Transcripts: Jaelen Strong conference call

Take a look at Jaelen Strong's football career at Arizona State.

Arizona State Jaelen Strong spoke to members of the Houston media via conference call shortly after he was selected with the 70th pick by the Houston Texans.

(on how it feels to be a Houston Texan) "I'm just blessed, man. You can't be much more thankful than I am right now. I'm just happy that they trusted in me."

(on slipping out of the first round) "You know, I'm not really worried about that. I told the Houston Texans when I was down there, no matter which round I went in, I'm here to work, I'm here to be a competitor, and I can't wait to get there."

(on what the Texans told him during his visit) "Just being ready to come in ready to play and ready to be coached. Just very excited."

(on playing with WR DeAndre Hopkins) "Yeah, I'm very excited. I watched some games last year and saw what Andre Johnson did in that offense and in the passing game last year. I'm just very excited. I can't wait."

(on his wrist injury) "No, my wrist is fine. The Houston Texans tested my wrist when I was down there and they thought that everything was okay."

(on his strengths as a receiver) "Just catching the ball, going up and getting those 50/50 balls. I don't think my film lies at all. I'm just really excited. I can't wait to get there and see what the Houston Texans have in store for me."

(on if he has ever been to Houston) "I've been there that one time I just visited."

(on if he has ever visited Houston for fun) "No, I haven't."

(on his best quality as a receiver) "Big body, catching radius, and winning those 50/50 balls."

(on what the Texans told him about their plans for him) "I'm not sure. They just told me to come in ready to work and be ready to do what the coaches ask, which I'm always ready to do."

(on if he got any indication the Texans would draft him) "They said they liked me a lot. But at this point, I'm just blessed to be in this position."

(on what he knows about Head Coach Bill O'Brien after attending high school in Pennsylvania) "No, I never met him before. A friend of mine was being recruited by him and he told me a lot about him, but I never met him before until this."

(on what his friend told him about Head Coach Bill O'Brien) "My friend told me that he wanted to play for him. He was a great guy, shows a lot of character and just very, very excited."

(on if he feels any pressure after WR Andre Johnson left in the offseason) "No, that's what I look forward to. I look forward to stepping in big shoes like his."

(on if he looked up to WR Andre Johnson) "Yeah, I looked up to him. I watched him at the U (University of Miami), too, so I've been a fan of him for a while."

(on what he likes the most about WR Andre Johnson's game) "How he plays big, goes up and gets the ball. He is very physical."

(on who he models his game after) "I tend to watch guys like Brandon Marshall and Larry Fitzgerald."

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