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Texans Quotes: October 7



How did WR Braxton Miller do this week and do you feel good for him to play on Sunday?
"Yeah, he will be active on Sunday. He did good. He did a nice job this week. Anytime you miss time, it's tough especially on a rookie receiver, but I thought he came back and he was obviously paying attention while he was out."

How about T Duane Brown? Everything went well this week?
"Yeah, Duane (Brown) had a good week of practice. We will see. We have a plan going in for him and we will see how that goes."

Have you missed WR Braxton Miller's explosiveness on special teams?
"I think anytime you have a player at any unit, whether it's special teams or offense, that's an athletic, good player at the skill position, whether it's a DB or a receiver, it is the next man up philosophy, but anytime that guy's out, you're missing his skillset. I would say that for offense or special teams."


Are you good to go on Sunday?
"I think so. Yeah, I'm good to go Sunday."

How does it feel to know that you're going to play?
"It feels great. It's been a long journey to get to this point. Very excited to get out there with my teammates and contribute. It's a big test. I'm looking forward to it."

Will you be limited in any way?
"I think we'll just play it by ear. It will be my first game action. A lot of people have been through training camp, preseason and four games already. This being my first action, I have to just see how I feel and go from there."

Are you worried at all about how your body will respond?
"No. I think this week has been a good test, testing it out, testing my body out and how I feel going full speed against our defense. So far it feels good. I'm sure I'll get out there and I'll feel pretty good."

How big of a deal is this for you to finally get back out there?
"It feels great, man. I love this game and I don't take playing it for granted. To know I would be at this point back in January, I didn't know when I was going to get to this point. Now that I'm here, I'm just elated. I'm looking forward to getting out there."

How big of a relief is it that you were able to practice all week without any pain?
"Yeah, that's been the main thing. There's soreness, of course. Things that you're going to have to deal with, but nothing that's unbearable, nothing that's hindering me from doing my job. That's very relieving to have that."

How much will it mean to run back out on the field with the guys?
"It's everything. Especially being on the sidelines, seeing it up close, trying to do all I can to keep my spirits up and coach guys along without actually physically contributing. Now that I'm able to do that, I'm excited. This is something I've been doing – this is my ninth year – so being able to continue it means everything to me."

Are you excited to start run blocking for RB Lamar Miller?
"Oh yeah. I'm excited for everything: blocking for him, protecting Brock (Osweiler). There's a lot of new pieces out here that I'm able to get out there and witness firsthand and play along with them. Really looking forward to it."

Do you expect the chemistry to be off a little bit?
"I don't think so. As far as us up front, I've been playing next to Xavier (Su'a-Filo) for a while now so me and him have a good rapport and kind of are in sync already. The thing for me is just making sure I knock the rust off as early as possible so that's not a factor."


How does it feel to be back and be able to get out there on Sunday?  
"It feels good. This is my life, so I love being out there with my teammates, my brothers. Come back and contributing at a high level. I can't wait."

How antsy are you to get back out there in some game action?
"I don't know if it's antsy, I'm just ready to get back out there. Being out there all week in practice and not being on the side running with the trainers, it feels much better practicing than practicing with the trainers."

How tough has it been to be patient because this is the kind of injury you have to be patient with?
"Yeah, you have to be careful with the hamstring. This is my first time actually dealing with a hamstring. It was something new for me, so I had to be careful and not come back too early or something like that. The trainers did one hell of a job in getting me back as soon as possible. I'm grateful for that."

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