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Transcripts: Zach Fulton Press Conferences (9-3-2020)

You've played more games at Arrowhead Stadium more than anyone else on the team. What's it going to be like for you to go in there and see so few fans?

"It's definitely going to be an interesting experience. Arrowhead's always got a lot of fans and a pretty live stadium. It's actually going to be interesting this year in general. It's going to be different. That's something we've got to expect and something that we're ready for."

What do you see from Chiefs DE Frank Clark and DT Chris Jones and their front that you guys will have to block?

"They have a great front seven in general. Those guys are playing great for them. Two dynamic players. That's somebody we're going to have to definitely take care of in both the running and pass game. They're two guys we're going to have to keep our eye on."

What was it like for you to find out you were going to be back and be a part of five returning starters?

"It's great having everybody back and for me personally I'm just glad to have an opportunity to play the game that I love. Any chance I get to do that, I'm always grateful. You won't hear any complaining from me."

How much will it help having all five starters on the offensive line to block for QB Deshaun Watson?

"Continuity and the chemistry that we have in the o-line is definitely going to be great for Deshaun. We know how he plays, so it's something we have in the back of our mind just to block for a tick longer or however long he needs to be able to get that play off."

What have you seen out of the running game with RB David Johnson and RB Duke Johnson?

"Two experienced backs. They're both great guys. Two professionals. They definitely know what they're doing. We're going to have a lot of fun blocking for those two guys and I'm excited to see what they can do."

What does it mean to the Chiefs to get to play under a normal sea of red crowd and what is it that makes it so hard in Kansas City? What's the key to winning there?

"I think the crowd. They definitely benefit from the crowd noise so that'll definitely be different for them. The key for us to win I think is just doing what we do. Continuing to play fast, play smart and physical and just do what we do in practice and taking it to the game day."

What kind of discussions do the offensive line have about protecting QB Deshaun Watson and what kind of confidence level do you have knowing that you are always in games? How do you describe knowing that you are always in the game when he's under center?

"Discussions with the o-line – we just talk about protecting D4, no matter what it takes. No matter what we have to do, just get the job done and protect him because we know he's going to take us a long way. He extends plays, we know that. Whatever we have to do on our side to make that happen for him, we're going to do it."

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