Texans quotes (10/6)

Head Coach Dom Capers

(on why the Vikings have trouble on road) "Certain teams, if you're in an indoor stadium on turf, you get comfortable with that. Your team is sometimes built according to that. I've spent time in my career at New Orleans and the dome over there. Anytime you play in a dome it's going to be loud and you're playing on artificial turf, those are two factors. But to speak in terms of how you do when you're on the road and you play on grass or in an open air stadium, I don't know."

(on covering Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss) "Well we have different coverage schemes where (Aaron Glenn and Dunta Robinson) will play left and right or they'll flip and match. One thing about a team like Minnesota is you can't do just one thing against them."

(on Minnesota quarterback Daunte Culpepper) "The thing about (Daunte) Culpepper is he's such a big, strong athletic guy. He can move around back there and buy time until your coverage breaks down and he can throw the ball to any place on the field."

(on Moss' ability) "When you look at Randy Moss if he's not the best, he's one of the top two or three in terms of being able to take and change a game in one play. The guy is extremely talented. He's really good when the ball is in the air because he's got good size. He'll change gears. He's got a second gear where he can accelerate and go get the ball with tremendous hands and body control."

QB David Carr

(on the Texans) "Our team's excited. I think we're playing pretty good. We can obviously play a lot better, so hopefully we'll do that this week."

(on being on track to throw for more than 4,000 yards this season) "If you look at it, I think our yards per attempt is something like nine yards. In this offense it's going to be like that. You're going to put it down the field and give guys a chance to make plays. You don't have to throw it 40 times a game to get those yards. As long as we can keep our running game consistent like it was last week and show teams that we will come in and run the football then our passing game should be like it has been."

RB Tony Hollings

(on having three capable running backs) "If we have all three backs healthy it gives the defense something to worry about ... there's a lot of things we can do with all three of us that can go out and make this offense effective.

C Steve McKinney

(on the Texans confidence level) "When you can go into a game and be prepared mentally to win it at the very end and then go down and actually do it, your confidence as a team goes up so much. When you step out on that field in two-minute drives knowing you've done it before, it makes it a lot easier to do it again."

(on the Texans accomplishments while getting to 2-2) "If you look at us the last two weeks, we've done things we've never done as an organization. We went into the fourth quarter down by seven and came out on top (at Kansas City) and this last week protected the lead by driving the ball 80 yards and taking seven and half minutes off the clock. Those are two things as an organization we've never been able to do. That makes all the difference. When you can do that, the sky's the limit. When you get into a situation where you have to do something and the other team knows what you're doing and you still do it, that's when you know you're becoming a good football team."

RB Jonathan Wells

(on keeping the ball away form Minnesota's offense) "We're going to definitely have to run the ball and keep the ball in our hands and keep the ball away from those guys over there. They're explosive offense so we're definitely going to have to go out and run the ball and run some clock."

LB Antwan Peek

(on stopping the run) "What helps us out a lot is they've got a couple of their running backs out for this week. That's a help. Pretty much we have to stop the run. You can't win ball games without stopping the run because the running game takes a lot of the time off. We just got to force them to pass and hopefully we can get that done."

CB Dunta Robinson

(on Randy Moss) "I know what's he's capable of doing. I've seen him make the best DB's look silly. We've got a game plan. We've got to stick with what the coaches have laid out for us to do and we just got to go out there and execute."

(on being in awe of some of the game's great receivers like Jerry Rice) "Before I stepped onto the field with all those guys I thought it would be (special). But once I get out on the field I realize I have a job to do and I try not to even worry about that. It's good to see those guys, I mean it's amazing to be on the same field and be in the same places as those guys but once that clock starts running I'm not thinking about that period."

CB Aaron Glenn

(on Randy Moss) "He's a guy we have to look at and see what we can do to eliminate him from making big plays."

(on getting physical with Moss) "That five-yard rule helps also. I don't know. On film you see some guys get their hands on him. He gets those calls a lot. You got to just pick your chances when you do want to do that because sometimes it can backfire on you."

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