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Transcripts: 10-29-2021 Press Conferences 


Who's your starting quarterback for Sunday?

"Davis (Mills) will start." 

What led to you making that decision?

"We just don't feel like Tyrod (Taylor) is ready right now." 

When will QB Tyrod Taylor be ready?

"Again, we are just taking it day-by-day, just like we did this week. He's made a lot of progress, but not enough progress to be ready to get back out there and be our starter."  

What are you expecting from QB Davis Mills?

"He's taken most of the reps in practice all week, just like he has been. Tyrod (Taylor) took some reps. But he's (Davis Mills) prepared just like he's practiced any other time as the starter." 

Will there ever be a point in the season where QB Tyrod Taylor is ready?

"I hope so." 

What do you think exactly needs to happen for QB Tyrod Taylor to be back?

"It's just time. You know, with the hamstring it takes time. Guys heal differently. He's making great progress but at this point we don't feel like he's where he needs to be to play the way he needs to play."

How do you guys feel you matchup against the Rams?

"Basically, just play good football. If we play good football, the reason we've struggled is because we've played bad football. We feel like we've had another good week of practice. If we play good football and take care of the football and do the things we need to do that we'll have a chance to win the game, just like we feel like every week. We just haven't done that."


What's challenging about playing against the Rams offense?

"Definitely a different quarterback. We played him (Matthew Stafford) before when he was at Detroit. But different team, a lot of skill players. I don't think it will be a challenge. It's just we've got to put everything together we've put in this week and just put it on the field. Like I said last week, we've got to find a way to play together and finish a game. Just like every Sunday, I think we have a chance. Any team has a chance to be beaten, so I think we just trust our preparation and go forward on Sunday, and just see how the chip lands."

What has been the tone in practice and the locker room this week?

"Energy has been good, coming from a loss. We're just trying to find ways to win each and every day. Spirits are high, everybody's kind of eager and encouraging each other just to stay on a positive note. Guys are flying around. We had a good day at practice today, had a great day at practice yesterday. We've just got to keep continuing to try to put things together."

In the closing quarters of the past few games, how do you stay focused when the game is out of reach?

"Just trying to eliminate the explosive plays. I think first half, last game, we had like six explosive plays. Those really take a toll on you toward the end of the game, building it all throughout the game, actually. We've just got to try to eliminate, for our defense, explosive plays. And then our offense, just try to execute the big ones."

Do you see a lot of the zone plays that the Rams like to run, and is there anything unique about the Rams' run plays with RB Darrell Henderson Jr.?

"They run a lot of the same stuff. It's just different formations. Like you said, it's a big zone team, big gap scheme team. I think we have a good game plan going in this week, just trying to find a way to make them one-dimensional. We've got to earn the right to pass rush. Up front, we know we have a big job to do. It's a great team we're about to play, but I think we have a great opportunity to expose their O-line and their offense, as well, just doing the things that we're being coached to do and the tendencies we see going into this week."

What have you noticed from DL Jonathan Greenard and how do you guys work together?

"J's (Jonathan Greenard) a dog, man. Jon's a dog. He's just finding ways to get back there. We all kind of work together in sync. We all try to figure out ways for each other to win. I may do something on a play that I may not get a sack or tackle on, but I was the reason why that person may have got a sack, and vice versa with anybody else on the D-line. We all kind of just feed off each other, we work together, and things happen. Get in big games, show up. We showed up last week, we showed up several weeks and several other games, but we just need, as a whole team, everybody to show up. That's just speaking from a D-line person in that room."

What's been most impressive in DL Jonathan Greenard's growth from last year?

"Just seeing him grow every day, from when we first started. Coming from COVID, the COVID year draft, and just seeing how much we've progressed, both of us. Just seeing him shine. We've had long talks, and I know he's ready to take over. Each game he's just getting better and better, and it's exciting to watch. I'm beyond happy for him, and I just know the sky's the limit for him."

Is the confidence as a whole defensive line growing, and do you guys have a nickname for yourselves?

"Do we have a nickname? Nah, but when we sack quarterbacks, we've got a board up in our room. It's 'Sacks Fifth Avenue'. We were thinking of 'Sack City', 'Sack Town', but we picked 'Sacks Fifth Avenue' since the guys like fashion in the room."

Who's the most fashionable in the room?

"Oh, please don't start, because I'm going to say me. But if Chuck (Charles Omenihu) was in here, he would argue. I'd say the person who's into fashion the most that room is definitely Chuck. Charles Omenihu, he can dress. But we've got a big, humongous board, says 'Sacks Fifth Avenue.' We've got faces of all the quarterbacks we've sacked, signed pictures, draw a doodle on their face, or whatever."

Is the sack leader going to get a gift card or something?

"We better. We better get something, I don't know. I've got to get up there with everybody else. I've got to catch up with J.G. (Jonathan Greenard). But I hope he'll get a little something after the season."


What do you think about going up against Aaron Donald and a player of his caliber?

"Looking forward to the matchup. He's a great player. They got a great defense in general. Looking forward to stopping him. Hopefully, we can do good this week."

How much does the running game change without Mark Ingram II?

"I don't think it will change. Mark's a great player. I was happy to have him for the time we did have him. But I think guys like Scottie Phillips will come in and step up. We still got David (Johnson), still got Phillip (Lindsay), so I think it won't change."

Has an offensive lineman how much do you have to keep an eye on Jalen Ramsey?

"I know when we played the Jags, he was traveling around, covering D-Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) when I was here. Now, he's a star in their defense. He blitzes more so we have to watch out for him in certain formations because he can blitz and he's a very good blitzer. We got to keep an eye out for him."


What are your thoughts on being the starter again with QB Tyrod Taylor's health situation? What is your readiness for Sunday?

"I mean, nothing has changed. I feel like I've been prepared every week and this week. Ready to go out there and play fast this Sunday."

Who are you rooting for in the World Series?

"It's a tough one. I went to the game on Tuesday, had an Astros shirt on. That's where I live now so I'm rooting for the Astros. Wouldn't be too upset if the Braves won. Grew up with season tickets and grew up a fan. It's a win-win either way."

At what point in the week were you told you would start?

"Later in the week. We were seeing if Tyrod (Taylor) would be able to go. Unfortunately, he's not fully ready yet but I was told yesterday. Got the reps for practice. It was a later in the week decision, but I'm ready for it." 

What do you think has held you guys back from making explosive plays as an offense?

"I think just continuing to execute on first and second down. Kind of put ourselves in advantageous positions where if we have a second and short, we can take a shot, rather than having to play from behind the chains. Just continuing to mix it up first and second down. Keep pushing the ball down the field, sustaining drives. It will come." 

What has the relationship been on the sideline with QB Tyrod Taylor?

"Ty's (Tyrod Taylor) been great. I mean obviously he's still in there, game planning with us, watching film, bouncing feedback off each other. If I have any questions always go to him. He has a ton of experience and has helped me out in that regard. He's been a great supporter while I've been playing. We're both willing to do whatever it takes to win games, so he's been there."

What do you think has been different between the two home games compared to the away games? Is there something different for you?

"Not too much. Obviously, you like playing in your home environment. You don't have to deal with the crowd noise of the away stadiums and just all the travel and everything like that. I don't think too much has been different. We've just played better I guess at home."

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