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Texans vs. Jets post-game quotes

*Texans Head Coach Dom Capers *

(opening statement) "We knew coming into today we would get the Jets' best effort. The way they have been playing all year even in their losses they have all been close games. We felt that it would be the kind of game we would have to go out and find a way to make a play on the last play of the game. Similar to what we had to do against Jacksonville. It came down to a two-minute situation. They moved the ball down and the made their play. We got an excellent return from J.J. (Moses) to set us up with great field position with plenty of time left on the clock. We had our opportunity and we didn't make the play. The biggest concern for me in our last two home games is that we have been able to go out and move the ball right down the field early in the game and take a lead. Our execution has not been as good in the second half. We have to develop the ability to put a team away when you get them down. The challenge now for our football team is to be determined to look at this and find a way when we get a team down to be able to put then away. We had many opportunities in the second half."

(on second half execution problems)"You just have to keep working on it. It's something we have talked about. I think it's part of realizing that you have to have that killer instinct when you get up on a team. I thought we played an excellent first half on both sides of the football. We can't continue to give a team like the Jets opportunities in the second half."

(on second half play calling) "I didn't get the feeling we called the game any different in the second half than we did in the first half. We executed more efficiently than we did in the second half. That's what the case was. It was the case of the Jacksonville game."

(on the last play) "We were trying to get Andre on a crossing route inside on the final play. Yes, that was the design of the play."

(on Domanick Davis) "Well I think we see that Domanick Davis can really give us something in both the run, he did a good job running today, and as a receiver. He has excellent hands. He catches the ball well. He's stronger than what most people think. He's got good vision, quickness in terms of running the ball. I think you'll continue to get better. Today was a good start for him."

*Texans CB Jason Simmons *

(on coming up short)* * "It's very frustrating because we gave our heart, everybody played hard, and we all know that's what we are going to do. We are going to fight for four quarters. We just happened to come up on the short end of the stick on this one."

(on Kenny Wright's injury) "Kenny is a real integral part of our defense with him already replacing Aaron Glenn. We had to go a little further down into our depth, but I think everybody pretty much stepped up. Jason Bell came in and made a play. He is a very good cover guy. So guys stepped up when we had to."

(on the outcome) "The main thing is they made the plays and we didn't. It's so hard when we've made so many plays throughout the game but then we just came up short."

Texans RB Domanick Davis

(on his performance of 199 total yards)"That's good, that's good, but it could have been better if we win the game."

(on his final carry on 3 rd down and 3 at the eight yard line) "Man the Jets never gave up at any point in the game. They did a good job, and they came out in the second half and did a great job so we just couldn't finish them like we were supposed to."

(on his 100-yard performance) "It feels good knowing that I am the first Texans to do it but I think it would feel better if we would have won the game."

(on his post-game reaction) "It's tough because we knew we could have beat them. I think we just have to focus on putting teams away. We have lots of weapons and we can be an explosive offense. To do what we did and not win the game it feels bad. All we have to do now is regroup and get things going again."

(on his big rushing gains)* * "The offensive line did a great job. After watching the film on the Jets, we saw that they are an aggressive team. As far as my running today, I give credit to the offensive line because they did a great job."

(on his first half performance)* * "The first half we came out solid, we were moving the ball pretty much how we wanted to. In the second half they seemed to have more energy than us. We really need to work on putting teams away."

(on the difference between the offensive production in the first and second half) "The second half we started to pick up a few penalties. We jumped offsides a few times and it cost us when things like that happen and you keep moving back. The good thing is they're things that we can change and improve on."

(on the importance of starting) "It meant a lot to me. Running out of the tunnel and hearing my name called was a great feeling."

*Texans OL Todd Washington *

(on Domanick Davis)* * "He's the type of back a lot of people would love to have on their team. He'll drag about two or three people, make people miss, and he runs hard. He showed it today."

*Texans C Steve McKinney *

(on the outcome of the game) "That was one of those game where we cam out and were able to move the football on them and felt like we were dominating them up front. It felt like we outplayed them, we just couldn't get points on the scoreboard when we needed them. So it's frustrating."

*Texans FS Marlon McCree *

(on where the team goes now) "We have to come in here and watch film tomorrow, see where we went wrong and get better. We have to find a way to win a ballgame."

(on the loss) "You always want to win at home and when you go up 14-0, it's hard to swallow. The frustrating part is that we were stopping them and stopping them and then when we need to stop them, they break one loose on us."

*Texans PR/KR J.J. Moses *

(on the big return) "The guys did a good job up front blocking but I just kind of ran out of gas toward the end but sometimes that happens. I wish I would have went all the way but this is the National Football League and a lot of guys are fast. I gave it all I had and I wish we would have came out with a win, but the guys up front did a good job blocking for me. We have to hold our heads up high and keep fighting."

(on Domanick Davis) "He works hard every day at practice and he deserves everything he gets."

*Texans LB Jay Foreman *

(on the outcome)* * "They all hurt, but I guess when we felt that we had control of the game for the majority of the game and then let it slip away at the end. It probably hurts a little more."

(on the loss) "Last week we didn't play well at all so we bounce back and play well for 80% to 90% of the time but that's still not good enough. We need to play a lot better than we did."

*Texans QB David Carr *

(on his post-game reaction) "That was a frustrating game because we moved the ball. We had our first 100-yard running back. It's a good feeling but then again it's a horrible feeling because we lost."

(on the final play)* * "I told Andre not to feel bad about that because we were throwing to Billy. Andre was coming across in man coverage and Billy was sitting in the zone. It just happened to hit Andre when he was crossing. It's something that has never happened in practice. It's unfortunate that it happened."

(on the pass being intended for Billy) "Yes it was for Billy. I told Andre to not even worry about it. That's why he wasn't looking for it. It was man coverage, he was running across and trying to clear it out so we could hit Billy and it just happened to hit him."

(on the comparison to the Jacksonville game) "It was basically the same situation. We got up 14 points on Jacksonville as well. We didn't putter out, we just really didn't do much after that. We ran the ball better I felt today than we did against Jacksonville. But again we came up short and it's frustrating."

(on the losing factors) "They put up more points than us. And one thing that I've learned in this league is you can't let teams hang around because they'll beat you. We let them hang around and they beat us."

*Texans DE Gary Walker *

(on the game) "I felt like the first half we dominated them offensively and defensively, but they have a lot of character and they showed it in the second half. They just came out and stuck to the game plan and played hard. The team is a reflection of their coach, and he has got a lot of compassion for the game too."

(on the pressure on defense) "We just have to all get on the same page, and get everybody going in the same direction and we'll be fine. It's still early in the season, it's not time to panic. Everybody just needs to come in with the mindset of being part of the solution and not the problem."

(on the injuries) "Everybody is going to have injuries. Sure enough we miss Aaron Glenn. He is the anchor in our secondary but Marcus stepped up, Kenny Wright came in and played well, and Marlon McCree played well. Injuries are the nature of the business and we can only come here tomorrow and look at the game and get ready for the Colts."

*Texans WR Andre Johnson *

(on the final play) "It's real tough. When I came in the locker room and started talking to David he told me that the ball wasn't intended for me. It bounced off me, it was in my hands so I feel like I should have caught it."

(on if the ball hit him before he turned his head) "It snuck up on me, and it bounced off me so I feel I should have made the play on it."

(on the emotional burden) "It's real tough. Al you can do is put it behind you and keep doing what your doing on the field."

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