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Texans quotes: Gary Kubiak


Head Coach Gary Kubiak**
(opening statement) "We're going to rule three guys out today – Kareem Jackson, Elbert Mack and Jawanza Starling. So those three guys will be ruled out today. All of those other guys were back at practice, (Mike) Mohamed, (Darryl) Sharpton, Wade (Smith), Ben Tate, (Jeff), Tarpinian. (They) were back to work today."

(on where he'll coach form this week) "I will be upstairs again. So that was decided yesterday evening."

(on if he lost the battle about where he would coach this week) "I lost the war (joking)."

(on the reasoning behind why he'll coach upstairs again) "I listen to them and talk to them. I just say (that) I understand their decision. Just glad to get back and be out there and go to work. I'll just keep listening to them and we'll go week-to-week."

(on if CB Brice McCain will start this week) "Yes, but everybody's going to play. We've got basically seven healthy DBs and then the new one we signed in Justin (Rogers). So we're trying to catch him up real quick. Everybody will play, but Brice will start."

(on CB Brandon Harris playing a little bit more than CB Brice McCain as the game went on last week and if that was just for that game) "No, we're going to have to play everybody, especially if somebody's playing us in three wides or those type of things because the amount of guys we've got healthy right now, we've got to rotate them or they'll get worn out pretty quick. That's just some rotation, Brice playing outside and we wanted to move him back playing inside in some situations, what we did think he does best. I think you're going to see the same thing on Sunday."

(on Jaguars QB Chad Henne and what the difference is in him now compared to when the teams met last year) "I think he's a dang good player. He's been through a lot of systems, bounced around a few team. I think, knowing what he did, came in here last year and how he played against us, so we understand that better than anybody. I think, since he's been playing, they've been pretty consistent in what they do. I've always been impressed with him. I think he's a good player that just keeps battling, looking for the right situation. Obviously, he's getting a lot of play time there, but I think he's always handled himself very well."

(on the difference with quarterbacks playing right away now when they enter the NFL compared to in the past) "I just think the game's changed with the cap and stuff. Nowadays, you go get a guy in the first round or something and you don't usually wait. Guys used to wait around seven or eight years, when I think of Mark Malones behind (Terry) Bradshaws. That's going to date myself, stuff like that. I just think it's different nowadays. With the cap situation, you've got to put guys to work real quick, especially when you step up and go draft them that high. I think that's the biggest thing. It's been pretty consistent around the league. You go take a guy in the top 10 picks, he's fixing to go play pretty quick, at least that's been here."

(on the problems in the second half of games recently) "Yeah, it's something we've talked about. We've got a few ideas. I'm not going to share them with you, but I'm going to try something different. But we've struggled coming out offensively in the third quarter. We've struggled because I think we've struggled to run the ball consistently this year as a football team. Defensively, we've given up big plays in the third quarter. We'll shuffle some things this week and try to do some things better, but we've got to play a complete football game."

(on starting out slowly in the first quarter with turnovers) "Well, I know the last two weeks, we've basically spotted a team 21 points when you think about turnovers. The one in Arizona that led to a touchdown. So we've played form behind in a lot of football games this year. We have battled back and got our self in position to win in what the last four weeks. We've had the ball with a chance to win the football game, but haven't finished."

(on the progression of TE Garrett Graham) "Yeah, he's played really well. He gets an opportunity to be full-time since OD's (Owen Daniels) is out and I think his numbers kind of speak for themself. He played really well last week, played every play in the game. Good opportunity for him in his career and I think he's proven that he's a bona fide starter and there's a few guys getting an opportunity to prove that right now. I think he's taken advantage of his."

(on WR Andre Johnson needing 10 catches to tie the record for the fastest player to reach 900 receptions) "So you've got him on your fantasy team or what? (joking)."

(on if he had a chance to watch his son last night) "Yeah, I did. I saw him as a punt returner. I got scared and cut it off. But no, I'm excited for Rice. David (Bailiff's) done a great job with those kids. I had to a chance to sit down and watch. It was a good game."

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