they make up because of their athletic ability and their ability to time things and their vision and anticipation."

(on wide receiver Derick Armstrong) "I think he's always been a good eye-hand-coordination athlete. He did a really nice job last year catching the ball on the practice field. I think he knows more about the system now in terms of being more precise in his routes and the timing of things, all those things just because the amount of work that he has. I think you can see that start to pay dividends for him."

(on the Titans and running back Chris Brown) "You didn't have to look very hard Monday night to see they were a dangerous team. They had the Packers down 17-0 before the game got going really. (Chris) Brown was a big part of that. He has the speed that if you make a mistake or miss a tackle he can take it the distance."

LB Kailee Wong

(on Chris Brown) "He definitely is a threat to take one to the house. He's a very fast guy. You see that on film. The running style, or the running game, is the same, but he has the ability to take it the distance."

(on Steve McNair and Daunte Culpepper) "They're both great quarterbacks. You're talking about a co-MVP this week. He's a great quarterback. You have to stay disciplined. You have to stay in coverage and you have to do a good job in rush lanes. He's always a threat to make some kind of big play out of nothing."

(on the Titans running a wide receiver pass against the Packers) "Every team has gadgets and they're no exception. We've see them before, we have to always prepare for them but as long as you hold to your rules and the techniques that you have you can fight your way through them."

(on lifting the overall defensive rankings) "The biggest thing in the wins that we have you saw when we get turnovers and get off the field on third down our rankings are going to climb. That's really what we have to focus on and as long as we do that we'll be fine."

QB David Carr

(on if the Titans are vulnerable after a big win) "I don't think vulnerable is the right word. They got after Green Bay from what I saw Monday night. We've got a tough task for us. Anytime you play against someone from your division that you see two times a year and I've played against them four times already, it's never an easy game at all. It's always a physical football team. Whenever we play Tennessee I'm always sore the next day."

(on missing practice with injuries) "You try not to miss anything to tell you the truth. I'm probably more focused on not missing a rep. I watch every quarterback that runs in there that's running our offense. I'm paranoid about that, about missing something. Hopefully this week it can be the same thing as last week where I go in and as focused as I was last week on trying to catch the plays that I'm' going to miss and I'll be alright."

CB Aaron Glenn

(on the importance of the game) "Every game is a must win for us. We're not even talking about playoffs right now. That's a statement that goes over my head right now as far as playoffs. Right now we're just trying to get as many wins as we can. I think that's more important than anything."

DE Robaire Smith
(on going from a 4-3 to a 3-4)
"I think the hardest part of going from a 4-3 to a 3-4, is me moving from tackle to end. I have had to see more blocks dealing with the tackles and tight end than I've had to in the past. That is the biggest adjustment as far as scheme wise. I've had to study more to get it going."

(on the Texans run defense ranked 25th and it taking time) "Without a doubt. You have to do different stuff in the game. When you are trying to stop the pass more, you are going to be lighter on the run. Either way it goes, you are going to be light somewhere in the game. Up front we are playing pretty good, we have to get on the same page and try to get people stopped. "

(on looking forward to play the Titans) "It isn't about me coming back and playing against my old team. I go in heavily prepared. I am looking to play against whoever. I am looking to play my best week in and week out. It is not just playing the Titans where I will look forward to playing harder. I go out there and play hard every week."

(on an advantage of playing against your old team) "I don't think it's too much of an advantage because you still have to stop them. It is all about who goes out there and performs the best. It's about who has the best technique, who does the best things. For instance, with me going to against Brad (Hopkins), it is who is going to come out and do the best that day is who is going to win. There is nothing to look forward to; we have to be prepared this week."

(on the Titans defense missing him) "I think some of the guys are playing their best. I watch just about every game if I can catch it on TV or I always watch it on film here. I think Albert (Haynesworth), KC (Kevin Carter), and Carlos (Hall); I think they are playing good up front. I see that Rien (Long) has been working on his game a lot and he is looking way better, 10 times better than he did last year. I know with those guys it is all about getting comfortable. With me being there, I know it is all about getting comfortable and getting in the zone."

(on what sold Smith to head to Houston) "It was the opportunity. Like you said, the team is still building and the team is still young. I figured I could come in here and make a mark and start my own thing in here. Not just me being the main focus on defense. Coming in, for myself, being able to come in and make a statement and be an impact player. I figured this was the place to be."

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