Texans quotes (9/22)

Head Coach Dom Capers

(on David Carr) "David Carr was home today. He had a stomach virus so we felt it was important for him to stay at home. If he didn't stay home, the next thing you know we would have five guys who have a stomach virus. He'll be back at practice with us tomorrow."

(on the stomach viruses) "I've been around it before when it has happened. You don't want it to all of a sudden become an epidemic on your team. Hopefully this is an isolated case."

(on the Chiefs defense) "We want to go in there and play our best football game and take care of the things we can control. Arrowhead is a loud, tough stadium to go into. They have a tremendous record there. You see their defense play well at times, they've just been struck by the big play."

(on Dante Hall) "You never know. In here last year he had four fair catches and the one ball he did field he took back. There's a reason why he's been a Pro Bowl returner. He's a special guy every time he touches the ball, whether it's as a punt returner, kickoff reteuner and now he's starting and playing a lot at receiver. He's a dangerous guy because he's so elusive. He can turn a short pass into a touchdown very easily."

(on practice drills to eliminate turnovers) "We spent the normal time that we do. We try to emphasize with our guys on defense that we want them to strip the ball every time we hand the ball off or our receivers have the ball down field - that we want them punching at the football to make our offensive players conscious of locking that thing away and protecting it."

(on the Chiefs offensive line) "I think that's where their success on offense starts. This has been a top offensive teams for a number of years. It's because they have a veteran offensive line. These guys play extremely well together ... they're smart, they're physical and they're solid pass protectors."

LB Kailee Wong
(on preparing for the Chiefs with the possibility of RB Priest Holmes not playing) "We are definitely preparing like he's going to be in there. Even if he's not in there, they have good backups. It really doesn't change much. Of course, Priest Holmes is a great player. At the same time, they also have good players behind him."

(on if the Texans can cheat up and play the pass more if Holmes is out) "I definitely don't think that. It's that constant guessing game. They are going to say, ‘Hey, these guys might think that, but we're going to hit them right now with the draws, with the trap plays.' Like I said, they have capable runners behind (Holmes)."

(on Arrowhead Stadium) "It's a great place. There's no doubt about it. It's a great place to play. It's a tough place to play. It's a large stadium and they do a good job at getting rowdy."

(on the Chiefs offense) "It's tough because they're a great offense. Everyone has seen what they've been able to do and they have wide receivers that can make you miss and do things that can be very effective. We just have to go out there and really focus on us and play out techniques right and do our defenses."

(on why the team has had trouble getting off the field on third down) "It's a lot of things. There has been a lot of little breakdowns in us not getting off the field. It's not always the same guy. We all seem to be taking turns not doing exactly the way you're taught. If you do that, they find the exposed area."

(on how to overcome the team's difficulties) "I think the biggest thing is we have to focus on ourselves. We just have to really focus on what we need to do. We need to focus on getting off the field on third down, holding on to the ball and creating some turnovers on defense."

(on the Chiefs energy level) "They're going to come out excited and you can expect that from them. They're 0-2 and they're a very good team so I know they're going to try and rally right now."

TE Billy Miller
(on playing in Arrowhead Stadium) "It's awesome. I love it. I love playing in that environment. I love playing where everything is against you and the crowd is loud...I love their fans. They stay into (the game) and they are loud."

(on if it is time for the offense to panic) "No, because we are moving the ball. The offense, for the most part, is clicking. We've had some costly turnovers, but the offense is still moving the ball. Domanick Davis is getting his yards, the receivers are making the catches, we're still doing good things. But we have to take care of the little things, which have become big things."

RB Domanick Davis
(on what the team has to do to get that first win) "For us, we have to protect the ball. That is the main thing, first and foremost. It's hard to win games if you have a bunch of turnovers. I know I was a big part of the turnovers (last week). I had two myself. We just have to work on that. That's what I'm going to do."

(on how defenses will focus on him) "Everybody's going to come and try to strip it now. I'm like the main target. I know they're going to come after me and try to strip it as much as they can so I just have to protect it."

(on a sense of urgency) "You can sense it a little bit. We can win and we have the talent to do it. It's up to us as a team to put everything together and get this thing rolling the right way."

(on facing the Chiefs run defense) "We can do some things, but like I said if we protect the ball and do what we have to do, we can do some good things."

(on turnovers) "You can get all the yards and all the catches for however many yards but turnovers override everything so it's just like you never did it at all."

(on changing his style to help turnovers) "I'm not going to try and change anything. I can't. Because if I try to change what I've been doing that's will start happen. That's when I'll start doing things that I'm not used to doing."

DE Gary Walker

(on the Texans defensive line) "We've got the best defensive line here. That's all I'm saying. You play good offensive linemen every week in this league. We've got a good defensive line. I'll take our guys against anybody. Let's go."

(on playing in Arrowhead Stadium) "The fans are going to start cooking at seven in the morning and they're going to be there until one or two that night. They definitely have the support of the fans. It's a hostile environment. It's loud. This is probably the toughest road trip we'll have all year as far as fans and loudness of the stadium."

DE Robaire Smith

(on third down defense) "It's a lot of stuff we've got to do, it's not just pressure. We've got to cover better back there we have to get the calls together, we have to all be on the same page. The reason because we're not getting off the field isn't just because we're not getting pressure. There's a lot of stuff we have to correct."

WR Andre Johnson

(on Texans receivers) "I think as a receiving corps we're much better than we were last year. Adding Derick (Armstrong) helped us out a whole lot. A lot of people don't know Derick came in the game and got four catches. It's there, we just have to put everything together and quit doing the little things that cause us to lose games."

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