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The Harris Hurry Up: Day 1 at #TexansCamp

The Harris Hurry-up is live from the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV...let's go fast, let's go quick.


-- Loved seeing receiver Will Fuller catching the deep ball again. With ease.

-- Running backs kept trying linebacker Dylan Cole down the field during one-on-ones and lost every time...just like the Browns did in week six last year.

-- Wide receiver Bruce Ellington made a magnificent over the shoulder catch for a touchdown near the end of practice. He made that look way easier than that catch actually is.

-- The Texans two rookie tight ends snatched everything thrown their way.

-- Jordan Thomas is one impressive human being and has some juice after the catch.

-- Jordan Akins made two or three catches, with his hands, in tight traffic during the day. There was no body catching either, nothing but hands.

-- Man, it was great to see J.J. Watt back in action...and Deshaun Watson...and Nick Martin...and D.J. Reader...and Whitney Mercilus...and Christian Covington. That's a lot of firepower that was lost to injury last year.

-- Watt looked like he hasn't missed one minute in the weight room and I can't wait to see him bangin' in pads on Saturday.

-- One thing I noticed studying free agent signee interior lineman Zach Fulton was his strength. There were no pads on today, but I saw him take a Texans linebacker and literally shove him ten feet by the pile as if it were nothing.

-- I didn't see many dropped passes on Thursday at all, which when I think back a few years, that was a real issue.

-- Loved seeing the coaches challenge the linebackers/safeties/cornerbacks during one-on-ones forcing them to cover with no use of hands/collision. That's as challenging a drill as can be for cover guys to rely solely on read/react/redirect skills.

-- Running back Alfred Blue's pass receiving skills seem to have improved every single year in the NFL and he made a couple of slick catches during the one-on-one/seven-on-seven periods.

-- Linebackers had a ton of trouble slowing down running back Lamar Miller in pass periods.

-- Still trying to get used to a few number changes. Tyler Ervin is now #21. Dee Virgin is Ervin's old #34. Seantrel Henderson is wearing #76, which was worn for nearly a decade by Duane Brown.

-- Rookie receiver Keke Coutee has some serious next level quickness and speed, but his best overall trait might be his gluesticks for hands. He really snatches the football no matter where it's thrown to him.

-- Tyrann Mathieu is a Texan. Tyrann Mathieu is a Texan...maybe if I keep repeating myself, it'll sink in more and more. The star safety has such excellent instincts, whether it's cutting off a route in coverage or reading the QB/playing the middle of the field in zone coverage.

-- I missed seeing Andre Hal today and will for a while.

-- Rookie safety Justin Reid may have had the best effort on a play today when he executed a full layout dive for an interception down the field. The ball was overthrown and closest Texan was Reid and he did about a five yard dive, parallel to the ground and missed it by inches.

-- One player who demanded my attention was cornerback/ST star Johnson Bademosi. He had at least three break ups of passes in various periods.

-- Another guy that we'd love to see have a great camp had a great day for the most part - receiver Braxton Miller. He was tough to cover in one-on-ones and made a few stellar plays down the field as well.

-- Troymaine Pope...Troymaine Pope. Ohhhhhh, yeah, that dude is quick with some vision.

-- Watching Deshaun Watson throw the football is as fun as anything to do at training camp. I can't wait for the public practices back home in Houston so the fans get to see him in action.

That's the Harris Hurry-up on day one. A little training camp fodder to keep you up to date. I'll have more from tomorrow's practice in the afternoon on Friday.

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