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Texans Quotes: Ryan Fitzpatrick


Houston Texans Transcripts** QB Ryan Fitzpatrick Conference Call
Friday, March 21, 2014

(on what Texans Head Coach Bill O'Brien has indicated his role will be on the team) "We talked a lot about that. We talked a lot about his philosophy. We talked a lot about his vision for where the team was going and basically for me it's going to be a role where he wants me to come in and he wants me to compete. He wants me to work hard and all those things that have gotten me to where I am in my career right now, all those attributes and intangibles and things that have helped me along the way, that's what he wants me to do, so (I'm) going to show all that every day. From there, we didn't define a specific role or anything but he thinks that will make the team better, for me to come in."

(on if he's had a chance to mentor many young quarterbacks during his career) "I mean, last year, my role in Tennessee was to come in as a mentor for Jake Locker and unfortunately Jake went down with an injury but we established a real good relationship early. I felt like I added a lot to him, just in terms of trying to put some of the experience and things that I had when I played and give him little nuggets here or there or try to (inaudible) him a little bit of how to study and how to attack film on a Tuesday or Wednesday. So I had that role last year with Jake until he got hurt. I'm a guy that really enjoys that part of the game, the mental side, the X's and O's. So that's something I have done in the past."

(on things he knows now that he wishes he knew when he was a young quarterback just coming into the league) "That's a really good question because my first-ever game was when I was with the Rams against the Texans and to be honest, because I was so naïve and because I didn't know the things I know now, I was able to come in and we came back, a big comeback in that game and won. There are a lot of different lessons you learn along the way, but I think coming into it a little bit innocent and naïve at times, is helpful."

(on if he has any kind of reaction to reports of the Texans being on the verge of completing a trade that would send QB Matt Schaub to Oakland) "No. That was a decision that they made. I wish Matt the best. Just from playing against each other, I know him a little bit and he's obviously real good friends with Kevin Walter and I was able to spend a lot of time with Kevin last year. So through Kevin we've kind of talked a few times. The only thing I'll say is I'll wish him the best and that I think as quarterbacks in this league, you root for each other."

(on how comfortable he would be if he was told that the team wanted him to mentor a rookie quarterback) "Like I said earlier, I haven't been given a defined role. I think my role is I'm going to come in here and be competitive and bring all the positive things with my work ethic and personality that help the team win. And for me at this point in my career, that's what I want to do. I want to be on a winning football team. I want to be on a team that has a chance to go out there and win every week. Whatever that takes, whatever my role is and however it will be defined in the future, I want to win games. I think that's the most important thing."

(on what he sees from the Texans that makes him think this is the team for him and the team can win some games) "Well, I mean if you look at the core group of guys that have really shaped and defined the Texans for the last however many years, they've got some big-time pieces. Last year was obviously a tough season for Houston. I was able to see it firsthand in Tennessee, where we played them at the beginning of the year in Houston. They won that game and then they started on the losing streak and we were able to see them and play against them at the end of the year. There are just a lot of things that happen. I'm not going to speak—because I wasn't there about all of them, but sometimes confidence is such a big thing in this league. To have Coach O'Brien in the building, he's a very team-oriented guy. I think if everybody jumps on board and pulls in the same direction that we've got some very talented pieces to return to winning ways."

(on what specifically in his discussion about the offense with Bill O'Brien made him think the Texans were a good fit for him) "Well, I don't have to bore you with the crazy X's and O's details, but it's just the mentality. It's the demand that he puts on the quarterback. It's the trust that he has in the quarterback to go out there. Even just talking about the way that they go about their business on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and kind of the discussions that they have in trying to put a game plan together, the things that he needs in a quarterback to be able to go out there and do. We talked about earlier in this interview being able to process information quickly, being able to be a great communicator on the field, being able to handle the adverse times and all that stuff. A lot of what he said spoke to what I strive to be and what I want to be in a quarterback and I think it's going to be a good fit."

(on if he talked with anyone who had worked in Bill O'Brien's offense before he came in to know what he was getting into) "I've got a lot of different people around the league that I either text or call just to see. Everybody's obviously heard of his reputation from the standpoint of the media and there's a lot of positive things but when I started asking around and getting responses from different guys within the coaching field, the response was overwhelming in terms of how positive, and even from players, guys that have played with him before, not only his mind and the way that he thought about football but treating guys fairly and demanding the best out of you and all that stuff. It was nothing but positive reports from people I really trust."

(on if he receive interest from other teams besides the Texans) "I did. I did have more interest this year than I did last year even. Part of it was probably just different quarterback situations around the league. I was disappointed when I was released by the Titans but with a new staff and them wanting to bring in their new guys, that happens sometimes. I understand that. I've been around long enough. But now I look at it as something where I was real fortunate because I ended up in what I feel is a better place and a better situation for me."

(on what it was about Bill O'Brien that sold him and led him to make his decision early on) "Even before I met him, when I was talking with him on the phone, there's something about the way that he comes across. It was just so impressive on the phone and even more so when I was able to sit there and look him in the eye and shake his hand. But he's obviously a guy that success has kind of followed him wherever he's gone. I think with his work ethic and the things that's he's done for his whole coaching career, the successes that he's had, I'm just really looking forward to getting a chance to work with him."

(on if he knows anything about Texans Quarterbacks Coach George Godsey) "I know George played at Georgia Tech. We've talked a little bit, his history in coaching and kind of where he's been and his time in New England. But other than our meeting yesterday, before yesterday when I got to sit down and talk with him, the only thing I knew was he was a former quarterback at Georgia Tech but I got to know him a little bit better when we talked yesterday."

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