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The Harris Hurry Up: All done at the Greenbrier 

Well, the Texans time at the Greenbrier in 2018 has come to an end. The team will hop on a plane for Kansas City on Wednesday for preseason game number one. As such, the team did more in the way of preparation for the Chiefs so there's not a ton to report on Tuesday's practice specifically. So, I figured with my last Harris Hurry-up from West Virginia, I'd give you some final one sentence quick hitters from this camp.

-- It did this man's (and many others as well) heart good to see J.J. Watt healthy again.

-- Cornerback Kevin Johnson seemed to have 2017 in the rear view mirror and is ready to get back to his old self this year.

-- Quarterback Deshaun Watson was not held back one bit in camp and that...was...awesome.

-- I found out that linebacker Brian Peters can hold his breath under water for three minutes and thirty-five seconds...WOW!

-- Defensive linemen like All-Dressed chips that apparently you can only get in Canada and if you don't bring them to training camp, you'll catch some flak as Christian Covington found out.

-- This rookie class has been all kinds of impressive up here at the Greenbrier.

-- People still don't believe me that rookie tight end Jordan Thomas was a wide receiver at Mississippi State in 2017.

-- Running back Lamar Miller cut some weight before camp and it has paid off in terms of explosiveness and burst in all that he does.

-- Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins is as fun to watch as ever.

-- On Draft Night 2016, after Will Fuller V was drafted, Hopkins said no more double teams and if Will continues his ascent, he's going to create a definite conundrum for NFL defenses.

-- Guard Zach Fulton is one strong dude and his presence will certainly help the run game in 2018.

-- I'm not sure I've seen either rookie tight end - Jordan Akins and Jordan Thomas - drop a pass in camp.

-- Somehow, someway, safety Tyrann Mathieu will always be around the ball, no matter what.

-- And, by the way, Mathieu playing catch with kids during a break in practice might be my favorite moment of the entire training camp.

-- Linebacker Zach Cunningham creates so many opportunities scheme-wise for defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel due to his speed and athleticism.

-- Safety Corey Moore came up with a great pick near the end of Tuesday's last practice.

-- Rookie safety Justin Reid is going to be fun to watch and he seems to vibe with the veteran secondary already.

-- Catching a punt to get out of night meetings before a full day off is the best thing a rookie can do for his teammates.

-- Brandon "DJ Dunny" Dunn is still the best interview subject on the team.

-- The defensive linemen on this team are ath-o-letes, catching fades and slants to start practice last Sunday like champs.

-- I think linebacker Dylan Cole could play any position on either side of the ball and be successful.

-- Seeing Joe Webb in a red quarterback jersey run down on special teams is an odd, yet satisfying, sight.

-- I'm going to write about who intrigues me the most to watch in the second half, but I know three of them will be the rookie outside linebackers - Duke Ejiofor, Peter Kalambayi and Davin Bellamy.

-- And, fellow outside linebacker LaTroy Lewis has seemingly had a solid training camp as well.

-- Running back Troymaine Pope is pocket dynamite.

-- I'm anxious to see running back/returner Tyler Ervin flash during the preseason to solidify a spot on this roster.

-- Former Florida State star tackle Roderick Johnson missed all of his rookie year with Cleveland with an injury, so I'm intrigued to what he does on Thursday at Kansas City.

That's it from West Virginia, folks. The Harris Hurry-up thanks you for reading every day and we'll have more all the way through the rest of the preseason. See you in Kansas City!!

Check out some of the best shots from Tuesday's practice at The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

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