Titans post-game quotes

Titans head coach Jeff Fisher

(On his 100th win) "This is our second win. I'm not thinking about that. We're focused on this season, and on our record this season."

(On his team's struggles this season) "That's a good team out there. We've had a couple of bad breaks this season, but we overcame them and showed what we can do today."

(On the Titans' opening drive) "It was a very good drive for us. We overcame some things in that drive. We came down the field and scored a touchdown right at the beginning, which is big because it helps to take the crowd out of the game. Of course, Houston came back with an almost identical drive and got a field goal."

(On holding the Texans to a field goal on their first drive) "That was important for us. It helped to set the tone for our defense and put us in a position where the lead we'd gotten in our first drive was still there."

(On why the roof was closed for today's game) "I think it was probably a sound thing. There's a good baseball game going on down the road, and I think they thought that maybe some of their fans would be watching that, so they wanted to keep it as loud as they could."

Titans QB Steve McNair

(On the offense) "We didn't turn the ball over on offense. We did the things we have been doing to make big plays. We minimized mistakes. We didn't turn the ball over. When you don't turn the ball over, you have a great chance to win."

(on team's focus) "We wanted to focus on being more physical, and the guys did that. The running game go going, we mixed things up in the passing game. It was hard out there today, but we just got to keep things going."

Titans WR Drew Bennett

(On win) "I think it went well. It was a game that we needed to win. I think both sides played extremely well. I think a sign of a good team is winning a game like this and then you go back and treat it like any other game. You take all the constructive criticism and look at your heart and get it right."

Titans CB Andre Woolfolk

(On the defense overall) "After we went up 17-9, the defensive line really stepped their game up. They kept pressure on the quarterback, which left less work for us."

(On his interception) "We (Keith Bullock and Andre Woolfolk) were both rushing the quarterback and Keith happened to put his hands up before me. He ended up swatting the ball in the air and I got a gift. I'll take that any day in this league."

Titans RB Chris Brown

(On his overall performance) "I felt pretty good out the today. At the beginning of the game I was not very consistent, but as the game progressed, my consistency started to show out there."

Titans DE Antwan Odom

(On the defensive game plan) "We wanted to stop the run first of all. Our game plan was to make their attack one dimensional. They were able to get some rushing yards but I don't think they ever really felt comfortable out there."

(On stopping the Texans on third down) "It was a real team effort. It probably killed a little momentum for them at times. Any time you can control a team like that on third down it says a lot about your team."

(On sacking the quarterback) "Last week was tough. We worked on our pass rush this week in practice. We knew that they have allowed some this year. Our offense really let us get after it by putting some points on the board and applying pressure."

Titans LB Keith Bulluck

(On the defensive pressure) "We had a four man rush most of the game so I credit our defensive line. They have been doing a great job all year. We blitzed a little but not as much as you might think."

(On his quarterback pressure and tip that led to an interception) "I was lined up on the tight end and (David) Carr gave me a little pump. I just got to him and got my hands in the air and Andre (Woolfolk) went up and made a play on the ball."

Titans TE Ben Troupe

(On his day) "Our receivers do a lot of things that people don't see to open things up for Erron (Kinney) and me. Our ends are able to do some things, and with our quarterback, it can lead to some big plays."

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