Texans Quotes: September 23


Head Coach Bill O'Brien**
(on playing on the artificial surface for the first time at home this Sunday) "I don't think this is an area that I'm an expert in. I'll say that right off the bat. I think that we're going to practice on grass. I think that when you are practicing three times a week, it's important to stay out there on the grass, be outside. I think we've played on AstroTurf before. We've obviously practiced on it before in the bubble over there. I don't see it being a big adjustment. We'll get over here in plenty of time. The guys will be out there warming up, ready to go and we've dealt with this type of field turf before. I think the guys are looking forward to it."

(on RB Jonathan Grimes and adding RB Daryl Richardson to the practice squad) "Jonathan Grimes is day-to-day. I won't know about him until probably the end of the week. So you can feel free to ask me that question on Friday. Daryl's a guy that we signed to the practice squad, quick, got some speed, looks like a guy that could pick things up quickly here. The first day, went out there, kind of had an idea what to do just being in one meeting. Looking forward to just working with him."

(on if T Jeff Adams is going to injured reserve today) "As far as Jeff Adams, I think we're going to wait on that. Not sure when that transaction will take place."

(on if the signing of RB Daryl Richardson means he's worried about RB Jonathan Grimes; and on the running game in general) "You always use the term 'worried' with me and 'concerned' and things like that. I try my best not to get worried. I think what we try to do is improve the roster at the positions that we feel like. If there's somebody out there on the street that can really help us at a position where maybe we have a depth issue, or we just know that there's a good player out there that can help our team, that's what we're going to do. I think that's what we did with Daryl. Again, we signed him to the practice squad. I don't really foresee him being up on the 46, 53 this week, but you never know."

(on the defense and what he needs to see from them this week) "We need to do a better job there. We've had some batted balls, some of those went our way last year, where the ball was batted in the air and we intercepted it, or the ball was on the ground. (Jadeveon) Clowney has had a couple plays where he's stripped the quarterback or the back out of the backfield and the ball's rolled out of bounds. I don't think I'm using that as an excuse, I'm just telling you that the ball really hasn't bounced our way. The ball's been free though a bunch of times. We have to try to do a better job of getting some takeaways. That's something that'll really help us. It really helped us last year. I just think overall like I said earlier in the week, we all need to do a better job. I need to do a better job, the assistant coaches, defensively, special teams, offensively, we all just have to work very hard to do our job better this week."

(on RB Arian Foster's recovery) "He was out there at practice today. I think that he's a guy that really understands his own body very well. He's really looking good at practice. I'll say that. I like the way he looks. He looks like he's in good shape and feels better. I'm not sure about this week, but I would say that he would be back sooner rather than later."

(on what trouble larger wide receivers pose for this defense) "(Tampa Bay WRs) Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, these guys are bigger guys. They can jump up and catch the ball. They're physical receivers. Anytime you have guys like that, it poses a challenge. It is a challenge. For us, we just need to do a good job of mixing up our coverages, mixing up what we do at the line of scrimmage, off the line of scrimmage, things like that, and try to do a good job of staying in close, not contact, but in close coverage, tight coverage with those guys. That's the key. Then the biggest thing for us in this game is we really need to stop the run. This back, Doug Martin, number 22, this guy is very, very good. He's a very good back. You've got to tackle him. He's a guy that's run for a lot of yards for them. He's very good. So that's a big key for us."

(on if T Oday Aboushi is ready to play this week) "Yeah, I think he could have a chance to play this week. Yep."

(on how he weighs veteran experience versus time in the system in who he plays on the offensive line, in regards to T Oday Aboushi and T Kendall Lamm) "They play two different positions. It's more about when you – first of all you've got to decide if you're going to bring seven or eight to the game. You've got to decide basically what your game plan is on first and second down. We've got that decided, I'm not going to tell you that, okay, because that could involve how many linemen you bring to the game. If you bring another tackle, another guard, whatever it is. Then you have to go out there and you have to do what you just said, you've got a guy that you claim just last week, how's he picking this system up. It looks to me like Oday is doing a good job of picking it up. He's a bright guy, similar terminology was used in New York to what we use. He was coached by (Offensive Line Coach) Mike Devlin before, so he has an idea that way. All those things come into account, but what we do during the week is we practice all those guys so that at the end of the week we can make a decision as to who will be up on the 46."

(on making changes to the offensive line and the difficulty of forming chemistry in the run and pass game) "That's a good question. I would say in the running game where they're having to work together in combination more, whereas in the passing game they're working in combination in the passing game but a lot of times they're one-on-one and it's a matter of how they set, at the same level, and things like that. I would say probably I'd lean more towards the running game, getting acquainted with each other, like a left guard that hasn't really played left guard a lot playing next to a left tackle, those types of thing. Like I said last week, we practice those guys at a number of different positions so they really do understand each other. It's not like there's 20 guys up there either, there's eight, nine guys that all kind of know each other pretty well. Not counting adding Oday (Aboushi), they're still getting to know him, but I think he's come in here and done a pretty good job the last two weeks."

(on the secondary and any common threads in the long plays allowed) "A lot of it has to do with everybody working together. The one where, I think in the Sunday game where we threw the interception and then Carolina came out and right away threw the touchdown pass, (Panthers QB) Cam (Newton) was back there for a while. A lot of it is pass rush, get a little bit more pressure on the guy. These guys are NFL receivers, we have good DBs, you can't cover them forever though. We've got to get a pass rush. I think on the secondary side of it like I said before, we've got to be a little bit more aggressive in what we're doing, mix and match coverages, spin the dial kind of approach, and that's probably what we need to do."

(on if G/T Jeff Adams being out will alter T Derek Newton's role for Sunday) "Anytime you have an injury where a guy's going to be out for a significant time, you have to make a decision on what's the best thing to do for all of those guys. It depends on who you're playing, what's the strength of this team? The strength of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is their defensive front, they have a very, very good front, (DT) Gerald McCoy, (DE) Jacquies Smith at right end, so we're going to still play the players that we feel will help us win the game at the positions that we feel will help them play the best. I'm not going to get into that right now, but we'll make sure we have the right five out there."

(on how he thought T Derek Newton did playing guard) "Good. He did a good job."

(on if he can assess how DE Jared Crick has played) "He's played tough. He's a tough player. He's made some good tackles in the running game, he's been in there pressuring the quarterback at times. Just like everybody, everybody needs to play better. Everybody needs to coach better. When you're 0-2, I don't think anybody's real happy with that obviously, but I think Jared's really done what he usually does. He plays very hard and he knows just like all of us, we can all do better."

(on T Chris Clark looking good in pass protection) "I think Chris Clark, with these guys - and it's the game thing I was saying about Oday (Aboushi) – these guys that just got here, they're still getting acclimated to our system. They're very smart guys, they're picking it up really well, and I think at times you're right, Chris did play well. I think it's the same thing I said about Jared Crick, everybody's got to do better. We all have to play better. There's obviously plays that all of us wish we could have back from Sunday but we can't, so we have to try to improve this week and go out there and get a win on Sunday. Chris has come in here, he's a veteran player, and done what we've asked him to do."

(on being part of teams that started 0-2 and had pretty good seasons) "Maybe I said it that way, I've seen teams start this way, and be okay. Look, I know like it's 12 percent of this, and it's five percent of this, and it's two percent of this, I really don't care. I care about this team, and I care about the fact that these guys came back today ready to go, and that's all I can tell you. I'm not getting into like, starting out like this, what team I was associated with, this, that and the other, all I know is, we're focused on Tampa Bay, and that's what we're going to try to do."

Offensive Coordinator George Godsey
(on what he's seen from QB Ryan Mallett and the positives he can build on) "There's definitely some positives from the game. From his perspective, we watched the tape individually, he and myself, just footwork-wise he knows he can get better at that. For the offense to go, I think we all have got to get a little bit better. From coaching down, just coaching and every position too, the more we can all just put another step forward here, a little better football, then the better he'll play too."

(on the offensive line and all the moving parts) "There's some moving parts but that's the NFL. The linemen know they have to deal with it, they have to learn the cadence, they have to catch up, especially the new players. Then from a play calling standpoint, we've got to do some things to help them out just as far as their learning curve, because they weren't here for the spring, weren't here for training camp, so we've got to compensate for that."

(on having to scramble at times during the season with personnel) "Right, and I mean every team is like that. We're not going to sit here and play 'woe is me.' We're going to move forward, take another step and keep getting better each day."

(on how he balances installing new parts of the offense while also focusing on fundamentals with QB Ryan Mallett) "I mean, as far as his individual technique, I think we try to use some individual periods, maybe during some special teams periods. But he's aware of everything he needs to do. He's been a professional since the minute I've known him. He's working at it and just got to keep working at it every day."

(on if it's easier for linemen to stay in the same position and how it hurts them when they have to move around) "It's a good question and from a lineman standpoint, there's certain linemen that are in one spot for the whole season and from an injury standpoint they're able to stay there. When the moving parts start to unfold here, those guys have to be able to be interchangeable and there's only a limited amount on the 53. They know their role and part of some of the linemen's role is whether it's center, guard, guard/tackle, sometimes some guys can play five and the more valuable you are, the more you can do. As an individual, I think they'd like to stay at one spot, but with some of the circumstances, they're going to have to adjust."

(on how much the dropped passes hurt) "We have this margin of error formula which is mainly drops, sacks, penalties, any turnovers. When anything falls into those categories, turnovers on your own side of the 50, they usually equal a negative part of your offensive goal which is to move the ball and score points. The drops are big, the drive-killing penalties are big, turnovers are big, sacks are big. So we've got to eliminate those."

(on if it limits them at all offensively to carry only two tight ends) "I mean it's similar to the offensive line question, just as far as the receivers. Maybe they take a little bit extra role, a running back. We've just got to work with the personnel we've got, and what's active on game day and that's how we're going to address it."

(on how WR Nate Washington has done so far) "I love Nate. Nate's been not only good in the meeting room, when we're not meeting, when we're in the hallway, he's always communicating to another player. Maybe alignment just based on his experience and the tempo that we want to create, the communication, just aligning quicker, the younger receivers, even our quarterbacks as far as the on-field communication, 'Hey you need to do this better. It would really help me if this route, we went ahead and called to myself.' So there's a lot of communication between Nate on the sideline and myself because he does see the field really well."

(on what was different about play calling between the two quarterbacks) "Each game is its own different game, and regardless of the quarterback, we're going to try to do what's best to win the game. We had a shot there in the last minute to tie the game and so we're just going to address it week-to-week, day-to-day. I think today we go with a new game plan versus Tampa Bay, so it'll change a little bit from last week and it does every week."

QB Ryan Mallett
(on what he thinks he did well against Carolina) "There's a few things, but there's also things we got to do better. It's a team effort. It's a group effort. There's a lot of things we got to do better to get a win this week."

(on evaluating his performance vs. Carolina) "I'm not going to get into specifics. We're worried about the team this week, Tampa Bay. We put that one behind us. All we can do now is move forward."

(on what he needs to do better vs. Tampa Bay) "More completions."

(on if he's ever thrown 58 passes before) "Maybe in practice."

(on if his arm is sore) "No."

(on if he iced his arm) "No."

(on if he threw 58 passes in high school) "No."

(on the running game and what adjustments the team needs to make) "Like I said, it's a group effort. It's quarterback, receivers blocking, me getting us in the right play, the line blocking, and the backs hitting the hole. Like I said, we went back and evaluated. Now this week, we've got to go out there and execute better and run the ball better. There's no magic formula, it's getting back to the fundamentals."

(on the importance of establishing a running game) "We've got to be able to do both. I don't think it's just one thing. We got to throw the ball better. We got to run the ball better. Overall, we just got to be better. That's what it comes down to."

(on the missed opportunities vs. Carolina) "There's always plays that when you go back and watch the film, that you wish you could have back and do them all over again, but you can't. So you learn from it and you get ready to play the next week."

(on how it felt starting at quarterback) "It felt like I was back in the driver's seat. Hopefully this week, we'll get it going again and get on the right track."

(on playing the Buccaneers Cover 2 defense) "I've seen it since high school. Hopefully, we get in the right play and we throw and we catch and we run and we block and we do all those things we need to do."

(on if he can take things from another team's game plan against Tampa Bay like their first opponent, the Tennessee Titans) "When you're game planning for a team, you obviously see ideas from other teams that you watch. You might put them in, you might not. They (the Titans) moved the ball well and they executed. That's really what we need to do, execute our offense."

(on if his timing has been affected by the offensive line changes) "No."

DE J.J. Watt
(on if it's frustrating to get triple teamed during games and if it happened last year) "It definitely happened last year. I think so far this year, there's already been more triple teams than the past. But that's to be expected. I mean, that's what I would do too. You have to continue to fight, continue to battle. Like I've always said, it makes it that much sweeter when you do get there."

(on if he is moving around less than last year) "It goes game to game. It'll constantly change. Even if I have been less, that doesn't mean it's going to stay that way moving forward."

(on if he prefers to move around or play the same spot) "It's really whatever. I really don't care either way. Whatever the game plan calls for and whatever we feel like is going to give us the best opportunity to win, I'm going to do. It really doesn't matter. I've been playing all different positions for my entire career now. I'm just as comfortable at one as I am at the other."

(on the Panthers doubling him and OLB Jadeveon Clowney on opposite sides) "That's probably how you're going to do it. I mean, yeah. You got two good guys coming off the edge, that's what you're going to do. But they're also obviously then sacrificing guys out in routes. You have to do whatever you can to fight through it and to get there. I'm no stranger to double teams. JD obviously hasn't been in the league for that long but he's going to become no stranger to double teams. That's just the way it goes. You have to find a way."

(on if the Texans defense should dominate games) "As a defensive lineman and as a defensive player, you go out there with the mindset that you should dominate every game. So when it doesn't happen, something needs to get fixed. So yeah, I mean, that's my mentally every single day. I go out there every day, practice, game, whatever, with the mentality that I'm going to dominate that day."

(on playing young quarterbacks and if there's a way to confuse them) "As a defensive lineman, there's not a lot you're going to do to confuse a quarterback. I mean, I'm not in coverage or anything like that. It's not like I'm going to disguise and things like that. You want to get there. You want to rattle him. You want to lay some hits on him. You want to get him off the spot. You want to get him feeling your presence early in the game. There's a reason they were picked highly. They're successful. They're good. They're supposed to be ready to handle the situation, so you have to also give them their credit. It's not like they're just bums back there. They were drafted high for a reason. You have to go out there and do your best to make them uncomfortable."

(on Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston calling it an 'honor' to play against him and if he hears that often) "People say it. That's a smart rookie, you know? Saying the right thing."

(on the defense needing to make more plays) "I feel like we haven't played our brand of football yet on defense. I feel like we haven't played the way that we should be playing on defense. So I think that's been our goal is to get back to feeling like the Houston Texans defense. The way that we're supposed to be playing. The way that we know we're capable of playing. We haven't put it all together yet for a full 60 minutes, so that's the goal for this week. To go out there, to put it on the field, to play our style for an entire 60 minutes, to let it loose, to make plays, and go out there and just fly around. I think that's when we're at our best, when we're flying around, everybody's making plays, we're excited, we have energy, we get the crowd into it here at home. We just let loose and I think that's when we play our best ball."

(on the defense just needing to get into a groove) "I think as the season went on last year, we definitely got into that groove. As the end of the season came around, we were in that groove. We just need to get there again and we need to get there very quickly. You don't have time to find that groove. You need to be in it. This week it's time to get into that groove."

(on if the rest of the locker room feels a sense of urgency) "That's the mentality of our team. That's what everybody thinks."

(on if playing on artificial surface will make him faster) "I'm 290 pounds, I'm not that fast to begin with. It doesn't really matter to me. I heard OB (Head Coach Bill O'Brien) say 'It doesn't matter, we'll play in a parking lot.' I'd have some objections if we were playing in a parking lot, but the turf, grass, doesn't matter to me."

(on the American Family Insurance advertisement he did with NBA star Kevin Durant) "Oh, it was awesome. Yeah, that was really cool. It's a lot of fun to be able to give back to the fans in that kind of setting especially when people aren't expecting it and you show up. They're just doing their daily thing. It was pretty cool. It's a lot of fun. Sometimes as an athlete, especially after a few years into it, it's very easy to forget how special having fans is. People come out, support you, make signs for you, write letters, wear your jersey and things like that. It's so easy to forget that because of everything else going on. But then we had a chance to go out there and cheer some people on and see how special that is. To see what it feels like again to be a fan, it really brings you back very quickly and reminds you how amazing that this is and how cool it is. It was a very neat experience all around and I think it was just as special for me and KD as it was for the people. The one was extremely special, you know, the mom, the nurse. She has three kids. She works 12-hour shifts. She started just crying as soon as she walked out. That was a really, really special moment where you sit there and you think, this woman works 12-hour shifts every single day to help raise her children by herself. We're over here playing – I'm playing a game with a ball and getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to do it. Why in the world would I ever have a complaint? It's just one of those that puts life into perspective. It was a very special day."

(on if the best reactions were shown in the commercial) "You saw them. They were pretty good. I think the one guy that was running. I think he thought I was going to chase after him. He started running way faster. I had to try and catch up to him. They were pretty cool. I'd never seen roller derby before, so that was interesting to see roller derby being played. It was a lot of fun and it was really cool. I think that was the whole point. The whole campaign is built around dreaming. My whole thing is 'Dream big, work hard' so it was really neat to help people, even just a 'Hey, go get your dream.' Just to say that and to see them light up was pretty neat."

(on Buccaneers S D.J. Swearinger complimenting his game and what it will be like to face him) "I appreciate kind words. I'm sure it's going to be a game that he'll go out there and he's going to try and play his best. You know his style, he's a fiery guy so I'm sure he's going to want to prove something. It's going to be a good competition from that aspect."

(on if he can share what he said to the Panthers players at halftime last weekend) "No."

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Lovie Smith Conference Call
(on their wide receivers and how much height they have) "First off, when you look at the wide receiver position, these guys that can make plays and most of the time those guys with speed and quickness are a little bit smaller, but it's just a tougher match up. Most of the corners are six feet or less. It's a tough match up when you have a guy with some height and size. It normally comes down to a one-on-one situation between the DB and the corner, and to have a guy, two guys about 6'5", there is an advantage there. (WR) Vincent Jackson has been a real good receiver in the league for a lot of years and (WR) Mike Evans, Texas guy, really coming on. It was good to get him back out on the field last week."

(on what he likes about WR Mike Evans) "Initially what we liked about him of course his size, but Mike will tell you he's a great basketball player too, so he has a little bit of vertical. We run the football also, and our receivers need to be able to block. When you have that type of size, you should get a block or two. Mike has excellent hands, he's great in a one-on-one situation. There's nothing to dislike about Mike Evans."

(on what problems in addition to DE J.J. Watt the Texans defense presents) "J.J. Watt of course can keep you up. He's as good as advertised from anybody that knows football, I like to think I know football and he's as good as advertised. There are more guys on the defense than just J.J. I've known Vince Wilfork for a lot of years. He's been a great player in the league for a long time. It's just tough when you have a guy that can solidify the inside of the defense, he's hard to move. I know (Jadeveon) Clowney of course, it's hard through injuries, but when he's on the football field and he's healthy right now, you start off with those three guys up front, and of course Whitney Mercilus is an excellent football player too. It normally starts up front and with the Texans, they have an excellent defensive line, it makes it a lot easier for everybody."

(on the Texans having five touchdown passes thrown on their secondary and what he's seen from them as they adjust) "They're a talented group. Early in the season, there's very few teams that would say they're playing as well as they hope to play later on. I just know they're a talented group, and we're all dealing with trying to play our best ball right now. When you have a front like that, you want to play in the secondary because you know the ball will be coming out. You get opportunities to get takeaways and a big part of what they've been able to do."

(on the injuries on the Texans offensive line and the running back by committee approach) "I think most teams in the league do do it running back by committee. As far as offensive line, they're going to have an offensive line that lines up that they feel comfortable playing. We can't get into that too deep. We just need to be sound in our gaps, play our type of football. We have to stop the run, we can't let them get their run started. I know they would like of course to get more production from it, but it always starts up front. We like our defense. I talk a lot about the Texans defensive line, we like our defensive line too. We put a lot of pressure on them, they're the engine of our defense also, and they need to control the game for us to have a chance."

(on DE Jacquies Smith) "There's a lot of good football players from the state of Texas and we're lucky to have a guy like Jacquies on our football team. We liked him, of course we picked him up off of waivers last year off of Buffalo, he was on Buffalo's roster. Out of college we thought he was a legitimate edge rusher. He has excellent speed and quickness coming off of the edge. He plays hard too. We're not really – I think size is one of the most overrated things that there is. Speed, quickness, having leverage, those things aren't overrated, and he has that. He's someone that you have to deal with, but we need that. We feel like we have as good a defensive lineman playing ball in Gerald McCoy. We need to be able to get production from the d-line."

(on WR Russell Shepard being the number one recruit out of high school, on what's helped him be successful in Tampa Bay) "Russell has let me know that a couple times, his background. No, when I first got here I did know the name, and he was kind of a guy without a position. When I initially got here, I just knew about him more as a special teams player. Once you get a chance to know him though, you can see why – it's not a knock when you say a man without a position because he can do so much. Nobody plays harder than him on special teams. He likes it. He's always in my ear letting me know he can also play some DB if I need it. I like his development that he's made as a wide receiver. He does an awful lot for us, lucky to have him on our football team. He's one of our captains too, selected by his teammates, says a lot about him."

(on what QB Jameis Winston's strengths are) "I think when you look at the quarterback position, you have to first, can they throw the ball, what type of decisions do they make, are they accurate, and I think something that's a little more abstract, you can't just put down on paper the type of leader, do the guys believe in him, and you need a certain type of guy I think at the quarterback position to lead your team. Jameis Winston has all of these. If you spend any time with him, you believe in him right away. He's a rookie and he's got a lot to learn, but we saw improvement last week from Week 1. We're just excited about him being our quarterback."

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston Conference Call
(on going against DE J.J. Watt) "It's just an honor. He's the best defensive player in the league, probably the best player. It's an honor."

(on what he sees from DE J.J. Watt on tape besides everything) "That's what I'm saying, everything. There's nothing that doesn't jump out at you."

(on having two tall wide receivers in Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans) "Just one-on-one matchups. Those guys, we expect them to win in all situations."

(on what he likes about WR Mike Evans) "I just love how physical he is, great hands, great speed. Just everything that you want in a receiver. That's his homecoming, coming back to Houston, so I know he's excited to play and ready."

(on RB Charles Sims) "We love Chuck over here. He's excited to get back home. We also have Jorvorskie Lane, our fullback, he's excited to get back home. Everybody that's from Houston is excited to play."

(on the Texans secondary) "Of course, they've got some great players back there. Obviously, I played against one in college with Kevin Johnson. That guy, he's an amazing player. Even in college, we tried to stay away from him a little bit, so we know definitely the talent that they have in the secondary."

(on having a close friend at Rice University and how special it is for him to come to Houston) "It's good. It's going to be good to see her. She's not going to have to travel or do anything out of the ordinary. She's going to be at home. She's excited. I know her friends are excited that the Bucs are coming to town. We'll see."

(on RB Doug Martin) "I think it's just amazing how big of an asset he is to this team. Establishing the running game is obviously important in the NFL. Just the way that he carries us and the way that he continues to show out every game is very impressive."

(on playing with two rookie offensive linemen) "Those guys get paid too. They're obviously great guys, starting as rookies on an NFL team. I just thank God that I do have two linemen that came in with me. It's just a great relationship that we have. I trust those guys with all my heart."

(on being teammates with S D.J. Swearinger) "Man, D.J. Swearinger, he is a head buster. If you need a definition on that, that means he will knock you out, coming down hill, making great tackles. He's a very explosive player. You can't leave none of your wide receivers hanging when he's around."

(on the Buccaneers playing poorly in Week 1 and playing well in Week 2) "The thing is you got to get better every week. That's one thing. That was our first time playing with each other. We had to make some improvements. Our main objective is to make our improvements every week, throw away the negatives, and add on to the positives."

(on replacing TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins) "We have great players. It's definitely going to hurt, hurt us, hurt me. Austin is a great friend of mine, not only a fantastic tight end. We have some great guys. We added (TE) Cam Brate back. (TE) Brandon Myers is a veteran in this league. He is amazing. (TE) Luke (Stocker) is just an amazing player as well. We have a lot of weapons. We lost Austin, but we have (WR) Mike (Evans) back. Getting him back last week was very important to us. Obviously we wish we could have both of those guys on the field at the same time, which would be amazing, but we don't so we're obviously going to bounce back and we're going to miss Austin."

(on how much he asks former Texans S D.J. Swearinger about the team) "I really haven't asked him any questions or talked to him. I'm just trying to focus on what I have to do, focus on the game plan, and find out a way how we can defeat them."

(on how much fun S D.J. Swearinger is to be around) "It's amazing. I see him time to time when we're in the hot tub and cold tub. We play on different sides of the ball. But like I said, I try not to leave any of the receivers out to dry when he's around."

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