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Texans Quotes: October 13


CB A.J. Bouye**
(on going against the Steelers wide receivers) "They've got great receivers. Fast, quick, playmaking abilities, so it's going to be tough."

(on how going against high profile receivers like Dez Bryant have helped him grow) "I didn't go against him, but the other receivers that I went against are great receivers. They all have different skill sets. Some are bigger and some are faster, great with hands, so it's different. You've just got to adjust every week."

(on if he is figuring out what he does better against certain receivers with certain skill sets) "Kind of. I just try to look at it and take it a week at a time and see what I can do against this receiver and just change it up on them."

(on what the team has to do to eliminate big plays down the field) "We've just got to take coaching and do what we're supposed to do, play the call and just do it right and not try to help other people out would be good."

(on miscommunication in the secondary leading to big plays) "Probably a little bit. You know, most of the time it's just communication. Sometimes it's just we're leaving our assignment trying to make a play and help somebody else, and we've just got to stay disciplined."

(on the importance of making the tackles and not just going for turnovers) "I think we're not really caught up in it. We're just doing what we love to do, just make plays, get the ball, and then tacking is very important. Coach said he's going to work on it with us this week. We're still going to tackle, still going to try to get the ball, do what we've always been doing."

G Brandon Brooks
(on if he was able to watch the game from the hospital) "I was in and out in the hospital bed. I was definitely someway, somehow going to try and check the game out."

(on how tough it was to miss the game) "Extremely tough, and the biggest thing is just not being out there with the guys that you practice with and you're with a lot of your hours during the day. I think that was the biggest thing."

(on if it's ever happened where he's been sick and had to miss a game) "I've only been sick like that one other time. It was ironically right before my pro day coming out of college. I had some type of—I don't know if it was food poisoning or some type of virus or something. I was vomiting twice every 30 minutes."

(on what was wrong with him) "Honestly I don't know. I don't know if it was food poisoning or if it was a virus. Like I said, I feel much better now."

(on if he lost a lot of weight) "I did. I feel slimmer, faster. I'm down about 12 pounds. I'm still drinking fluids and getting back."

(on if he took it easy this weekend) "I just sat back and watched the games and got some fluids. Didn't do anything."

(on what he told G Xavier Su'a-Filo) "I talked to Xavier after the game. I'm happy he got his feet wet and things like that."

(on how he felt G Xavier Su'a-Filo played) "He did some good things and some things to work on. Same thing when I play or when anybody else plays."

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
(on how to begin the game quicker) "We have to get off to quicker starts. Again, being more effective in the beginning of the game with our communication, just execution. I think that's the biggest thing."

(on going against a guy like S Troy Polamalu) "He's always fun to play against just because he's all over the place. It seems like there are four or five of him on the field at times. He's a guy when you watch the film you can just see his passion for the game and how much enjoys playing it. It's fun to play against guys like that."

(on how much it changes the Steelers defense with OLB James Harrison there) "I don't know. I haven't really watched a ton of him since he's been back or anything. They're always a defense—guys have good veteran presence in that locker room. I believe they've always been a top-10, top-15 defense."

(on what his favorite Monday Night Football memory is) "Well, I only have one. It was my first ever game in Cincinnati. I got traded to Cincinnati about six days before that. They told me pretty much the day of the game, or maybe the day before, that I was the backup holder, and I had never held in my life. During the game, our kicker just so happened to get hurt and the punter who was the starting holder went to kick. So the backup holder, me, had to go in there and hold for an extra point. I had to scramble for my helmet, found it, ran out there and the extra point got blocked. I don't know if it was the hold or the kick or just whatever. So the whole time I was sitting there six days in to being a Cincinnati Bengal thinking, 'Oh my gosh. Like, this is awful.' It was a close game. We ended up winning though, so it was a good memory."

(on what he thinks about playing on Monday Night Football) "I think it's a big deal for everybody around the league just because everybody kind of grew up watching the Monday night games. Those are the games that all eyes are on you just in terms of players and peers around the league and so I think it's important to guys to go out and play well because of that."

WR Andre Johnson
(on how he thinks the Steelers will come out after losing on Sunday) "It's going to be a challenge. Every team, it doesn't matter who it is, when you have a tough loss you always want to bounce back. That team is going to come out strong. We had a tough loss ourselves, so hopefully we can come out strong also. I think it will be a great game. It will be a great challenge for us on the road. We're going to come out there and put our best foot forward."

(on what he thinks about James Harrison returning to the Steelers) "Another great player. Hard hitter. He played very well for them, so I'm pretty sure he'll continue to get better week-by-week while he's out there."

(on if it was good to have the weekend off) "Yeah it was. You get a chance to get away a little bit, clean your mind, look over what's happened so far this season. I think it came at a great time. I got a chance to go back and watch the 'U' (University of Miami) play. It was a good little break."

(on how the mood in the locker room is) "I think guys know what kind of football team we have. Like I said after the Colts game, I think we have a heck of a football team. I just think that communication and stuff, little mistakes that have kept us from winning games. The potential is there. We just have to go out there and just perform like we know how to perform."

(on what does the team need to do to start better) "Like I said before, we have to come out there on the first drive. The key is just getting that first first down. When that happens, we normally get into a rhythm. When we get into a rhythm and go fast with our offense, we're able to put up points. We've shown that when we got into rhythm we could go out there and score with the best of them. I think that's the biggest thing. Just coming out and getting that first first down and we'll go from there."

(on if he watched any games yesterday) "I watched part of the Miami and Green Bay game. That's it."

(on if it's easier said than done to get rhythm early) "In the beginning of the games, both teams are revved up on emotion. I think that's when you kind of have like those penalties where guys may jump offside or something like that. You put yourself in a bad situation, so you just have to lock in more, just stay focused on the task and get the job done."

(on how much did the extra days off help his ankle) "I'm fine."

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