Transcripts: Lonnie Johnson Jr. Press Conference (8-25-2020)

How pleased are you with the progress you've made in your technique this offseason?

"Before we start this, I would like to say arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor and the ones that shot up Jacob Blake. As far as my technique goes, I put in a lot of work this offseason and I just want to see the results. I've been seeing it, so just good offseason work."

How much do you feel like being a larger cornerback helps you and do you feel comfortable playing other positions on defense?

"I play DB for the Texans. I just don't play corner. Like OB (Bill O'Brien) said, I can do a lot of things, so I just play DB for the Texans. That's just my title."

How do you view your growth from when you first got here to now?

"A year ago, coming in as a corner, I didn't know a lot about the game in the NFL. I learned a lot from year one to year two. They say that's your biggest jump. That's pretty much it. I'm just ready to show the world that I can do."

What are a couple of things you can point to that show the growth in your game?

"Go out there and make more plays than I did last year."

You talked about Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake earlier. How important is it for you to use your platform?

"Like I said, the cops that killed Breonna Taylor, they're still free right now living their best life and the ones that shot Jacob Blake the other day is just an example of why the cops that killed Breonna Taylor should've been arrested. They've seen that those cops got off and they felt like it was OK to do what they wanted to do instead of taking the right steps and arresting the man the right way. I just feel like it's got to be an example set. Cops need to get arrested just like they would arrest a black male like me if I did something wrong."

What have you thought about CB John Reid's acclimation as a rookie after you went through that process last season?

"Man, first off, I tell John Reid he's got it easy right now just because all the stuff I did as a rookie, he doesn't have to do. I see a lot of growth in him already. He's just a quick, twitchy player. He's taking everything in that I'm telling him. With me being in my second year, I just try to coach him up on everything that I saw last year that I don't want him to do this year."

How much are you looking forward to the season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs after how the game in the playoffs ended last season?

"In my career, like I said before, I'm 1-1 against the Chiefs – a regular season win, a postseason loss. So, it being the first game of the season, them being the defending Super Bowl champs is going to be a tough challenge, but I feel like we're ready or it."

How confident do you feel in the secondary after bringing back multiple players and adding some new veterans this offseason?

"We all can do a lot. That's a great group. I just feel like we're just gelling together as a DB room and we're going out there ready to play, communicating on all different types of levels, everybody doing different things. So, just ready to play."

After attending the University of Kentucky, how hard would it be to see some of your former teammates potentially not play college football this season?

"I just tell them – the guys that I do talk to – I tell them just keep their head up. God's got a plan for everybody. They continue to do everything the right way, stay focused in class and go out there. If they are able to play, then they go out there and make the plays that they need to play."

What do you see as your potential now that you continue to mature as a player?

"The sky is the limit for Lonnie. I put in the work. I see the work that I put in with multiple people in the offseason and I'm just ready. The sky's the limit for me, man. I'm ready."

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