Texans Transcripts: August 19


Head Coach Bill O'Brien**
(opening statement) "Let's start off with a few roster moves. We released Jasper Coleman, defensive lineman. We put Mike McFarland on injured reserve. Then we signed safety Quintin Demps and we signed a defensive end, Fili Moala, so those are the roster moves."

(on S Quentin Demps' interception at practice) "The interception was, you know I have to watch the tape, but that interception was a nice play. That was a good play, and he's been around, he's a pro, and so I think he understands the expectations coming in here. He's got to do it on the field every day. He's been a good addition right off the bat here."

(on challenges of going into the second preseason game) "I mean, I would say that we better be ready to play. I mean they're a very good football team. They're going to be well-coached, and we need to be ready to play. So all of those players that are out there, all of our players that are out there have to be ready to go right from the get go because yeah, it's the second preseason game, but you're ramping up towards the season now. So these games are very important, they're important games, so our guys need to be ready to go."

(on the progress of WR Jaelen Strong through camp) "Yeah, I think he's made improvement, you know, rookie receiver in our offense is tough, and I think that over the last, I'd say, four or five practices, you've seen glimpses of what he can do, and he just needs to continue to do that. Work hard, he's out here after practice, he's trying to work with the quarterbacks. It's not easy, it's not easy, and I think he's improved."

(on if Hard Knocks accurately depicted where OLB Lynden Trail and WR Jaelen Strong are right now) "I watched the show, but I watch bits and pieces of it, so I'm not really sure in the context. I can tell you this, that this is a very competitive roster. With respect to those two players, they've done some really good things, they've done some things just like every player out here, that they probably wish they could have over again play-wise. There have been no decisions made as far as other than the roster moves I just talked about, there's been really no decisions made, so it's a very competitive camp. I'm not really sure how Hard Knocks shows it in its entirety. I just see scenes, and my big thing about Hard Knocks is doing the best job we can to edit out the strategic things and making sure the players are shown in a good light, so hopefully that's coming across that way."

(on the progress OLB Jadeveon Clowney has made since his return) "Yeah, we do a little bit more each day with him, and so far, so good. I think it's been three days in a row now which is good, and do a little bit more tomorrow, and then we'll evaluate him at the end of the week. But so far, so good."

(on what he is looking for from OLB Jadeveon Clowney as they move forward) "More about, not necessarily what I'm looking for with him but just communicating with him, how's it going, how you feeling. What I'm looking for is his mentality when it comes to how much he knows with the defense, how much is review, how has he been paying attention. And the one thing about him is, he's a bright football player. He's come out here and he understands the scheme, he knows what we're talking about, so he's been paying attention in the meetings that he's been in and now it's just more of a matter of getting into football shape."

(on his biggest goal for the second preseason game) "I'm not sure if we have specific goals, it's more it's still an evaluation process. Number one goal is we want to win, we want to win, that's always the goal, I don't care if it's preseason, parking lot, practice field, we're trying to win. So that's number one goal. Then other than that, it's just wanting these guys to go out there and compete and put their best skills on tape so we can really evaluate them."

(on OLB Carlos Thompson and S Corey Moore) "Both guys are competitive, they're young players, they love football, they work extremely hard when they're out here. A lot of the things that we're doing are different, especially for Carlos, or different than what he did in college. Sometimes it's a little frustrating for him, sure, but he shows flashes of being a good player and he just needs to keep coming on."

(on what he likes about Linebackers Coach Mike Vrabel) "You know, I really just answered that by telling you I like the staff as a whole. I think we have a passionate staff, I think we have a smart staff. I'm not really a micromanager. I give him direction, and I think we have guys that are really good coaches, good teachers, and Mike falls into that category. Mike's a passionate guy, he was that way as a player, very bright guy, really good staff member, good team member, no ego, and I think the players really respect that."

(on OLB Jadeveon Clowney saying Linebackers Coach Mike Vrabel is one of the smartest coaches he's ever been around) "Great for Jadeveon, I'm glad Jadeveon thinks he's smart."

(on what FS Rahim Moore has brought to this team) "He's a good communicator, he's a smart guy, he understands the defense just like everybody back there. They just need to continue to improve, we have to, all of those guys back there have to continue to improve in their coverage skills and their tackling but there's a lot of good things going on back there with communication and things like that. He's in that role."

(on what it means to be a game plan offense) "Sure, yeah, we look at who we're going against, and we try to figure out what's the best way to match up against those guys. If we're going against a 3-4 defense, when does that defense play 3-4 against us? Do they play 3-4 against this personnel and that personnel or do they just play it against a certain personnel and then they play nickel versus something else. So it's all about, in this league, it's all about execution and it's about matchups, so that's what I mean. So we look at who we're playing and we say okay, how can we get this player, this scheme, this formation, this personnel in the best matchup possible to go out there and execute the plays and that's what we're trying to do."

(on the unique looks in the backfield and how that can help with versatility when they're narrowing it down to the 53-man roster) "Anytime you're a tight end, a running back, a receiver, it's kind of the same discussions that we had with offensive linemen, they have to be versatile in their role. A receiver that can play in the backfield, a tight end that can play outside, wide and in the backfield, a running back that can play from the backfield and then move out wide. I mean we move guys around all the time. These are guys that are really studying the game and they're getting better at it. We'll continue to move guys all around."

(on offensive execution in practice today) "Pretty up and down, I thought some of it was decent, sometimes it wasn't as good. I thought it was a very competitive practice and I think sometimes that can be the sign of a decent team, though, when sometimes it goes good and sometimes it's not, it's the sign of a very competitive team and that's the way I look at it, but we need to smooth some things out offensively."

(on using S Quintin Demps in the return game) "Quintin's done that in the past, he's returned and you could see out there today even though it was a look-squad type deal, he's got a little knack for it. So we'll continue to evaluate him there and like I said, it was good to get him in the building and get him going here. Now, like I told them this morning in the stretch line, hey, good to have you here, now show it to me on the field. That's what we expect out of all these guys."

(on DE Fili Moala) "It's good to have Fili back. He's coming off of knees and I think he's doing better. I think he's got to work his way into football shape, but we're happy to have him here. We hear great things about him, we know he's a tough guy, he's got good size, so hopefully he can work his way back into football shape pretty quickly."

(on red zone and goal line offense) "Yeah, I tell you I think our red zone offense and red zone defense is decent. There's a difference there. Red zone and goal line are two different discussions. Our goal line offense and short yardage offense still needs to come along. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it's not. It's not consistent enough, and in order for us to convert on third-and-1, or convert from the 1-yard line or 2-yard line, we have to be better than we are right now. The guys are working really hard at that. I tell them, it's always coaches and players together, it's not about pointing fingers, it's about all of us kind of figuring out the best way to do it and that's what we're trying to do."

(on the quarterbacks' performances so far) "All three of the guys, including Tom (Savage), people don't ask me about Tom a lot but he's really improved a lot, and Ryan (Mallett) and Brian (Hoyer) have really taken the coaching to heart, they try to come out on the field and execute the plays and the schemes and they try to be accurate with their throws. Hey look, sometimes it doesn't always work out but it's an 11-man sport, everybody's got to be clicking and I think, but those guys have put a lot of good effort into this thing. Then like I said, it'll be good to see both of them play again this week."

(on if he got any feedback from his mom on episode 2 of Hard Knocks) "I think, so my middle brother and his family, they're on vacation near where my parents live, so the word is that they watched it all together. But the ones that were under 12 years of age had to go in another room and watch it somewhere else. So if that gives you any feedback, I don't know, I just, I'm trying to clean it up, I'm trying, I'm trying my best. It's reality TV."

T Duane Brown
(on if it will be weird facing former Texans head coach Gary Kubiak this weekend) "Well it wouldn't be the first time. He came out here when he was in Baltimore last year. Kubs is my guy, but we are trying to win a game so I am not thinking about it too much."

(on how he thought the offense performed in practice today) "Not too good, man, not too good. We had some solid plays here and there, but overall I think we were kind of sloppy. The work was there, the effort was there, but we have to clean up a lot. The mental errors, some drops and things like that, two minute offense, or sacks given up, we have to clean that stuff up in order to progress and succeed."

(on the team's struggles on the goal line) "It is just a mentality for us up front when we get to the goal line, that nobody is going to stop us from getting in there. With the terrible effort we had last weekend we just have to continue to work and grind in order to get that right. Get a hat on a hat or a man on a man and just drive and get in there. We were very critical of ourselves watching that San Francisco game, so we have to come out and have a better outing."

(on facing LB Von Miller and DE DeMarcus Ware in the preseason and how good it is to see that level of competition) "It is great competition. We went out there last year and practiced against them—great competition. Both(are) very elite players that can really put some pressure on you. It will be a test for our offensive line, for me and Derek (Newton). We have been working hard this week in preparation for that."

(on if facing elite players helps the rookies improve) "Definitely. I think you are going against elite players and it brings out the best in you. We are just looking to win. Doesn't matter who is out there, we have to compete."

(on what he thought about the second episode of Hard Knocks last night) "I don't know. I didn't catch much of it. I only saw a little bit of it. I am not worried too much about that right now."

(on all the rookies getting haircuts for Hard Knocks) "That was different; I had never done that since I had been here. They were willing to let it happen. I didn't feel too bad about it. They are alright. They're just rookies."

LB Brian Cushing
(on LB Coach Mike Vrabel bringing a players passion out) "No doubt. You know, throughout the week he's hard, he's tough, but bottom line is he wants the best out of all of us and when game time comes around, we're more than prepared."

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(on one thing that stands out about working with LB Coach Mike Vrabel) "Yeah, there's been a lot of things. You know, sometimes you swear he's still playing kind of by his mentality, his intensity, but, like I said, he just wants the best out of all of us."

(on LB Coach Mike Vrabel thinking he can still play) "I'm sure he does. I'm sure he does. You know, he talks about his knee being a little sore here and there, but I know mentally if he had to put the pads on, I think he thinks he would definitely make a bunch of plays."

(on what he wants to work on against the Broncos this weekend) "Just one more step towards that first game. Perfecting my craft, working on my tackling, working on my calls, working on my checks, working on my communication. All that. You know, just keep chiseling away and trying to be the best I can be for week one."

(on being okay after getting ill at practice) "Yeah, that's fine. I think I just had maybe a little too much breakfast or, I don't know, it's a little too hot out. I don't know, but I'm good, I'm good now."

(on watching Hard Knocks last night) "Yeah, I got a chance to watch a good amount of it."

(on if he's pleased with how Hard Knocks portrayed him) "Well, I mean, they portrayed me exactly who I am, you know? I'm not putting on an act. I'm just acting who I am and that's how it came out."

(on the scenes in Hard Knocks with his family versus the ones with RB Alfred Blue) "Well, it's very different worlds right there of the life I live, but that's pretty much how it goes, you know? I let it all out here and then I go home and play dad and just relax."

(on facing QB Peyton Manning in the Broncos game being good for him) "Yeah, it is. We had that experience last year too of three days of practice and a preseason game, so, if anything, you got to practice against the best and it'll make you better, so we're excited for the opportunity to go against them, compete and see what both of us have."

(on Broncos QB Peyton Manning's style of play) "Yeah, it will keep you on your toes the whole game. It'll get all of your communication down. You know, you've got to be ready mentally and it's always a challenge."

(on LB Coach Mike Vrabel being a perfect fit for him) "Yeah, we definitely know each other a lot better this time than last year, but it's been awesome. He's been a guy, I was just telling him, I looked up to growing up and now to be able to play for him is very cool."

(on the best thing about LB Coach Mike Vrabel) "His intensity. His intensity, but his football IQ is as sharp as anyone out here, you know, he's a really, really smart football guy. It's one of the main reasons he played in the league for 14 years. So, he's a great guy and he wants the best out of all of us, so he strives for it every single day. He coaches hard, but he wants us to be great."

(on his thoughts about facing Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak) "It'll be exciting. It'll be good to see him, but at the same time, he's a good coach, so he's going to have a lot out there and get us running around the field and get us in some tough situations. He's a very good offensive mind, so you know, it'll be a good game plan for us to go against."

(on being available offensively in goal line situations) "Offensively? We'll see. You know, we'll see. I mean, I can get one yard every time, so that's not hard for me."

(on LB Coach Mike Vrabel talking fast at meetings) "Well, it makes you sharper, too. You got to be on your toes the entire meeting. I think it's good, there's no days off and no one is too laid back in our meetings and he's kind of an on edge kind of coach, but it makes us sharper, it makes us mentally quicker, and it puts us in on-field situations just even in the meeting room, so I think it's benefitted us all really well."

(on comparing this training camp with other training camps he's gone through) "To be honest with you, this has been my favorite and maybe my best camp. You know, just because I have a whole new appreciation for the game and being out here and whether it's the hot weather or the tough practices, I don't really mind it anymore. Because there's been camps where I haven't been able to play, there's been seasons and games that I've missed, so now to be back and feeling like my old self again, I'm very grateful."

S Quintin Demps
(on if there are different schemes from the last time he was in Houston) "Well, it is my first day. Like you said it is a whole new coaching staff so it is different, but at the end of the day, it is hash marks, touchdowns, field goals, and there is a football going around. It is football."

(on if he had been in contact with Houston long before they signed him) "No I have been a free agent for a while, so just staying ready. Believing that I can get another shot. Staying ready, staying hungry, and just keeping the faith, and keep pressing.."

(on what he hopes to bring to the team) "I am just here to compete and do the best I can to bring competition, to bring leadership, and to bring a vet mindset like 'hey we have to win, we have to win now.'"

(on what he thinks about the secondary) "Like I said I have played with Kareem (Jackson) and J-Jo (Johnathan Joseph), Eddie Pleasant. So I am very familiar with these guys."

(on how it felt to return an interception for a touchdown in practice) "It was a good play. It felt good though getting my hand on the ball. Anytime you can do that in this league it is huge."

(on what it was like to have the team celebrate with him after the interception) "J-Jo (Johnathan Joseph) was the first one there, we are like brothers. I played with him three years, that's my guy. Him, Kareem (Jackson), and Eddie P (Eddie Pleasant). They are like family."

(on what Head Coach Bill O'Brien said he was expecting from him) "Just coming in and competing. It is training camp. It is about competition all the way through February. Just coming in to compete and put it on the film. Don't talk about it, be about it."

(on if he will be involved with returning) "Hopefully, hopefully."

(on if it was a coincidence he is back in Houston or if there were still ties) "(GM) Rick Smith is still here, so like I said, there are a lot of familiar faces."

(on playing in this defense) "Yeah, this defense. I love the defense. I didn't so much really fit New York's defense. I'm a 3-4 safety, so I'm excited about that. Really excited about that."

(on if he will contribute to special teams as a kick returner) "I am going to contribute anyway I can. Just get in where I fit in, and let the chips fall where they may."

(on how big of a process it will be to learn the new concepts of the defense) "This is my eighth year, so there is not much that is different. It is more so the verbiage, the concept are still going to be the same. It is still football at the end of the day."

(on his best memory from playing for Houston in previous years) "Going to the playoffs. Bringing the playoffs here against the Bengals that year. No better feeling than that."

(on if he feels a connection with the Texans) "Exactly, by far, this is my favorite team."

(on if he thinks the Texans can make the playoffs) "No question, no question. Just the leadership, man, and the leadership and the comradery already. It's a young team, but it's also got some vets where need be. That's going to bring us together."

WR DeAndre Hopkins
(on if anything changes with QB Ryan Mallett starting this week) "No, nothing changes at all. We're still going to go out and execute our game plan. I think Mallett is going to get the job done doing that."

(on how he would describe the quarterbacks) "All those guys are out here working hard. They're all striving towards the same goal and that's to get wins for this team. Individually, I really can't categorize them because they're all doing the same thing."

(on if he favors one of the quarterbacks) "No, not at all."

(on how it feels to know Head Coach Bill O'Brien thinks he is a force in the league) "I really don't consider words. I go out and play on the field. My actions are going to speak for themselves, no matter what people say, what I'm going to do. I got to go out and prove it."

(on if he enjoys working with the veteran wide receivers) "Yeah, there are some older guys in there like Cecil (Shorts) and Nate (Washington). Me going into my third year, those guys played a lot more football than I have. I'm still asking those guys questions about what to do and what not to do on the field. We're all helping each other out. Even the young guys, they're helping each other out as well."

(on WR Keith Mumphrey) "He's working hard. He's out here trying to compete for a job. He's coming out every day competing."

(on the depth at receiver) "Yeah, we got a lot of athletes out here. We've got a lot of guys that can make plays. They're going out and doing it every day."

(on WR Jaelen Strong) "Yeah, Jaelen, he's a guy that's working hard. He's in the film room, he's studying, he's asking a lot of questions, what should he do and what shouldn't he do. I'm really not too concerned about him because he's improving. That's all that matters as long as he keeps going on."

(on if he was similar to WR Jaelen Strong when he was a rookie) "Yeah, of course. I tell him that all the time. I was just like you, man, I was out here making mistakes, thinking and not so much going out and playing. But once you pick up the speed of the game and get in your play book, it's second nature."

(on when he started to feel comfortable in the NFL) "I would say, I kind of got broken in early, the San Diego game. The catch I had, it was Monday night. It was a diving ball and I won it. It was a pretty big play for our team. I'll say that kind of broke the ice for me."

(on if that was his first regular season NFL game) "Right."

(on how it was getting ready for that game) "I was nervous, I'm not going to lie. It was a Monday night football game. Everybody was watching. Coming off the season we had before, there was a lot of attention on us. I was nervous, I'm not going to lie, I was very nervous from what I recall."

(on how he handled the nerves pregame) "I handled it well. I just went out and first possession I was thinking a lot. After that, I went out and played. Once I caught my first pass, it was kind of like, 'okay, this is what I do. This is my job.'"

(on if WR Jaelen Strong's mistakes are due to nerves) "Yeah, I see the mistakes he makes, he thinks a lot. That just comes with getting comfortable with this offense."

(on S Corey Moore) "He's another guy that's out here working. These guys that we have that are young, they're out here trying to prove themselves that they belong out here. They're doing a good job."

(on acting like a long time veteran) "That's how I was raised, man. That's how I was raised."

(on if he talks to the younger receivers) "Yeah, I talk to those guys all the time. Not just in here. We're eating lunch, we're talking about things that they can improve. They're always asking me questions, so I'm always happy to do deliver an answer."

CB Kareem Jackson
(on if it is good to face Broncos QB Peyton Manning in the preseason) "Definitely. Anytime you get a chance like that in preseason. We know we are going to get a lot of looks from him. They will probably run some hurry-ups and tempo. Like I said, it just give us a chance for us to see where we are as a defense, see some things we need to work on and see if we can go out and execute against one of the best."

(on if he already has answers about the defense or if facing Broncos QB Peyton Manning will help them get there) "I don't know about having the answers now. For us this is all about going out and executing the game plan. Going out and communicating as a defense, us all being on the same page, us all forming and flying to the ball. Anytime we can do that, regardless of who we are going against, I think we will have a pretty good chance."

(on what S Rahim Moore has added on the field and in the locker room) "He is very vocal out there. A guy like that has played a ton of ball. Just being around him in the film room and on the field you can tell right off that he is very vocal, very confident in what he does, and I think he brings a lot to the table as far as helping us as a defense and getting us all on the same page, communicating with the rest of the guys on the back end."

(on what new addition S Quintin Demps will bring to this roster) "He will bring some versatility, he can definitely help us. He made some good plays out here today that is just the guy that he is, the type of player he is. He is a fast learner. I think this is year eight for him so we expect him to come in and jump right in the fire. He did a great job of that today."

(on everyone celebrating S Quintin Demps' interception together) "We were all happy to see him when he came in for his work out. For him to be out here on the field with us again is definitely a lot of fun. We are definitely excited for him. We are happy to have him back and definitely embrace him with open arms. We know the type of guy he is, the type of worker he is, so we are definitely happy about having him back."

CB Johnathan Joseph
(on if the Broncos coming into town elevates the interest this week) "Yeah I think in this league during preseason, from week to week you always want to try to get better. The guys go out and play a little longer than they did the week before. Obviously going up against (Peyton) Manning is always a challenge. Anytime you have that task ahead you kind of get yourself a little more focused."

(on this being the first time former Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak will be in town playing against the Texans) "Yeah, it will, but at the end of the day it's all business, it's nothing more than the game and we can't look at it like nothing other than that. Obviously it'd be good seeing them again and some of the familiar faces over there on that side of the ball and that coaching staff and things like that, but it'll be all business."

(on how he feels his unit has progressed during the last couple of weeks) "I think we've done really well. Guys coming out and making contested challenges on each throws back there on the back end, we're communicating a lot well. Overall as a defense, guys are getting in the right spots and we're making plays and we're competing, and I think that's the biggest thing we need right now while we're in training camp."

(on CB Charles James II) "Charles is another one of those guys, came in late last year, picked up the scheme well, did some good things for us last year and continued it throughout OTAs. He brought the same mentality to training camp. He practices hard each and every day, goes all out, competes, he can play multiple spots, he's coachable, he's a great guy in the locker room, he's fun to be around, so he's a great teammate. I think he's done a tremendous job so far in training camp."

(on if he is pulling for CB Charles James to make the squad) "Without a doubt. Everyone has a different story around here, things like that, so the more you get to know someone, the more you start to feel their pain a little bit, but at the end of the day it's all business and things like that. We both understand the sides of it. He has our full support and we go out there and push each other, one another every day, and we just go out there and try to pick each other up when we're down."

(on signing S Quintin Demps) "I played with him for a few years when I first got here. He's another one of those veteran presence guys that played a lot of football in this league, capable of making big plays. He came in and stepped right in today and made a big interception down there in two-minute, and I think he can help this football team out in many ways because he's pretty good on kick return and special teams as well and he can play defense as well. I think having a guy like him back around is good."

(on what playing in the second preseason game means for him) "Oh, anytime you hit the field you have to keep the mentality the same. You always want to win no matter what it is. If it's video games or doing anything, this happens to be a real game so you definitely want to win this game. But I think most importantly, guys have to go out and get good work, do the things that they did on the practice field, that they learned in the classroom and take it to the game field and let it translate. Nothing more than that."

DE Fili Moala
(on being added to the Texans roster) "It is a breath of fresh air. It is good to have a job for the time being. Just coming out here and trying to make this team and trying to be an asset."

(on what head coach Bill O'Brien expects of him) "He is expecting me to be myself. They understand there is a little rust there to knock off, but I think they know that at the end of the day I am just a footballer. I play hard, give maximum effort, and I think that is what they are banking on. The leadership comes along with it. I just have to keep my head down and grind."

(on what the recovery process was like as he came back from an injury) "It was a long process, but I have a true love for this game and so I wasn't going to go out like that. I understand the situation, I understand the magnitude of this, so I have going to make the most of my opportunity and go from there."

(on if it is strange playing for the Texans after being with the Colts) "That was my home for six years. It is a little bit different, but at the same time at the end of the day it is football. The field is still 100 yards long and the width is still 53 and a half. You still just have to play ball out there every day."

(on if he feels like he is in good shape physically for this opportunity) "I feel like I am in great shape, but football shape, those are two different things. As the days go by, we will get where we need to be and we will keep pushing."

(on playing with ILB Brian Cushing for the first time since college) "It is always good seeing family. We have stayed in touch over the years, our families are close. We know each other really well. It was kind of a familiar face in a not so familiar place. It was good to see him and we will work together like we did in college."

(on if he spoke to ILB Brian Cushing about recovering from a torn ACL) "At the end of the day, it just comes down to you as an individual and how bad you want to get back. You can talk about things all you want, but you still have to go out there and put in the work."

FS Rahim Moore
(on what the team needs to work on and what he needs to improve) "Team-wise? Just communication, open field tackling and really just making all plays, you know what I'm saying? If we ever get on our heels, let's not get confused. Let's stay focused, keep our poise. For me personally, I didn't like my performance the first game. I was a little anxious, but I felt like I let the team down, so I'm looking forward to me getting better this week. I approach practice differently, like as if I could get cut. Seriously, that's how bad I felt and you know, team-wise, I feel like we had an overall good game. We got a good opponent coming in this week. It's going to be a big test for us."

(on taking the performance against the San Francisco 49ers personally) "Absolutely. That's just how I am. If you do bad, it's not a good thing, you know? You always want to improve and be real with yourself and that's one thing I am. The film doesn't lie, so it tells the truth."

(on what he wants to show the Denver Broncos this weekend) "I mean, that I am who they thought I was, you know? That I'm still Rahim Moore, that I love the game of football and my love now is for the Texans. My love was once for the Broncos. I have no hard feelings. I had a great experience there. I had some great players that I played with and now I have the same type of talent on this team as well, so big ups for the Broncos, but now I'm a Texan and I'm excited about it."

(on looking forward to facing QB Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense) "I mean, it's preseason. You always want to be looking forward to facing anybody. It's going to be a tough task because I know how Peyton operates. I know how the offense operates. It's the reason why they've been the top three in offense for the past three or four years, so we got a big head on our shoulder right now."

(on whether it's harder or easier knowing QB Peyton Manning's tactics) "It's harder. One thing about Peyton is that in his offense that whatever you've seen the week before, they're not that same team. They're going to constantly get better and that's scary. So, I believe it's his first time playing in preseason, so he's going to be ready, the whole teams going to be ready. So, so are we."

(on what he attributes his performance against the San Francisco 49ers to) "No, I'm always focused. It's the rust. And I feel like a few tackles I missed that I could have made those. But that's the only time you're going to get real, true, live experience. So you just go back to the drawing board, see what you did wrong and I fixed those mistakes this week in practice, so I'm looking forward to just going out there and putting something else better on film."

(on giving back to Dorsey High School in his home town) "Well, in the inner city, man, it's tough. People are struggling. I struggled. We never was fortunate to have the top notch gear and I've always wanted to redo my weight room. I've always wanted to give back because I love Dorsey. I grew up playing on that same field at Pop Warner, my brother played there and it's a certain connection that I have. So, when I was able to get some more money in my pocket because I was able to give. So, every year that's my goal to give some money. I gave them a good portion of money. I want to see my high school do well because guys like me and other players in the NFL if you give back, it keeps the competition. It keeps the recruiting big. And I'm excited for it. I was very happy."

(on how his high school experience at Dorsey shaped him) "It's the reason why I'm here. It's the reason why I'm putting in extra work after practice. Dorsey showed me a lot and it was even- for me, seriously, I was either going to play football or be in the streets in tons of gang violence, living in old ways that you don't want to be living in. A lot of that is due to my mom, her introducing God in my life and us being Christians helped us overcome those obstacles. And just approaching football, it saved my life. It kept me out of trouble, man, because if there's no football, then what else is there to do?"

(on going back to Dorsey High School and if the new weight room has been started) "No, not yet. I just gave money for like the helmets and jerseys and new staff wear, on-field equipment, stuff like that. So, they should be taken care of for the next two, three years. My next goal is to redo the weight room. I probably will do that next year."

(on the Dorsey High School coach looking sharp in the new gear) "Absolutely, absolutely. Nike everything."

DE J.J. Watt
(on if he will play in the second preseason game) "Whatever the coaching staff asks me to do, I'm going to do."

(on what he would like to work on) "Everything. I'd like to work on many different things. I could go through a list, but there's things to do in the day."

(on his impressions of Linebackers Coach Mike Vrabel) "I mean, he's a good coach. Obviously, he's had success in the league, he's had success as a coach, so I think the guys respond to him because he's played in the league, because he's had experience. When it comes from a guy who knows what he's talking about, it's a lot easier to listen."

(on new S Quintin Demps getting an interception in his first practice) "Right, right. Yeah, I mean, down there I think that was the situation where we were last play of the game, so it's to win the game. That won the game for us, so it's a good play."

(on how he sees S Quintin Demps fitting in) "I don't know. I'm not a safety guy."

(on if the team is improving the way he would like) "Yeah, we're doing a good job. I mean, obviously, we still have a ways to go until the first game. There's a lot of progress to be made, but I think the improvements that we've made so far in camp and the step that guys are taking are all going in the right direction. We're having a lot of fun. It's been enjoyable."

(on if he would like to play in the preseason) "I think I've played a total of maybe 20 or so plays in the last three preseasons combined. 2012, I didn't play any. The next year, I played I think two plays total and then last year was, I don't know, maybe a hand full. I really don't – the way that we practice and the way that I try and attack every day, I don't think it's completely necessary. But of course, like you said, I'd love to get out there and play the game anytime I can. If they'll let me play, I'll play. If they think it's in the best interest of the team for me not to, I won't. It really doesn't matter to me."

(on what he does during games when he's not playing) "Yeah, trying to help the young guys, doing whatever I can to help the young guys and give them as much as advice I can. Last game, it was a little bit of settling them down after their first series because some of them came off really excited, which is great. They love the game. They love the adrenaline. Then you have to just kind of remind them, just take a deep breath, play the game you know how to play. Try to give whatever advice I can give."

(on if he was too hyped up as a rookie) "Yeah, yeah. One thing we try to get across to the rookies, OB (Bill O'Brien) said it in the meeting, players are trying to tell them, don't leave it all on the field in warmups because we all know what that feeling is like that. You're so excited for your first NFL game. You're so excited to get on the field. You go out there in warm ups and all of a sudden, you're winning one-on-one's in warmups and you're pass rushing you're ass off. Nobody cares about warm ups. Just calm down, but I was the exact same way. I know exactly what it's like. You just have to remind them. Just take a deep breath. Let them enjoy the moment, but then also try and help them be the best they can be."

(on if he watched Hard Knocks last night) "No, I was asleep."

(on his hometown little league team playing in the World Series and what he would tell them) "Good luck. Go out there, have fun, represent the state of Texas. We have the games on in the cafeteria when we're eating lunch, so we see some of the games. Hopefully, they're on during our lunch break. We'll be watching, it's a lot of fun. I know Pearland was in it last year, so it's cool to have another Pearland team in it this year. I mean, it's Texas, so go out there and do big things."

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