Transcripts: Keith Mumphery conference call

Houston Texans Transcripts
WR Keith Mumphery
(Transcribed by Omar Majzoub)

(on how he feels) "I'm overwhelmed right now. I'm just thankful for the opportunity."

(on if he knew the Texans wanted to draft him) "I felt like I got the most interest from the Texans, but I didn't know what to expect. I was just sitting back, embracing the moment with my family."

(on why he thought the Texans were interested in him) "Throughout the process, I felt like they were more interested because they were the only team that actually worked me out. That was one of the main reasons why because they were the only team to work me out. So I'm like, there must be something if they are the only team that wanted to work me out."

(on his workout with the Texans) "I worked out at Michigan State. The workout was fun. It was fun to be able to compete and learn."

(on who was at his workout with the Texans) "I think we had a linebacker and I think a safety."

(on his strengths and weaknesses) "I'd say my strengths are I do everything with 110 percent effort. I make the guys around me better. I come to compete every day. I think my weakness is- I just got to continue to perfect my craft each and every day and just continue to be consistent. I think consistency is one thing I need to work, being more consistent every day."

(on who he was with when he got the call from the Texans) "My family, my grandma, my granddad, my dad, my mother, my auntie and uncle, my little sisters."

(on how he feels about joining the Texans wide receiver core) "I'm thankful for the opportunity. I'm ready to compete, that's it, I'm just ready to get there and compete. I don't care about who they drafted, I'm just ready to get there and compete, embrace the moment."

(on how familiar he is with WR DeAndre Hopkins) "Oh yes, I've watched him a lot before."

(on what he likes about how WR DeAndre Hopkins plays) "What I like about how he plays? Man, he attacks the ball. He attacks the ball like no other. That's one thing that I really love about him, how he goes up and gets the ball. He makes like some of the weirdest catches that you think he won't make."

(on what he thinks he might do special teams wise) "I can play every special teams, I can play every special teams."

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