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Texans quotes (12/1)

QB David Carr

(on the Jets defense) "Their front seven is really good. It's probably the best front four we'll play all year so our offensive line is going to be challenged this week. What we have to do is run the ball effectively just like we want to do every week. This is probably one of the most important games where we can't get into an obvious passing situation because their front four can disrupt the entire football game if you don't keep them off balance."

(on getting tight ends like Billy Miller involved in the offense) "A lot of teams the last couple weeks have been doubling (Andre Johnson), doubling our receivers. We've had to use the tight ends a lot more in pass protection than we have in the pass so it's really been an uphill battle for us. Getting (Miller) involved and keeping the game to where we can still use the tight ends and use the rollouts and the boot legs and stuff to where they were involved it really helped our offense and we were able to come back using those guys."

(on Domanick Davis) "He's healthy. I say that first of all. Just to see him on the practice field, he's running around better than he has all year. Then, the other thing is he's probably forgotten that he's fumbled a couple of times. It's been a couple weeks since he's done that. You run different I guess when you drop the ball a couple of times, I can definitely see that as a player ... right now he isn't letting anything affect him he's just running hard."

FS Marcus Coleman

(on going back to New York) "It will be good to go back. It's where my career started. That's where I was drafted. I still know a lot of people up there. I have friends in the organization itself. It will be fun to go back and see all those people."

(on preparing for Chad Pennington and Quincy Carter at quarterback for the Jets) "The only difference is the mobility factor between Quincy and Chad. Other than that they're not going to change their offense for one guy. They're still going to run play action, boots and get the ball to Curtis (Martin)."

(on the feeling of playing in New York again) "I think it probably won't hit me until I get in there. Once I get back in there I'm sure it will be mixed feelings. Some people are going to want us back; some people are going to boo the hell out of us. I don't think it will come to the surface until I walk down the tunnel and step out on the field."

RB Domanick Davis

(on running against the Jets defense) "We have to run it. Every game we need to run the ball. That's the first thing we need to do, establish the running game and that opens up everything."

(on the improvement of the Texans running game) "Things weren't going our way at all. As far as the run is concerned it's everybody, the whole offense. It's not just one person in the line, not just the running back. No need to point fingers at anybody and say all kinds of crazy stuff. It's everybody as a team. Right now we're feeling comfortable with what we're doing and we've got it going the right way."

DE Robaire Smith

(on playing in New York) "I only played there once against the Jets but that crowd was pretty pumped up but it's nothing that we've never seen before so we're just going to go out there and compete."

(on Curtis Martin's longevity) "You've got a lot of guys as long as they stay in shape and do what they need to do during the offseason that can always come back and play. I'm quite sure there are a lot of guys that could have still played that retired ... look at Jerry Rice, look at guys like that just love to work out. You can tell Curtis Martin ain't no slouch."

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