Texans Quotes: December 11


As you guys get ready for Sunday and look at some of the things they've done with their running game, what have you seen from Patriots RB LeGarrette Blount as far as tackle breaking?
"Yeah, he's a big back, very physical back. He catches the ball out of the backfield too. So he can do it all, but very difficult guy to tackle. If you try to tackle him up high, you've got no chance of tackling him. He's a very physical guy, 250-pound guy that is a downhill runner."

DE J.J. Watt worked on the side today. How did that go for him and do you feel good about everything for Sunday?
"Yeah, he'll be good to go. He's ready to go."

How much was RB Akeem Hunt on your personal radar screen during the draft last year?
"We watched him and we thought that obviously, good speed, good quickness, good hands, kick returner, things like that. We had our eye on him."

He could still factor into the return game here if things work out?
"Definitely, yeah, he could be used in the return game. He could be used on offense. He could be used on defense."

He's exceptionally fast.
"He's a fast guy, no question about it, yep, got good speed."

You guys saw him in college when he played against Penn State right?
"Right, yeah. I do remember him a little bit there. I'll tell you I studied him more obviously in preparation for the draft. That's where I really honed in on what his skill set is."

He had two carries, seven yards a piece last week. He's added a snap each game, so obviously you want to try to keep pushing him out there a little more.
"See how the game goes."

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