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Transcripts: 12-3-2021 Press Conferences 


How do you feel about the progress of the offensive line?

"I'm in with the O-line, just really getting that time with each other. We've been doing some rotating around. It's been good to get Justin Britt back out there. He kind of brings a consistency to the O-line, having that veteran in the middle there. That's been great for us this week."

After reviewing the run game after the bye week, what are some of the things that are helping you?

"It's all about finding consistency for us. There's little things you can change up everywhere, whether it's a little technique somewhere, bad calls somewhere. Something we've really done is just getting a hat on a hat, doing our job, running our feet, and that's when we've had the good plays in the run game."

When you have a rookie at center, is there anything that the others on the line have to pick up the slack for?

"I don't really think so. Jimmy (Morrissey) really impressed everybody going in there as a rookie and starting those games. That's a hard thing to do coming in and playing as a rookie, let alone a center. He really seemed wise beyond his years, so he did a great job for us."

What have you taken away from OL Tytus Howard moving to different positions?

"He's such an impressive player. Watching somebody that can really play anywhere on the O-line, basically, just ready like that. He's such a good athlete, such a good player. And then really, just his attitude and willingness to play anywhere, I think that was huge for this O-line this year."

What do you see from the Colts pass rush?

"They have a great defense. You've got to keep an eye on No. 99 (DeForest Buckner) at all times. You've got to know where No. 53 is, (Darius) Leonard. They really focus on getting the ball, and they're really good at that. So, they're an impressive unit up front. It's going to be a good test for us."

Have you ever practiced the peanut punch?

"I've not done it, but he has perfected that. So, that's something we all know about."

What are the protection issues that have been allowing sacks recently?

"It'll be a small thing. Everything's different, everything. It could be about communication up front, it could be a fundamental thing. So, we've been really taking a look at those, finding out where those issues are and really focusing on fixing those."


How have you prepared to fill in at wide receiver this time?

"Just the same thing I did last time. Just studying the plays, making sure I know what my job is out there, and that when they call my number, I'll be ready to perform."

From your first time playing, how much have you learned since?

"A lot. I'm a vet, so I've been playing for a while now, so it's just being consistent, doing the same thing every week to get prepared for a game. This is the second time we've played the Colts, so we got to watch some film on them, so that's going to help a lot. At the end of the day, it's just about me studying my plays, knowing what I've got to do out there in my role."

What's prevented the offense from pushing the ball downfield?

"I don't know anything that really prevented us besides us just not taking those shots ourselves. We've been practicing more on the offense during the week. As long as we keep striving to make that our priority, and continuing the run game helps open that up, too. That's all we've got to do."

When the offense is going three-and-out at a high rate, does that prevent the passing game from getting into a flow?

"Definitely, because the big thing about the offense is being on the field and getting to see defensive looks and getting the defense to see certain plays to set up those deeper passes. If we're just going three-and-out, we're not going to be able to take those risks and take those shots, because we're just trying to get the offense rolling first. I believe if we get these three-and-outs taken care of by just executing and not shooting ourselves in the foot, we'll be able to be a more explosive offense."

With so much movement in the slot this year, what's that been like as a group?

"We've got a bunch of pros in our receiver room, so everybody's ready to perform whenever it's their name or their number being called. At the end of the day, like I always say, you've just got to know every position and just be ready to go when they call you."

What are some things that you've done to heighten ball security going into the game with the Colts?

"We've seen on tape that they're a defense that emphasizes that. At the end of the day, ball security comes down to the man carrying the ball. You've got to secure it and make sure, just little things. I know every day we start practice with the ball security drills, so that's always important to this team and this offense. We're going to make sure we secure it."


What do you see from Jonathan Taylor and the season he's having?

"He's having an amazing season. He's hitting the hole really hard and these guys are missing tackles on him. He's got the long speed to really hit a home run. We've just got to be up to the task, stay in our gaps and tackle him."

What makes the Colts effective in run-pass options?

"The fact that they do a lot of play-action, and then they run the ball hard. I think once you've got a running back who runs the ball hard, you get everybody else more aggressive on the run and kind of open up the pass. A little bit more for the over the top passes, too."

What progress have you seen in the defense limiting deep passes?

"Just reading our keys better, everybody working better on the back end to limit the big plays. We've just got to keep doing a good job and working at that."

What is the key to playing better against play-action?

"Taking some steam off of them, and really coming up and helping on the run so we can really pin our ears back and play more aggressive, and not let them dictate what they do."

Having played the Colts before this season, does that help you guys, or does it not really matter?

"Division games are always a little bit tougher since you know the opponent. It maybe plays a little bit of a part, but you know them, we know them, they know us. So, you've just got to see who executes better that day."

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