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Transcripts: Eric Murray Press Conference (8-17-2020)

Can you talk about how difficult it is to be in your third system in three years and what can you bring to the defense?

"Being in multiple systems for multiple years, I think it's been good because there's a lot of carryover from the systems I've been in before. As far as what I can bring to the defense, I think I can bring versatility to the defense, to just be able to move around and confuse offenses so they can't get a good beat on what we got going on. That's what I believe I can bring."

In what ways do you and S Justin Reid complement each other and in what ways are you different?

"I think we complement each other just by the mental part of the game, just being able to be on the same page so we can fool [offenses] into whatever look we have going on there. I think in ways that we're different, he's more of an enforcer type. I think for me personally, I'm more of a covering type. I can still bring some physicality too, but I think that's what separates us."

What do you like about the competition in one-on-ones with the receivers and what do you like about the competition of camp so far?

"I really enjoy one-on-ones. I think it's a chance to be able to work technique and things like that. It's a very crucial part, that first five yards, to be able to disrupt the route and really get your initial read for what the route is to come down the field. I really take pride in that and just being able to stone those guys because they work really hard on those releases. It really just brings me joy, for real."

How much fun is it to celebrate when the defense gets picks in practice?

"I think it's good, especially because this year is going to be unprecedented, and we might not have fans and stuff like that. For the whole defense to come together and celebrate and to pick our brothers up, I think that's going to be huge for the energy and carrying over into the next quarter. Stuff like that is infectious, especially when there's no fans around. We have to really feed off each other."

When it comes to special teams, what's your approach to the guys who will make up those teams?

"I think it's what it's always been. We have to take pride in it and I think we have a bunch of people who do that. Once you establish a core group of special team players, it's up to that core group of people to lead the teams and believe that third phase of the game is really important. That's how you win football games and close football games at that."

How good do you think you and S Justin Reid can be as a twosome, once you get used to each other?

"I think whatever possibilities we have, I think it's really limitless. We're just learning new stuff and really getting a feel for each other. I feel like once we really click and get our comradery down as a group, it'll be real good."

There was a lot of chatter between the offense and defense on the field. How does it feel to play for a coach who is as passionate as Head Coach and General Manager Bill O'Brien is?

"It's definitely good, competitive fun, especially without those preseason games and stuff. Having that extra 'umph' to grind and dig it in and go against our brothers. That's always going to be good and that's always going to raise the level of competitiveness."

What have been your first impressions of S A.J. Moore Jr. so far?

"He's got a lot of energy. I love it when he comes in every morning and it' just infectious. He's been doing a good job getting the defense down. From what I know, he was a standout special teams player last year, so it looks like he's ready to take on a little bit of a different role – still contribute on special teams but also contribute on defense and stuff like that too."

Now that you've been on the field, how do you feel about the Texans giving you the opportunity to be a focal point on this defense?

"It's a great opportunity to just be part of something great. I think before I got here, they were building something great and now that I've been immersed into the culture and things like that, I still feel the same way. To be a focal point of that and go forward, I'm really excited for the challenge."

Based on your versatility, could you see yourself playing corner this season?

"Whatever they call me to do, that's what I'll do. That's how I've made my living in the NFL so far, so I don't see why I would stop doing that. With my coverage ability, that's kind of what I hang my hat on. That's what I'm going to continue to work at and work on my other weaknesses too, as well."

Did you ever find the pho place after watching the Netflix show on Houston food places?

"I haven't gone to it yet. I know the name of it. My family isn't here right now so I don't have much of a reason to get out. I just stay in my house and hermit up right now."

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