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Transcript: Texans Chair and CEO Cal McNair and President Greg Grissom | 8-23-2022


"It's a sad day for us here at the Texans. We're really heartbroken at the loss of our friend, Jamey Rootes. A 20-year-old friendship, Jamey led the Houston Texans business department at a very high level for two decades. He was also really involved with Houston and giving back, and one of his favorites was United Way. He'll be missed by his Texans family, he'll be missed by the Houston community and our sincere condolences go to his family, his wife Melissa and kids, as we all work through a difficult time."


Opening Statement

"On behalf of a lot of hurting teammates that had the honor of working with Jamey (Rootes) for 20-plus years, we're all hurting. We send our condolences to his wife Melissa and their family as the McNair's said. It's a tough day."

How are you hoping the organization can work through this tough time?

"We have more than 100 teammates over there that have worked with him for many years and we're just making sure we provide the resources for them to grieve, express themselves in the ways possible and want to make sure we pay our respects to the impact he had on our lives personally and our organization as a whole. We're just making sure we're giving space for all of that."

How is everyone holding up during this tough day?

"It's obviously a tough situation. Completely unexpected and very, very sad. We're sticking together as Texans teammates, holding each other up and doing the best we can."

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