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Texans Transcripts: Bill O'Brien


Head Coach Bill O'Brien**
(opening statement) "J.D. (Jadeveon) Clowney was suffering from a little bit of an issue with his groin, so we sent him to Philadelphia to have it check out by a specialist there. And we decided the best thing for J.D. and for the best team for our team and the best thing for the organization was to have sports hernia surgery. He had that yesterday and he will be back this afternoon and he will be ready to go for training camp. That is about all I will say about J.D. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask him."

(on if Jadeveon Clowney have the sports hernia surgery) "Yes."

(on the quarterback competition after organized team activities) "I think that Ryan Fitzpatrick has had a decent offseason. He's come in here and really picked up the offense well and he's been productive. And T.J. (Yates) and Case (Keenum) having to learn a new system after being in one system for a long time, they're also done a good job. (Tom) Savage is a rookie. He's a little bit behind, but you can see that he has some tools. He can throw the football and he works extremely hard. We'll make a decision there pretty soon as we head towards next week."

(on the backup quarterback battle) "I don't know. We'll see. We'll let it play out a little bit."

Happy Friday from the Houston Texans as they hit the practice filed for Day 10 of OTA's.

(on the kicking situation) "Those guys kicked the ball well today. They both kicked long field goals today. We really weren't rushing them, but I thought they struck the ball well. It is a good competition. You know, Randy (Bullock) obviously has the upper hand because of his experience. He's kicked in the league, but (Chris) Boswell has come in here and done a nice job too. We'll continue to have a competition at that spot."

(on the right tackle situation) "Derek Newton is our starting right tackle. He's had a good offseason. He's been here since the day that I arrived here. He's been working out, and when April 7th hit, he was here every day and he hasn't missed a day. He's been healthy and hopefully in continues that way. I think he's practiced well and we're looking forward to seeing how he does in training camp."

(on looking to add some depth at tackle) "I think we'll always look to do whatever is best for the team."

(on improvements to Derek Newton's game from last year) "I wasn't here last year, you know what I mean? It's a whole different thing when you get him on the grass and doing those things that he is going to do in this system."

(on things that Derek Newton is specifically working on) "Again, you know, in our system I think he has performed well. He is in good condition. He's lifted weights well and he's going out on the field and practiced well. Like everybody else out there, he's probably had his share of not so good plays, but he's had more good plays than he has the other way. We've been pleased with his progress. No doubt about it."

(on if there was a plan in place for Xavier Su'a-Filo knowing that he was going to miss time due to graduation requirements) "There is a plan for everything that we do. There is a plan for every single thing that we do; with every player, with every practice and with every part of installation. We knew that when we drafted him that he was going to have to go back and finish up his time at UCLA this year. That is where he is at and I believe that he will be back sometime next week. They have the iPads, and I believe that he took the iPad with him. He's been studying and he seems to be a very conscience kid. So when he gets back, we'll throw him right into the mix."

(on if the team is on schedule heading into minicamps) "I think so. I think the true test for any football player, especially on the offensive and defensive line, linebacker, fullback and tight end, is when the pads go on. As far as OTAs and heading into minicamp, we've thrown a lot at these guys. These guys have competed very hard. We've been pleased with the way that they practice. It is really a fun bunch of guys to coach. Every day I come here along with our staff and we feel good about who we are coaching and we feel like we are on target as far as what can we do in OTAs with no pads on. These guys have done, we've done two minute, we've done red area, we've done third down, we've done four minute, we've done backed up and we've done all of the special teams over and over again. As far as that goes, I think we're on track. When training camp comes we'll put the pads on, and at that time that is when you can really see who can play football."

(on why J.J. Watt missed practice today) "J.J., yesterday in practice, just had a little hyperextension on his knee. He is fine. It's not serious at all. We just gave him the day off today."

(on Keith Browner and trying to make it in the league) "That's a great football family. Keith is another guy that has really stood out to me as far as his work ethic. Since the day that I arrived here, he was another guy that was here on January first or second when I got here, and he's been working the whole time. He's been working extremely hard. A lot of times I would say that it is about a fit. I think for us right now it looks like he is battling in there at the defensive line spot as a two-gap defensive end. He seems to be learning and practicing well. Just like with everybody, he's had his share of moments that aren't so good. He's had his share of good moments too. The true test for those guys will be training camp."

(on his coaching style and how he is putting his stamp on the team) "I think we're all in it together. We're coaches and it is our job to teach these guys how we want them to play football in our systems and our vision. At the same time we want input, especially from the guys that have played a lot of football. We have a lot of respect for guys like Duane Brown, guys that have played a lot of football in this league, and there are many of those guys on this team. I think it has been a team effort so far. We're off to a decent start. You know, again, the true test will be training camp. For any football team, I think that is the big test. Like I've said before, I enjoy being around these guys. It is a very respectful locker room. It is a bunch of guys that want to work hard. They show up to work every day ready to learn and ready to practice hard. That is what makes coaching these guys fun. Again, like I said, when training camp starts, we really have got to find out who the guys are."

(on if minicamps are an extension of OTAs) "I would say they are about the same. I think the difference is that it is mandatory. That is the difference. The meeting schedules, the practice schedules and the afternoon schedules, those will all be the same. I think the big difference is that it is mandatory for the players and then we go from there."

(on if he expects Andre Johnson to participate in mandatory minicamp) "You know, again, I don't know. I don't know."

(on being called a person of stature by St. Thomas High School after a recent visit there) "I don't know about that. A really good Catholic high school in the area and Father Kevin Storey asked me to come over there and speak to the school and help fundraise. I went to a Catholic high school outside of Boston and it meant a lot to my life. It was an enjoyable evening."

(on if the depth chart he has in his mind is starting to form) "It is beginning to line up. No question about it. I think it is beginning to line up. I think, again, many of the positions, I don't want to get too specific about that, but in my mind, there are a lot of positions that in training camp we will really find out who the starters are. Once we get to training camp, how a guy fits, what his contact speed is, how he is able to fit into some of the things we do when the pads are on, and I think that is going to be the true test for everybody. I don't think I would sit here and say that these whatever 10 or 11 guys have nailed down starting jobs, but I do think guys have done a good enough job to be able say that right now a guy like Derek Newton is our starting right tackle."

(on how long the groin was bothering Jadeveon Clowney) "I don't think it was too long. I think it wasn't too long, but again you know, we looked at it as let's take care of it now and he will be ready to go for training camp. We're looking forward to seeing him in training camp."

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