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Texans Quotes: September 13


Head Coach Gary Kubiak** WR DeVier Posey
DE Antonio Smith

Head Coach Gary Kubiak
(on FS Ed Reed's status) "I would just say the same thing that I said yesterday applies today. How about that?"

(on how much FS Ed Reed practiced today) "No, nothing different. He took a good portion of practice today. I'm going to go in there and visit with him and see where we're at. It'll be a game-time deal."

(on working out FS Ed Reed before last week's game and if that'll happen again this week)  "No, we made a decision late Sunday that we would work him out as a non-player, so we worked him harder. Obviously, this week, we're heading in a different direction. We're taking a look at him early before the game as a possible player. That would be the difference."

(on if the way FS Shiloh Keo is playing impacts the decision on whether FS Ed Reed plays) "It still gets back to his health. I don't think we're making any decisions or anything because of that. Obviously, we love the way (FS) Shiloh (Keo) is playing. He's playing very well, but this is strictly a physical decision for the long haul, what's best, when's the right time, when's it time for the initial snaps, those type of things. So it's strictly physical."

(on the confidence he has in FS Shiloh Keo) "The biggest thing is he's had the camp. He had the camp. He had the work and boy he's really improved as a player. I don't know what year Shiloh is, three maybe? He's just really come into his own. He's got a lot of confidence and not only defensively, but continues to play for (special teams coordinator) Joe (Marciano). It's just fun to watch a player arrive, kind of like him and usually through opportunities like this, those things will happen."

(on how ILB Darryl Sharpton is) "He's fine. He's ready to go, so he'll be up. Ready to go. Play special teams. He and (ILB) Joe (Mays) will probably split some time inside at linebacker, but he's ready to go."

(on the Titans building their team to run the football and play good defense) "Yeah, I think they've kind of built their team a little bit that way and it shows. If you're looking at last week, it showed, 'We're going to run the ball. We're going to stay committed to the run. We're going to play great defense. Win a close game. Protect the ball.' And it showed last week. You never know what's coming this week or how you're going to get played. I think they're built to be physical with some of the moves they've made in the offseason, with what they've done with their offensive line, their draft choice, with what they've done bringing (S) Bernard (Pollard) in there, (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams') presence coming back to work with (DC) Jerry (Gray), those types of things. So they're built to be a physical, physical football team and we expect that."

(on how WR DeVier Posey has been doing) "He's doing good. He's not all the way back yet. We knew that, but I think he's getting very close. Last week, there weren't a lot of offensive plays for him. Most of his plays came on special teams, but his practice this week was the best he's had. I think he's probably a few weeks away from being totally back and his confidence, and what he's doing, physical shape, running all the routes and everything. But I feel better about him each day we go out."

(on what steps he wants to see WR DeAndre Hopkins take this week) "The first steps this week that were an improvement is he's been much better from a mental standpoint of practice. He's handled the game plan better. So that's been an improvement right there. I just think our confidence in putting him in situations to make some plays, but he did some good things last week. I think he's got more confidence. He walked in and got a game plan this Wednesday and it didn't scare the heck out of him like it did the week before. I think he's learning to catch up and the more comfortable he gets, the more plays he's going to make."

WR DeVier Posey
(on getting back to game action) "It felt good. I felt like I worked really hard to get to that point and, right now, it's just about sharpness of things and getting better, just trying to be a better player and take those steps forward. I feel healthy and I'm starting to make my routes look better and get off the ball a little bit faster."

(on Gary Kubiak saying he's close to being all the way back and what it takes to be all the way back) "My first week of practice was the week of Dallas, essentially that's the first week of OTAs as far as football for me in 2013, excluding the Patriots game. It's just about getting back into shape and getting all my cuts right and getting my finer details and a game plan together and sharpened up, my blocking angles. Those are things that you can't do on the field by yourself. You need to be in 11-on-11 situations going against guys and pushing up against guys. Just being able to do that through scout team reps and through offensive reps, just trying to take advantage of every opportunity."

(on if he's showing the coaches that he's ready to get more snaps) "It's the second week of the season and I'm just going to continue to do what I do, just work and keep my head down, keep my blinders on. I'm working hard and getting my routes better. That can show the coaches that I can help and show them I'm sharpening my game."

DE Antonio Smith
(on the Titans wanting to grind the ball on the ground) "From watching the film, that's exactly what they want to do. They did a whole drive of just running the ball. To have a whole drive running the ball, you've got to be able to pick up first downs. Our job is to stop them from running it, let our offense score, stop them from running it again, let our offense score again. Let's see how much ground and pound they do then."

(on Titans RB Chris Johnson) "You can't let him get free. He's probably one of the fastest running backs in the league. If you give him an open, he's going to take it. The thing about Chris Johnson is there's not one specific hole he's going to run the ball into. He's going to bounce it out. He'll take it wherever he sees the opportunity."

(on the way FS Shiloh Keo's been playing) "We all think highly high of him. We always have. He's a heck of a player. He plays hard and he's aggressive. I like that. He's always been aggressive. He's always been a playmaker. We've seen him make plays. He's never gotten to do much on the field for all of y'all to see. Y'all are going to get to see the type of player he is."

(on how much fun this week has been for him) "It hasn't been that much fun. (defensive line coach) Bill (Kollar's) been trying to get me. He made it his mission to make sure he knows I'm in shape. Bill is just always going to be Bill. He's going to tell me I'm out of shape no matter what. I'm definitely in shape. It's just like training camp, you can straight ahead and do five-10-fives and all kind of drills, which I was doing, but, when you come into training camp, nothing prepares your legs and your back for football reps."

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