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Texans Quotes: Jay Prosch


Houston Texans Transcripts** FB Jay Prosch Conference Call
Saturday, May 10, 2014
(Transcribed by Ellie Pardee and Nida Chaudhry)

(on how excited he is to join the Texans) "I'm extremely excited."

(on knowing if the Texans were interested in him) "I did. I went on a visit there and knew they were thinking about it and I was really hoping they would."

(on fitting into the Texans offense) "I see myself fitting in great. During my visit, I met with the running backs coach, tight ends coach and we sat down and talked about what type of things I'd be doing in their offense. Everything that I saw were things that I felt extremely comfortable doing and really got me excited about it."

The Houston Texans selected five players in the sixth and seventh rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft.

(on playing roles as both running back and tight end) "I don't know. That's a good question. It depends on what they want. I definitely do think I have some versatility that I bring to the table that could possibly be used for something like that."

(on his biggest strength as a fullback) "I definitely think it's my blocking, obviously, and that's kind of what got me here. Just being a hard nose, tough guy and basically crushing people. Also, I think I can execute extremely well and move as well and that's something I'm looking forward to expanding on in my career as an NFL football player."

(on priding himself in special teams) "Yes, I do. I played with special teams when I was at Illinois and then I also played special teams at Auburn and that's definitely something that I enjoy doing because it's kind of getting out of that structure of playing offense and getting a little freedom to make different kinds of plays."

(on impressions after meeting Coach O'Brien) "It was great. I sat in his office for a little while and we talked about what kind of football player I am and what he would want from me and what he thinks I should be able to provide. I told him what I think I can do and we went back and forth. It was a good conversation and I really enjoyed it."

(on what Head Coach Bill O'Brien said he wanted from him) "He told me he wants me to come be a tough guy, a hard worker, and obviously be able to play special teams and be a fullback. So, I think that's what I did so I think I can do it."

(on what he thinks about blocking for Arian Foster) "It sounds amazing. I think that's awesome. I look forward to something like that. I think it's really cool."

(on with everything he has been through in the last year, how big is today for him) "Yeah, geez, I mean, you know I'm still trying to soak it all in. Like I said it's been an up and down, long road and finally here. It's just truly amazing."

(on if was difficult to focus on football after his mom passed away last season) "It was a little bit. She always supported me playing football. She knew that I was happy playing football and that's something that she would always want me to do. So, I feel comfortable in playing even when she was sick, she still supported me. It was definitely tough when she passed away, but I used it as fuel and motivation throughout playing."

(on how much he thought of his mom today after being drafted) "A lot. Definitely, a lot. Especially having my family here with me and things like that, to talk about her and miss her. I definitely think about her all the time, no matter if it's today, but she was definitely on my mind today."
(on how he thinks his mother would feel about him being drafted) "She would be extremely proud. She was already proud of me, just for playing at Illinois when I first got there. She's always been proud of me and she would be ecstatic and just happy for me I think."

(on what he was doing when he got the call) "I was sitting in the living room watching the TV."

(on if he was watching the draft) "Watching the draft, yes."

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