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Vandermeer's View: Fan Mailbag

And away we go…This week's questions and answers….everyone is entered to win in the very scientific giveaway methodology (random) for the Texans/Royal Purple prize pack.

*Marc,  Nick and Lopez on 610 were talking about how the Texans will probably make the playoffs if they beat Dallas. What do you think? *

Joel - Pearland

I think it's funny how people say I am the homer. In all seriousness, it would be a real nice win. But what if they beat Dallas and lose to Indy? What if they lose the next two? I realize their thought process is that a win this weekend would indicate that the Texans are a better than expected team.

But this is such a week to week thing. I think it'll be a big step but there's no way I'll be utterly confident in the P-word unless they have six wins at the halfway point. Then I'll start sticking my chest out a bit.

*Voice, *

Will Fitzpatrick be the starting quarterback next season?

Stephen – League City

I won't cop out and say it's too early to tell (it's too early to tell) but I think he has a good shot to be in the hole again next year. He still throws the ball well. He scrambles with the best of them and has a way of staying healthy while doing it.

Of course it all depends on the results of 2014 but, at this point, it's looking like he could stick for while. He's no spring chicken in his 10th year so don't be penciling him in for five or six seasons. Yet it's his job to lose and he seems determined to hang on to it.

Marc,  Will J.J. Watt be the NFL's MVP if the Texans make the playoffs?

Veronica, Spring

This is another 'tap the brakes' deal. Watt is clearly amazing. But in order to get MVP he needs a lot of help from his friends and he needs the freaky numbers and Heisman-campaign-winning plays to continue. That's a tall order with 75% of the season to go. Let's just enjoy the moment, shall we? And let's just say if this team gets to the playoffs, he has a shot but there's a long way to go.

*Marc, *

What will it take to beat Dallas? Will the Texans ever replace the Cowboys as the biggest team in Texas?

OK, let's tackle the second one first. The Cowboys have over 50 years of history, five Super Bowl wins and eight Super Bowl appearances. It will probably take multiple championships to overtake them. But progress has been made. We have fantastic Radio and TV affiliates in Austin and Dallas.

In fact, we are on the number one TV and sports radio stations in those markets. The support for the Texans is growing all over the state. A win this weekend would be huge but it's just another step.

As far as achieving victory goes, they'll have to play a lot cleaner. They beat the Bills despite losing the turnover battle. That won't happen in Big D. They'll need their best overall performance of the season to get it done. Slow down Murray, get the pass rush cranked up and methodically move the ball down field on offense. A big play or two on special teams is not a must but will certainly help. They must avoid the big mistakes.

This is like an in-season bowl game; larger than life. Everyone is feeling the buzz. Enjoy!

Stephen is the winner. Go Texans!

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