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CB Kareem Jackson**
(on how it feels to re-sign with the Texans) "It feels great just knowing that I can continue my career as a Texan. It's a great organization and continue to build on what we started last year with Coach O'Brien and the new staff. I'm definitely excited about that."

(on why he didn't allow more time to field offers from other teams) "I kind of felt like we weighed our options. Talking with my agent, we talked with a couple of different teams and pretty much things were kind of similar with the other teams as well. I just figured staying here would be better."

(on if it was a nerve wracking making a decision in free agency) "No, I don't think it was nerve wracking. It kind of happened fast. It was slow at first and then the last couple of days we got it done."

(on if loyalty factored into his decision to return to the Texans) "Just being a part of this organization, them sticking with me through the thick and the thin when I was growing up as a player and as a man here in Houston. Like I said, we weighed our options, and we thought staying here was our best option."

A look at Kareem Jackson's NFL career in Houston.

(on CB Johnathan Joseph talking about how helpful continuity is as a secondary) "Definitely. Just being with him every day, being around him and learning from him these last four or five years has definitely has been a great help for me and my career. To continue to play with him and be in the locker room with him will definitely be something that I will definitely appreciate."

(on what it means for Bill O'Brien to say Jackson is one of his core players) "It means a lot for him to look at me like that. It means a lot. It just kind of shows that my hard work is not going unseen. Coach O'Brien is a great coach. Like I said, we definitely did some good things last year and I'm definitely eager to continue to build on what we started last year."

(on his progression from his rookie year to now) "I think it just shows, you know, how much hard work can definitely pay off. My rookie year, it was definitely a rough year for me but at the end of the day I continued to work, continued to get better in each and every way. That's what I wanted to do. I wanted to come in and get better each and every day. It got me to this point."

(on what about the Texans made him want to come back) "Everybody here is just kind of like family. You come in, you see smiles from everybody. Everybody is always joking and stuff like that. That're some of the things that I like. It's a business atmosphere, but at the same time, it doesn't really feel like that. I think playing this game, you definitely have to have fun. Last year, I think we started to have fun again."

(on if signing back with the team is in indication that he believes good things are ahead for the Texans) "Definitely, definitely. To go from 2-14 to what we did last year, it was a big improvement for us. We'll continue to build on that next year and for years to come. Like I said, we're definitely excited about the next couple of years."

(on how easy it was to gain confidence in the new coaching staff in 2014) "It was pretty easy buying in to the system with Coach O'Brien coming from his background, a winning background. He definitely had what it takes to come in and get everybody to buy in to the system. We saw it and we knew it would work. We definitely had to do that as a team and I definitely am glad that I can continue my career here."

(on how much he's watching what all is going on in free agency) "I'm watching, but at the same time I know my future. I think the coaches are going to make every move necessary to better this team. I'll just sit back and watch and see who will be here with us in OTAs."

(on what he saw from QB Ryan Mallett in 2014) "He definitely is very talented. He has that big-time arm. He's definitely a great leader out there. I think the coaches saw that as well. He'll be back with us next year."

(on the rumors of QB Brian Hoyer and his thoughts from playing against him last year) "I actually didn't a chance to play against him this year. Like I said, we all trust that Coach O'Brien is making the right moves to better this team. We'll just kind of leave it all at that."

(on how the locker room will change without WR Andre Johnson) "Just talking Andre, he will definitely be probably the greatest Houston Texan, or one of them. At the end of the day, it's still a business. It kind of shows that everybody has to handle their business and whichever way it will make the team better or for players you have to make the best decision to continue their career somewhere else. At the end of the day, we all still love him and we all appreciate everything he does for us."

T Derek Newton
(on how it feels to re-sign with the Texans) "It feels great. I'm just happy to remain in Houston and it's great for me and my family. It's a great feeling."

(on if there is some relief to have the contract signed and out of the way) "Yes, beyond a relief. Now I'm just trying to focus on football. I'm ready."

(on how special it is to be holding his own media availability) "Very special. There are a lot of cameras here. Nice."

(on if he is surprised how far he has come in his first four seasons in the NFL) "I have great confidence. I had a lot of great teammates along the way that helped me get to this. I just want to give them props for that. Family and friends and their support, I cannot ask for more."

(on seeing his hard work rewarded with a new contract) "It's great. I still have a lot of room for improvement and a lot of things to learn. I'm just ready to get it on the road."

(on what his family has said to him) "They're congratulating me and it's a happy moment for them as well as me. I just have to keep working hard, keep God on my side as all things are possible."

(on what message it sends to other players that it doesn't matter what round you get drafted) "Just keep working, man. Don't let anybody tell you what you can't do. Keep your head up and keep rolling."

(on what it says about the organization that they want to reward guys that do their jobs and work hard) "It's great. They believed in me from day one when I got drafted. Each year, it was, 'OK, Newt is in the fire. What is Newt going to do?' I just had to step in early while I was young and I had a lot of great players around me to grow off of and here I am now. This is my fifth year, still with the same team I got drafted with, it's pretty big."

(on if he feels any different) "A little bit, but I'm still the same guy. I'm just ready to get to work."

(on what his first big purchase will be) "I haven't thought about it yet. I've been thinking, family always comes first, and then it's me. I'm going to find something to buy for myself, some kind of toy to play with. Other than that, family first."

(on if he is keeping an eye on free agency and what is going on) "Yeah, I'm still watching that. You always have to keep an eye on your competition."

(on what cool things he has heard from his teammates) "Those guys have said 'Congratulations, all the hard work has paid off.' I learned a lot from those guys so it's only right that I keep growing and keep looking up to those guys to get better for years to come."

(on if he ever thought this new contract would never come when he struggled in his early years) "I had a few doubts, but you know my mom is always in my corner. I was talking to her every day and she would never let me get down. She would always keep me motivated. Going into my last year, I just had to put in the work. I did that and Rick (Smith) and Bob (McNair) rewarded me for it. Congrats to those guys and I'm ready to get back to work."

(on what he saw from QB Ryan Mallett last year) "Ryan, he has a high ceiling. He knows the offense in and out. Given the time that he was the starting quarterback, I saw a lot in him. I feel like he's going to come in and when it's his time, he's going to do what he's got to do to help us get a win."

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