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Texans Quotes: September 27


Head Coach Gary Kubiak**

Head Coach Gary Kubiak
(opening statement) "(T) Duane (Brown) did not practice. He will be a game-time decision. He did some stuff with Kap (Head Athletic Trainer Geoff Kaplan). All of the other guys were back at practice and looked good and then (ILB Darryl) Sharpton was limited in practice. Hopefully, that covers them all."

(on if he expects WR Andre Johnson will start) "Looking at practice, yes. He looks pretty good."

(on T Ryan Harris' performance last week and if he would start again this week if T Duane Brown is unable to go) "Well, yeah if Duane can't go, Ryan will obviously be up again. But we've all got to play better as a group. Like I said last week, I thought Ryan battles. He's got some plays I think he'd like to have back, but I know he battled. As a group, we've all got to play better. But yeah, if Duane can't go, he's the guy."

(on if he would still play T Ryan Harris even if T Duane Brown can play) "No, if Duane can play, he'll play. I wouldn't put him out there if I didn't think he was capable of playing."

(on Seattle's run game and the challenges it poses) "Yeah, because it just doesn't come from the back. It comes from the quarterback too and moving around. That's why the numbers get way up there. I think we understand that and we're going to have to stop the run and find a way to keep him in the pocket. It's also going to be very important that we run the ball well in the game. Two teams, in a lot of ways, built a lot the same, and we've got focus on ours and handle our business."

(on Seattle maybe having three starters out on their offensive line this game and what it would be like if it were Houston) "I guess I know about two of them. I didn't know about three of them. Any time, when you get thin at one position throughout the course of the season, it just presents so many challenges for you. We like to suit seven guys and Wade (Smith's) still coming off a knee surgery and those types of things. Any time, you have issues like that, you've got to really play through them and I say this all the time, how you play through those things, how you rise to the occasion, when you get to December, has a lot to do what type of shape you're in. We were in that position last week and we didn't play good enough to help Ryan (Harris) be part of a W and help him out. If we're in the same boat this week, then we have to do a lot better."

(on if G Wade Smith's knee is still bothering him) "No, I don't think it's bothering him. It's just he's played every play since he's come back and he came back awful quick from the knee situation. Wade is a guy that will give you every last drop he has. It's just the way he is and that's why I respect so much. That's why we love him so much as a player. When he comes off the games recovering trying to get to the next Sunday that's been tough because of his knee. Once we get to the bye, he needs a good break, but we've got four games left to get that done. We've just got to keep pushing."

(on Wade Phillips doing a good job of taking advantage of mismatches and if this is a good matchup for him this week) "Well, I don't think it's going to change what we do defensively. We've got to defend their offense and it all starts with some containment. I think containment's a huge issue going into the game. We can't let this quarterback run around on us and get out and make a bunch of plays with his feet because he's very capable of doing that. Very capable of extending plays. I think we've got to work within the framework of what we do. We've just got to do it very good."

(on being physical against Seattle) "Well, we're going to have to play very physical to beat this football team. That's the way they play. They play fast, play physical. We pride ourselves on doing the same thing. We understand that and we worked really hard this week. I think we've pushed ourselves really good, pushed ourselves through today good. We understand the effort or the quality of play we're going to have to be successful I can tell you that."

(on if there is a difference in how FB Greg Jones sees the running lanes now compared to Week 1) "Yeah and he has played more each week. Actually, last week, when we went into the game where Garrett (Graham) was a little nicked up, we played a lot more two backs. So I thought he played pretty good. Then, we get into throw mode in the middle of the third quarter. But I think Greg's coming with what we're doing. He's got a good grasp of what we're doing and should only improve as we go."

(on if he is ever worried about QB Matt Schaub pressing, especially after he talks to him following pick-sixes or if he wants quarterbacks to not play afraid) "Oh yeah. First off, I want all guys to cut loose. I want them to play. I don't want guys playing timid or those types of things. I want them to be aggressive in their play. It's just focus. The biggest with the turnovers that we've had this year and, I think he'd be the first one to tell you, they've been really out of character as far as the four (interceptions). Normally, you're going to get a ball tipped or something's going to happen on an interception and there isn't a whole lot you can do about it, but the decision-making process you can do something about. So that's something he's got to improve upon. The one thing about a quarterback, you can be doing it all right for 30 times and do it wrong one time, and make a really poor decision, and it really hurts your football team. It's just consistency all day long."

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