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Texans Quotes: December 20


Interim Head Coach Wade Phillips**
(opening statement) "Garrett Graham is questionable for the ballgame. (DeVier) Posey is out. Obviously, Case Keenum's out. So that's where we are injury-wise. It's a pretty special deal here, these guys giving these bicycles to these kids. I mean it's great when you think of somebody else, and these guys put the money together to buy these bicycles for these kids, and they're having fun with it, and I know the kids appreciate it, and we appreciate our guys doing it, and our team doing that. I think that's something special."

*NOTE: - Children from the Boys & Girls Club, the Houston Texans YMCA and Pro-Vision were present following practice for a bike giveaway. The entire Houston Texans coaching staff and players participated in purchasing 130 bicycles that were given away. This is the eighth year the Texans have done this in the holiday season.

(on if the money comes from fines) "Yeah, but they gave money. They all gave money themselves, or we all gave money, but it's for a great cause, and to see kids smile at this time of the year is really great."

(on if the team was still sharp today in practice) "Yeah we had a good, spirited practice. I think you could hear them at the end of practice. We finished strong today, and you know we've still got one more kind of walk-through tomorrow, and then the hay will be in the barn. Let's go play."

(on if starting QB T.J. Yates was an option) "It really wasn't. Like I said, (Matt) Schaub had been the backup quarterback all along. He had been getting some reps, and also the guy that played some in the last eight games, so he was really the guy ready to play."

(on how QB Case Keenum is healing) "Well we had to keep him in a splint so he couldn't do anything this week, and then we'll see next week how he is."

(on being WR Andre Johnson's head coach) "You know it's pretty special for me. I know it's an interim deal, but to say you have been the head coach of Andre Johnson is pretty neat. I think I've got five guys that I can say that are in the hall of fame that I was the head coach when they were there, and about 18 guys I've been around when I was on the team. I'm looking forward to him breaking that record, or tying that record and going forward. I'm going to claim him no matter what. I don't know if he'll claim me as a head coach, but I'm going to claim him when he goes in the Hall of Fame."

(on who his five guys in the Hall of Fame are who played under him when he was a head coach) "Well let's see, John Elway, Shannon Sharpe, Gary Zimmerman, Thurman Thomas, Ricky Jackson. I think that's it. It's a great group, so I'm bragging on myself on all those, but I didn't have a whole lot to do with any of them, but they all made it, and they all deserved it."

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