Transcripts: Brandin Cooks Press Conference (8-6-2020)

How much time did you have to work with QB Deshaun Watson in the offseason and how have you built chemistry with him after reporting?

"I think one of the important things this offseason was figuring out a time and way to be able to get together at least a couple of times in the midst of everything that's going on. I think he did a great job of that, getting the guys together. As far as now, it's great to be in the building, going through walkthroughs and being able to watch film together and understand what he's looking for and what he likes. I think we also have been doing a great job of that as a group as well."

How would you describe what you thought the wide receiver position would be when you first entered the NFL and what have you learned as you've played longer?

"That's a great point. I think as a young guy you come in and your focus is getting open and not really thinking about the whole grand scheme of things. But when you continue to learn and understand that there is always a timing and rhythm to every play, and it's not just about you, but how you run your route to get someone else open is just as important. I think that's one of the things that you've got to learn as a young guy coming in. Once you learn that, the faster you can learn that, I think the better off your offense is going to be."

How would you compare your chemistry with QB Deshaun Watson this season to past quarterbacks you've played with at this stage in a normal season?

"I think this is the first time we're dealing with an offseason like this, so I don't think comparing would be fair. I think we just did a great job of getting together when we can. We have to make sacrifices. A lot of the stuff that was going on and understanding that we were limited, so I don't think it's fair to compare to past offseasons with other quarterbacks."

What are some of the things that you've learned about QB Deshaun Watson after working with him in person?

"I think it was more so watching film and just getting in person like, 'man, this guy throws a beautiful deep ball on the film, but is it like that in real life?' That was definitely the case. It's so effortless. His talent is out of this world. When he's throwing the ball it just seems like it's so easy. To be able to match that up with watching film was incredible to see in person."

What do you expect from RB David Johnson this season?

"First of all, when you think of David Johnson, you talk about a guy that came into the league and has been special since the moment that he stepped foot in this league. Not just in the backfield, but like you said, he can run routes and catch the ball out of the backfield. That's what I'm looking for, to be able to have a versatile threat like that on offense to pair up with everyone else we have. I just look forward to seeing him be special. I know that he's thinking to himself he has a lot to prove and I love to see that hunger from a teammate."

How will you all incorporate the running backs into the passing game this season?

"That's a great question. I think with the time that we're in right now is getting an understanding of the basic offense with the new guys and just honing in on the little details. As far as specifics, we're going to have to lean on TK (Tim Kelly) to be able to share that. I can't share that."

What advice are you giving the younger and undrafted wide receivers about how they can make the team?

"I think the biggest thing is telling young guys right now to follow around a vet. Typically, during this time you have a lot more freedom around the facility – whether it's taking care of your body. I think it's important for them to understand that picking a vet that you trust and following them when it comes to a routine so you can be around and be healthy. We don't have too much things to do outside of here anyways, so the best thing you can do is focus on studying and showing the coaches that you know what you're doing so when we do go out there full speed, we're not missing a beat."

How would you describe your career so far after moving around a lot?

"It's been a blessing for me. One of the things that I reflect and look back on when I have time is like, I've been blessed with special teams, special quarterbacks and great coaches. But at the same time, they have the blessing of playing with me as well. So, when it comes to the success that I've had throughout the league since I entered, I just plan on – things I can't control, I keep out of my hands and I just continue to focus on the grind and being the best teammate and best player that I can possibly be."

What is your mindset when you're playing with QB Deshaun Watson who can turn nothing into something?

"I think my mindset is going to continue to be the same – get open as fast as I can within the timing and rhythm of the play. If things break down, knowing that we have a quarterback back there that can escape and extend the play, but I don't want to have the mindset of thinking that I have a lot more time to do something just because of his abilities. I want to be able to take that pressure off him, as well."

What do you like about playing for the Texans so far? Also, how is your health entering this season?

"I feel great. I think the biggest thing that stands out right away is how much the staff cares about us as players. In this time, you come in and maybe are a little worried or a little hesitant. But gosh, they're doing everything they can to keep us safe and make sure we've got great food, great training staff, great weight room. I think that's been awesome just to be able to see how organized they are in such an uncertain time that we've never dealt with before. So, that's been pretty spectacular."

Do you have concerns about your past concussions? Also, do you know if there is any explanation for why you have had several concussions?

"Zero. For me, I'm not worried at all. If there was any hesitation or worry, I wouldn't be here right now. At the end of the day, things happen in this game that you wish don't happen. But when you start to learn through this process and you really start to get an understanding on what this is, there is just so much out there that people just don't understand that goes into it. Everybody thinks, 'oh, it's just impact.' But without going into specifics, I'm comfortable and I feel great and I look forward to continue to just do what I have to do and go out there and give it my all."

How do you think the other wide receivers on the team can help you be successful this season?

"It's funny you say that because I was talking to the wideouts the other day and I think one of the biggest things I tried to portray was like, 'listen, we all have such a special skillset. The beautiful thing is that we all can run.' Being on an offense where everyone can really take the top off – you look forward to it. At the end of the day, it's all about how we can help one another get open, like I talked about earlier, and understanding that there are so many targets out there to go around that we're all going to get ours. But when it's our time to help someone else out, give it your all, as well. I think having that attitude and mindset with the receiving group that we already have – I think it's going to take it a long way."

After playing with QB Drew Brees and QB Tom Brady, are there any lessons you have learned about their approach to the game that you can share with QB Deshaun Watson?

"I mean, I think you talk about – I know you mentioned Drew and Tom, but Jared (Goff) was a special guy as well. You talk about a guy who had a routine. From all three of those guys, I think it's all about finding your routine and what works for you. It's not going to look the same for everyone else, but ultimately what you see from those three guys is how much they put into their body and their focus on taking care of their body. As long as you do that, I think everything else is going to fall into place, so that's my biggest advice."

What have you learned in terms of taking care of your body and how important is that to you and your career?

"It's huge. I think the biggest thing is just having a plan. We talk about taking care of our body, you think of whether it's the massages or the deep tissue, but it's also nutrition as well. Everything ties a part into that – you know, sleep. You have this pyramid that if you focus on, it all goes back to ultimately how you feel and just talking about those key things – sleep and nutrition. The little things in paying attention, whether it's in the training room or the weight room, focusing on the little details. I think our motto this year, 'it all matters,' goes into taking care of the body as well."

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