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Transcripts: Zach Cunningham Press Conference (8-21-2020)

What does it mean to you to be mentioned as one of the top inside linebackers in the league?

"It means a lot to me just knowing my name is being mentioned, just knowing that I've made an impact on the game since my time arriving here."

Head Coach and General Manager Bill O'Brien said he would like you to be a Texan for a long time. What are your thoughts on that and your approach toward contract negotiations?

"My approach, right now, is just letting my agent handle all the talks and stuff and the dealings behind the scenes. I'm really just more focused on the season, trying to play the season out, doing my best I can for the season."

What allowed you to take that next step in your run defense last season and what do you want to improve this season?

"One thing with me, I always try to improve my game day by day and game by game. That's carried with me year to year and I've seen that increasing in my level of play as the years have gone on."

What did you think of Head Coach and General Manager Bill O'Brien doing pushups at practice and what did he do them for?

"I forget why. I think he messed up the alignment on where we were supposed to be lined up on the field. We try to hold everybody accountable, so that's basically what he was doing, holding himself accountable."

What do you think about Head Coach and General Manager Bill O'Brien being able to do one-handed pushups?

"I was surprised. I was shocked by that. I didn't think he had it."

How do you think you have progressed in your career so far and what are you looking to work on this season?

"I definitely think, like a lot of people, when I go back and watch film there's a lot of plays that I left out there that I could've made. I definitely feel like there's more plays I could've made in pass coverage and also in the running game. That's the things I'm working on improving for this season."

Is it easy to push contract negotiations out of your mind and focus on football?

"Being the person that I am, it's pretty easy for me. I'm pretty lowkey anyway. I keep a lot of stuff out of my head and just focus on what I have right in front of me."

What do you see from interacting with QB Deshaun Watson and how he handles being the leader of this team?

"I definitely think he has stepped up tremendously in that role as a team leader. Playing on the other side of the ball you can see how he's improving his game and the things he is able to see and pick apart from the defense, making checks and stuff like that. I've definitely seen a huge step up in that degree."

Being the leader QB Deshaun Watson is, do you think he can take the team as far as you guys want to go?

"Yeah, for sure. For sure."

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